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I made a complaint about this organization in 2007/2008 after donating $4000 to their company. I say donating because they promised me 15 times my "investment" in contracted work that simply didn't materialize. Yesterday I received a phone call from a gentleman (and I use the term loosely) by the name of ** who asked if I would participate in an "audit" of my former account to see if they could finally refund my money. I agreed, of course, and a conference call was arranged for this afternoon.

What a pleasure it was to be subjected to the ire of David Johnson one more time as he tried to convince me they were justified in not refunding my money. He proceeded to tell me in a round-about way that I had failed to comply with their numerous rules in order to make the guarantee valid; a point I had already clarified in great detail with the BBB and the Nevada State Attorney Generals office; Every Contractor failed to comply with their own refund policy. The arrogant and very short tempered Mr. Johnson also reminded me of how well connected he was stating "I'm on first name terms with everyone at the State" and "if anyone had filed a complaint there, I would know about it; we're a very big company".

His company is apparently so big that he has the inside track and the idiots that buy into his scheme are left on the outside. Maybe that's why the State didn't pursue my complaint against Every Contractor? I asked on multiple occasions throughout the conversation for clarification as to why they called me after more than seven years but Johnson became agitated and irate at the nerve of someone questioning him. It was a VERY strange encounter the reason behind which I still don't understand. This is an update in case anyone else has a similar brush with these rip-off merchants again.

These guys are at least consistent at being horrible. They have never done anything to improve (at our request) or even maintain our website and will not relinquish the domain name for anything less than an astronomical amount. They refuse to return any messages via any technology and basically just sell you then ignore you. I just recently found out through the BBB that our domain name had expired sending any of their customers to a dead end. This turned out to be true of every organization we are members of. No notice of expiration was ever given & now can't even reach them to renew. These people are worthless.

I was contacted by 4 star sale & marketing, The first time was for the amount of $130.00. About three months later I was contacted again to upgrade to one of their other contractor programs, that was in December 2012 they had verbally guaranteed $75,000 to $150,000 in the first 3 to 6 months, if I would sign up on their platinum program, at a cost of $5,000.00. I paid $2,500.00 in January of 2013, and then decided that this was a rip off, did not make any more payments, but the salesman would text me saying that he would lose his job if I did not paid the other half. Needless to say I did not pay the other half, and never received any Job referrals. After reading many of the reviews, wished I would've looked for reviews before I did anything with this company, stay away from them.

I've tried to contact them via their "Contact Us" on their site, called and left messages and tried to fax but the fax number listed on their site is no good. I've tried to get in touch w/ them since 5/30/13 and they do not return calls. As far as I can see, they are a scam. The letter written by their CEO, David Johnson, that says contact him w/ a number and extension is not good either. There is no option for entering in an extension using the number he provided. This company promises and fails to deliver.

I joined in 2009 or 2010 with promises of job referrals. I even followed all of their requirements in a year. I did not even receive one referral. I feel that I was defrauded. They won't take my call. They are frauds.

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In 10 years, not a single referral. I know, you are asking why stay with them? Well, I have not invested much money in them, but they registered my domain name, and have hosted my website which I pay an annual fee for. They have my domain name locked up and won't release it unless I pay them $500. They claim that fee is for the labor to release the domain name to me, and in the owner's words that equates to $450 per hour. This is a very unusual practice to charge exorbitant fees to transfer a domain name.

In a nut shell, the owner "David" will put a hard sell on you and comes across as very competent and knowledgeable regarding internet marketing, but he does not understand the value of "customer satisfaction", business ethics, or a good reputation. He seems to let his ego overpower his concern for his customer or his employees. If you deal with anyone working there, they seem like a miserable bunch of people. Stay away!

This company spends a lot of time recruiting local building trade contractors with a high pressure promise of "unlimited job leads". After finally signing up for their service with a guarantee of a minimum of 12 qualified leads over a 12-month period they failed miserably to meet that commitment. The day that we signed the agreement (and they collected their 1st year fee!) they forwarded our one-and-only lead that we ever received from them.

