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I ordered a pair of Pradas at the end of January off my credit/debit card and never received them. I was trying to pull up the website. It doesn't appear to be a website anymore. I'm very upset and I want my money back.

I ordered a pair of Gucci male shoes on 11-26-10 for my son's ring dance, which was on 12-11-10. Monies were withdrawn from my personal account on 11-29-10 in the amount of $119.19. I have been sending emails via their online website, which is the only way to contact Fashion Drops. The order was cancelled because the item wasn't in stock and I asked to have my account refunded. As of today, 01-11-11, I have not received my monies.

I am currently unemployed and I am trying to get a good deal for my son. I am in desperate need to have my monies refunded. I never received the item I requested and paid for. They stopped sending me responses and when they did, they were rude and disrespectful. It has caused emotional and mental effects on me. I am so afraid that Fashion Drops will go into my account and steal my identity. Please someone help me. I am thanking you in advance for your time and consideration.

I ordered two pairs of Prada US Cup sneakers back on July 6th, 2010. I immediately received one pair the very next week. I haven't received the second pair. I have written to them via email on several occasions. The last time I heard from them was back in late October in regards to the second pair of sneakers. Oh by the way, they won't hesitate in sending you their newsletters concerning placing another order! Talk about nerve.

I ordered a pair of Prada Sneakers on 25 September 10 and have not received them or got any response from them. They have no customer service lines and their online service is always offline. I demanded that they cancel my order but they don't answer emails. This is outrageous and I am so angry! They need to refund everyone who has been ** and be shut down.

I bought a pair of gym shoes in May 2010 that were defective. I contacted the company and was told to send pictures of the shoes which I did, and I was told to send the shoes to the company for refund or new shoes. I sent them back in July of 2010 and haven't heard a word since.

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I placed an order for some Prada shoes on 5/9/10 and have not received my order. I was able to contact customer service about a month ago and still no merchandise now. They will not even respond. I am very disappointed! I paid $129.00 and have no merchandise nor refund.

I purchased Prada sneakers from **** on July 17, 2010 but never received them. They will not respond to emails, there was no phone available and they advertised that they had them in stock only to find out that that was flat out. If this is not true when you ordered from them before and it never had this problem, let me know what I can do. I paid $138.99 and it ruined my daughter’s birthday.

I order some Prada for my son, $109, on August 1,2010. I never received them. Sent emails, no response. It's a shame people can do this and nothing can be done. I would like to have my money back.

I ordered Prada sneakers on 4/15/10. They deducted money from my account. I waited 2 weeks. I emailed them. They replied and said the shoes would be sent a week later. It's been 1-1/2 months and I still haven't got them. My order is still processing, it says. No reps are ever available online.

I purchased a pair of Prada Men Sneakers on 4/17/10. It was processed on 4/19/10. The money was removed from my account and I still haven't received the sneakers. I have been trying to contact them for weeks with no response. They are never available for the online support and haven't responded to any of my emails.

I ordered a pair of Prada shoes on 4/23/2010. I have yet to receive them and today is now 5/10/2010. I send e-mails with no response back. My father is an attorney and I think we will take further action on this company. I see where many other people have had serious problems with this same company. It's very sad that jerks like this make it hard to shop online!

I ordered some Gucci shoes on March 11, 2010 and haven't received them yet and they don't respond to my emails. It cost me $159.

In December of last year I promise my 16 year old daughter a pair of Prada for Christmas off of the web site fashion Because I’m a single mother and of course they are really expensive in the stores so I felt if I ordered them off line it would have been cheaper. Which they were so I ordered them for her. Which she never received nor did they place the monies back on my card. She ordered the patent leather purple one's but they didn’t have any more in her size so they told her to order another pair which she did and they are the navy blue size 6. Would prefer the purple patent ones.

I ordered a pair of Gucci sneakers from them on 2/10/10. After a long wait I decided to try and contact someone about the delay in service. I couldn't reach any one and I’m still waiting for my order. I’m leaving e-mails every day and I still haven't reached anyone.

I ordered two pairs of Pradas from them on 02/15/10. Today, it's 03/30/10 and I have not received any of my shoes as yet. The customer service is not available to assist in giving me the status of my order. The company charged my credit card account on 2/15/10 in the amount of $287.99! This is outrageous. This company needs to be reprimanded and I would like a refund!

I ordered some Prada shoes on February 23, 2010 at 1:01 am from my credit card on this website and have not yet received them. It’s March 26, 2010, I would like my order or my money. Thank you.

Unfortunately I have never received my order. After ordering a belt on the 18th of December 2009 and never received it (now we have the 23 of January). Poor service! Never received the item and I was never refunded for the payment. Don't trust the seller!