This lead turned out to be totally bogus, when we contacted the client they had no idea what we were calling them for and claimed that they had never contacted EveryContractor.com. We notified EveryContractor.com regarding the bogus lead and of course they claimed that the client must have forgotten about their inquiry. No other leads followed and after 48 days we contacted EveryContractor.com to find out why no additional leads had come to us. Their customer service group claimed the reason was that our "contractor profile" was not properly setup, but they would assist us in making sure that the profile was correctly setup.

Still no leads followed. We attempted over the next 11 months to make contact with EveryContractor.com by phone. Using all of the various toll-free and other phone numbers was a fruitless effort. We spent hours on the phone listening to terrible pre-recorded music and messages telling us how important our business was to them. In most cases we hung up after bring on hold for an hour or more. Even the phone messages that we did leave never resulted in any returned calls, until today! Today their representative was kind enough to explain that the money-back guarantee would not be honored because we failed to update our online profile every 90 days.

Nothing in our profile had changed over this period but apparently their "Terms and Conditions" require an update to occur so as to avoid the lost of the guarantee. But the representative was kind enough to offer a "search placement" service for $80 per month. So even though they could not deliver even one single valid lead during a 12-month period they assumed that we would be stupid enough to sign up with them for additional bogus services!

Public beware. Work directly with your local contractors because very few online companies providing "contractor services" are legitimate!

Poor EveryContractor.com. Everyone picks on a crook and these guys certainly take the cake. Run, run, fast as you can, from them. They got my $3,000 and I've never received anything.

Just like thousands of other people, I was totally lied to and ripped off for $1700.00. I would have never done it if they didn’t say that if I wasn’t happy, that I could reverse the charges on the credit card. And that’s what I did 3 days later. They credited the money back to my account. Then about a month later, the company rebutted it and said that it’s a twelve month program. And my stupid credit card company, Capitol One, gave the money back to them! And to this day, I am still trying to fight it.

My husband is a small business owner (concrete finisher). He was contacted by rep from Everycontractor.com in November 2009. First, he said the placing on their website was 100's of dollars. My husband kept telling him no thanks. He kept calling and finally the price went to $95.00. My husband handled this. I finally see the credit card statement with the $95.00 on it. I called the number (someone was then answering the phones in January 2010). She tells me what the money was for. $95.00 is a background check on your company and if everything checks out, you can be listed on the site.

“Well, ok, now what do we do?” I ask her. She has all our company info wrong. She has the right name, but we don't do drywall. She has the wrong address, phone number, and contact people. Comes down that there is already a company listed with the same name, but different specs and city. So she proceeds to tell me that she to rebuild the account. Well, to make a long, long story short, that was back in February 2010. After numerous unanswered phone calls, no one was ever calling me back. There is no response to my emails. I disputed the fee on our credit card, but to no avail (another long story). Would you believe Dave himself calls me on April 2010. He tells me he personally will handle my account. What happened, Dave? I'm still waiting as of September 2010. I did not receive any kind of listing on their website.

We were solicited to purchase their service. We were skeptical and paid a minimum amount to see how they worked. We received one lead for such a small job, I believe it wasn't legit and since then nothing. I tried to call and no one answers or returns calls. I believe this is not a company, but a scam. If they call you just hang up. You would be better off. The effort made to build profile and paid fees to get leads were all for nothing except a phone call from a VP wanting a lot more money for special leads.

In May of 2008 I paid their company $400.00 for a promised 12 leads within the area of southern California where I live. I completed the on line forms, put in the information that was required for them to contact me with leads, but heard nothing. After twelve months I contacted the company and requested the promised guarantee of returning my investment of $400.00 when they failed to follow through and provide me with the agreed 12 leads.

I spoke to David **, he claimed that I made a single mistake and then stated that they were not obligated to return any monies due to my error. But during the twelve months I received nothing from their company except high pressure sales calls trying to get me to pay them more money for services that I had yet to receive. David ** informed me that if I would give them an additional twelve months and followed through on my obligation to check their internet site as stated in the agreement, that at the end of another twelve months they would provide me with twelve leads. Well another year and still no leads. Again just high pressure sales to upgrade to their company's next sales level.

I have attempted to contact their company several times since June 2010, left numerous messages explaining that I want to talk to a representative and want my original $400.00 returned. Yet they are not accepting any calls, and have failed to contact me either by e-mail or phone. I am a small Dry wall contractor, with today's economic crisis; I don't need a company who fails to complete their promised task. I have been deprived of my original $400.00 and the dozen or more hours I have spent calling their company, e-mailing, and updating their website to receive nothing.

I should have heeded the warnings about "Every Contractor.Com". They are a complete rip off! I paid the minimum amount of money they required to run my company on their website. I'm so glad I didn't spend the huge amount they originally asked for (in the thousands of $). I haven't received anything from them except calls asking for more money and they will supply me with more leads.

Since logging my complaint of Everycontractor, I have received a phone call from the president of the company. They seemed to want to do something for the problems. So I am going to see if it works.

I was contacted by Everycontractor.com and they said for $3000, they would guarantee me $85,000 worth of work. There conditions were different than what the sales person said. The sales person said don't worry about it and that it was just part of the boiler plate that the bean counters wanted in there. I waited and received no leads. I called and they sent a lead that was six hours from my work area. Other possible leads were almost 1000 miles away. Many times I went online and found the website off.

Last night I received a call from a man named Pat *** who said he worked for EveryContractor and that I failed to follow all the conditions. The conditions are impossible to follow. Ha also said that for about $179 he could generate leads directly to me and could continue to do so for an additional $79 a month. I received an email from him and have answered it. He said if conditions aren't followed exactly, they need not send leads or even work with me.

This company and this man are a con. David is one of the worst people I have ever met. He is a hypocrite and should be in prison. Again, he steals from his customers, his employees and would probably steal his mother’s last dime if he could. If you deal with this man, you are just stupid.

I was hounded daily by everycontractor.com. I figured that I will give it a try and gave them $2,000. I filled out my profile several times. Every time I went back to the website, my information was wrong. I tried again to change the information and nothing. I also tried several times to call, email, fax, and even went down to the office here in Las Vegas. Lo and behold, the doors are locked and nothing in the offices.

I called my credit card company to dispute the charges. I got my money back. Well today, I got a call from David, the owner. He said that he never shut the doors. He just fired everybody. I could be wrong, but when you pay someone to perform a service, and no service is performed, and you go to their office to talk about it, and no one is there, I think the business is closed. Well David went on explaining how I breached my contract and I explained to him his company is full of crap. I also explained that he breached his contract with me. I never received a lead or anything.

In my opinion, Everycontractor.com, Service Magic and 4 Star Marketing, are all con artist. They do nothing but take money from us small people. As a matter of fact, a representative from 4 Star Marketing, had called me and gave me the same line of bull. I actually went down to their building. Yes, there were employees working, scamming more contractors. The girl I talked with used to work for everycontractor.com, she is the one that told me that they went out of business. How do these people sleep at night? That $2,000 really hurt me. Yes, they made promises to me. Not one was fulfilled.

I worked for this company and handled difficult accounts. They are a ripoff in many situations. They have inexperienced people selling, and they will sell anything to bring in the money. For instance, one account I had to deal with was in CT, a landscaper. It was in November, and I was given this file to find this guy a job. Yeah right, a landscape project in CT in November? This was an impossible request that continued, and I was still being asked to do this in December. Of course, I could not fulfill this obligation which was another mark against me also. I say another because the industry was tanking rapidly at this time due to the economy, but it had been for quite a while.

To me, there was no excuse for this, as this sale should have never taken place, especially with impossible promises. Almost all the sales were like this, as the people selling had no idea what they were selling and did not care. It was a sweat shop to bring in money, regardless of what could be provided. So they treat the employees the same way they treat their customers.

I have been unemployed for quite some time, and many times, I have thought about the contractors that I tried to work with. I have been in this business before and experienced real estate hitting bottom and bad economic times before I saw the injustice being played out especially for the paying contractors, but also the many employees who came and went through their doors hourly, including my self.