I ordered a pair of Gucci boots for $104 on 12/16/09 and haven't received them. There is no way to contact them, no address, no phone, no online help. The BBB said I'm just out of luck. They got me, don't let them get you! Why can't someone do something to help us?

I ordered a pair of Gucci sneakers for my daughter on 12/17/09, and I still have not received them. Now, I'm reading all of these complaints, and I'm getting scared I might be out of my $107.00. I'm still waiting and hoping for the best! I bought a pair of Pradas last year, and they were sent with no problem. That's what made me trust them to buy more things from them. I spoke to someone online via chat one time and haven't been able to speak to anyone after that. It seems like when I log on, they log off!

My daughter wanted to buy a pair of Prada off of this website. They seemed legitimate and on the website, they stated that all of their products were real and with the products would be enclosed the certificate of authenticity. We ordered two pairs of sneakers which in total cost about $300. In less than 10 days later, we received only one pair of sneakers and they were not official Prada sneakers. My daughter and I tried to contact the number that was on the shipping information (because there is no number on the website) and we were ignored. The other pair of sneakers was never received and I will never get back my refund.

I ordered a pair of Pradas and I’ve been waiting for my order since 5/17/09. It is now 6/4/09 so I canceled my order for a refund, but the online customer service stated that there system was down, and if I can contact my bank, they can dispute the charges. So I contacted my bank, but they have no records that the website proceeded with the refund so I feel like I’ve been cheated out my $149.00

i ordered two pair of prada sneakers one was a woman size 6 purple and the other was woman size 9 navy blue. at this time i have only got one pair which was the purple ones and have yet to get the blue ones. i called visa and i did get charged for both pairs and they said my payment was comfirmed. fashion drop have not sent me my sneakers yet. i have not even recieved a tracking number from them to track my items. i want the item or my money placed back on my card asap

I ordered 2 pairs of Prada shoes on Monday, April 7th for Easter and even paid for express shipping because I wanted it to get here before Easter Sunday. When Thursday came around and I didn't receive any email confirmation or tracking info, I went online and it said a rep was online and ready to chat. I sent a message to speak to one but no one, all of a sudden, was available. So I continued trying to reach someone. I sent an email to them that Thursday. On Saturday, I got a response back from someone claiming I have no order on file. So they don't have tracking info for me. I called my bank right away and they confirmed that they took their payment on the 7th (which means they got paid). I sent them an email as instructed by the bank rep with approval code and advised them that I would be filing a dispute with the bank. As of today yet, there is no response or call. All I can say about Fashiondrops is be very careful.

on 02/28/09 i order a pair of prada america's cup 2009 series brown metallic paten sneaker. on 03/02/09 i checked the site and itsiad that my my order was confirmed by threr account dertment and it processing.i went back 2 check on my order and it said my oder was canceled for fefund, thats was on 3/5/09... ive benn emailed them and the wrote be back saying it takes 7 to 13 days....

after the 13th day went by i wrote them and they didnt get back 2 me so i wrote them again on 3/23/09 and they told me my money will be back on my account on 3/27/09 and its not here. i wroye them again and they didnt get back 2 me yet. i never had this problem with any site but this one and this is not rite i work to hard for my money to just throw it away like this. i have bills to pay. can someone please help me get my money back....

I had problems with fashion drops in feb and my order was fully refunded. Yes, Iam happy.

For a christmas gift my brother asked me to order a pair of guccis for him that costs $139.00. however they were taking a long time to ship the item so I decided to cancel the order and tell them to refund the money to my account. and its been over 2 months and no refund. when I try contacting them they don't respond to my emails or anything. and I can remember before I asked for the refund they would respond.

why is it that they can't respond now that I want my money back it is really starting to bother me because I work to hard for my money to not get it back. Because of their lack of professionalism I have been charged over draft fees. I have books that I need for college classes that I can't buy.

I ordered 3 pairs of Prada Women's Sneakers from this website for $149.00 per pair and only received 1 pair. I then contacted them via e-mail since this is the only form of contact informing them of such and requested a refund. The shoes were ordered on August 29, 2008 to date I have not received my refund or have I been contacted by with my other two pair of sneakers. I do not have $300.00 plus other charges to just give to anyone for nothing.

I placed an Order with Fashiondrops in August 2008. It was for 2 pairs of Parda Women Sneakers. I send 1 pair back to the Company, and they received it on August 26, 2008. I have NOT received My REFUND of $159. It has been 5 Months, I have Emailed the Company many times regarding this issue and NO one has Contacted me or given me MY REFUND.

I have NOT received My REFUND of $159.

I bought a pair of Prada shoes from them on 12/23/08 and till the day which is 1/12/09 i never received the shoes and i asked them to give me a refund. they claim they did but it still not on my account

I got my refund of $149.00 back today 11/20/2008. Company Profile

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