I signed up with everycontractor as well as servicemagic. Right from the beginning, I got a big lead from ec. I worked real hard and landed the job. I thought the service was awesome, so when a salesman called to sign me up as a preferred contractor, I was ready. He promised 120k in a year if I pay $4000. And if I'm not satisfied, then they'll give my money back. I didn't see another lead for months. Throughout the year I received 5 leads, but none of them fit my business. So I asked for a refund and they tell me I can't have it because I didn't respond to every lead within 24 hours or leave feedback on every job even though I didn't bid on them. There are many other requirements listed on their website too. They give impossible conditions to meet so that they can ***. They prey on small contractors. I'm going to report them to the Better Business Bureau and I suggest everyone do the same. I paid $4000 for nothing. My business is small and it really hurts. I am considering closing.

After several sales calls from Everycontractor, I decided to try it for $450 per year. This was for a guaranteed 12 qualified leads. The next month, I was contacted by their National Account Manager who proceeded to explain his concern for not having a qualified contractor in my area for large projects. Projects that he had reoccurring jobs from clients such as Dunkin donuts, many banks with foreclosed homes that needed work, etc. For $5000, he would guarantee me $80k of work. Once again, he explained that he desperately needed a contractor to take care of some projects that he currently had in the 'pipe line'. Seemed to be a straight talker and after numerous conversations, I decided to try it because winter was setting in and we could use the work.

Well, after numerous messages, I have yet to hear from them. At first, we had several contacts with several different people at EveryContractor regarding our Account setup. Every time we thought we had our account updated, they asked for something else. My last conversation with them some 2 months ago seemed to be positive. They said they had two good projects they were getting more information on and would be contacting me the next week. Again, no contact. I then called and was told the same exact thing, waited another week, no word. Now I can't get any response.

This is not just a $40 online purchase online that was a counterfeit. This is a $5000 transaction that we can't afford not to pay off. We may have to lay off an employee and take a pay cut because we used these funds for leads that did not pay off. We usually use these funds toward other forms of advertising that usually have a decent return. But when your told this is guaranteed, why not take it. Well, I'm the fool, I know. But please take note all of you that are thinking about using this firm. There are betters ways to spend your money. Laid off one employee, Loss of $5000 + time of office staff and general manager to set up account and repeatedly try to make contact with EverycContractor.

I am a general contractor in Phoenix, AZ for about 10 years, doing commercial and residential new builds and remodeling. They kept phone soliciting me for 4 years, telling me of their great company and what it could do for me. At 50 years old, my radar for a scam went on right away. They would call 6 times a year for 4 years now and I would decline because I was busy enough.

Finally, I was slowing down and thought,well,they started out wanting $1500,and now they are telling me they have too much work to handle, and I came recommended to them. So for $400 I can come in and I'm guaranteed 12 good leads only to me, no other contractors. I figured if they had stayed in business 4 years they must be legit. But no, there was not 1 lead in 12 months. One month after I signed up, a more high pressured salesman tried to get me to spend 6-7 grand. I said, “Until I see results with this, no more money.”

I was contacted many times on my cellphone regarding the work through leads. All those times, a lady spoke to me but I forgot her name. She told me their company gives you lead from where you can get work whichever you like it. The fees for this is only $400.00 for a one-year subscription. Once your company profile will be created, then you will start getting the leads. But till today, I had heard nothing about the leads or the profile.

When I try to contact the 800 number, I found that this is a false number. So I went to see in the internet if I can get correct number. They took the money from my bank account, and I have not received any lead from them. So please make Everycontractor.com company as a fraud company, as they are cheating small contractors like me.

I was contacted by phone several times asking me if I could take on more business. After several calls, I listened to the pitch and I was told that they had over $35,000 in work that they could give me if I would sign up with them as a contractor. The sales person assured me that they were continuously getting calls for people looking for landscaping contractors in my area and that these were people they had checked out and were ready to hire.

To make a long story short, I agreed and pay them a fee of $1,500 now and if I was satisfied with the service, they would make a second charge of $1,500 in six months. They processed the first $1,500 and I was allowed to enter my profile into their system to help them match me to jobs.

After three weeks, I had heard nothing from them so I began to call them every couple of days to see why I had not seen all this work yet! I got the runaround about how something was not complete in my profile and I repeated all the profile work again but still nothing and I repeated my calls to them. Finally, one lead was sent to me. We did meet with the customer who was looking for multiple bids for the cheapest price that he could find for a small job. We bid the project and head nothing back. That was the last I ever heard from Every Contractor until they wanted their second payment.

I had closed the account they had charged before so they could not take the second payment. They obviously have some good sales speeches that make them money but don't follow through with any of what they promise. I wasted $1,500 and was delivered nothing.

I subscribed to EC.com, late December 09, Figured I would give them a try. Paid $425. They guaranteed 10 leads within a year. Two days later, they called me with an additional offer to guarantee $30,000.00 in business a year if I followed their instructions. Just pay a $1050.00 subscription fee. So I said, "hell, what a deal".

I signed up. Then I did my research, a little late, but not too late to see if they were a California registered Corp. But they are not, So 2 days later, I tried to contact them. Found that their Fax line wouldn't answer. Which gave me more questions. So, I emailed them, 3 different ways and sent, registered mail, a letter of cancellation. Which in California has a 3 day limit. The reason I pursued this is the guy had told me, they were. When I found out they weren't, I acted.

Well, The next day, I was transferred to a very reasonable and courteous gentleman who agreed to cancel my charge. I did the same with AMEX and got my money credited. They didn't give me any trouble or try to dispute. The bottom line is. They have not called me since. Not a single lead so far in over 2 months. But, I am a patient man and will go on waiting.

Next January, I will take action, with the Attorney General of Nevada, should they not credit me if they don't deliver. It doesn't look good though. If enough of you people, who have gone through the agreed time window and nothing or no refund. Get a group together and file a complaint with the Nevada AG. As of yet, I am still going to wait it out. But what they offer is far more than they seem to come across with. Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it is! $425.00.

I originally paid $407 for 12 leads in 1 year. Two weeks after signing up, I was told that I was put in the wrong program, and for an additional $1600, I would be positioned where I need to be. I checked to see if I was listed in their system from the original agreement and did not find my profile anywhere in their website. I am not continuing with them, as I have found out that they are scamming people out of thousands of dollars and should be shut down.

It is bad enough being in a recession, and then to have companies scam honest businesses out of additional money, it is criminal. We are out $407.00 which i would rather give to charity!

I signed up with this company to get leads from people needing flooring installers. They said I would get a minimum number of leads for $499.00 a year. That was three months ago. The only two leads I have gotten, both jobs were already done. I called both people within less than an hour of getting the call from every contractor, but both times the job was already done. The customer was surprised that someone was really calling them at this time of the prodject. I called and emailed every contractor, and got no answers or help with this.

After numerous phone calls, i signed up with this scam for $5,000. It guaranteed me $80,000 in contracted work, not leads but contracted work which included conference calls and a team of people to market the job to the customer. After 2 months, I noticed something was seriously wrong. I was receiving bogus leads and no conference calls. I also noticed people posting about how this company is scamming them, and it all fit.

I had checked the BBB before purchasing with them, and they only had a few blemishes, but it seemed they had been under the radar at that time. I was smart enough to only make a partial payment of $2800.00 and was told by them to pay the remainder and they would fulfill their end of the contract. I declined and entered a claim with my credit card company. At that time, I stopped using their service.

I was just notified by them that I violated the terms and would not be refunded. But my violations occurred only after I submitted a claim. I didn't want their service. It wasn't working. They violated all the bull crap they told me. But they don't seem to have to hold up to any of their end. I'm out $2800, and their doing this to another hardworking American. There's got to be loop hole for the consumer! This is against all American ways, and this company should be outlawed. I could've donated this money to charity!

This company is a rip-off. I paid $600.00 two months ago, and I have not received one referral. I have tried to call many times but gave up after 1/2 hour of waiting many times. Any contractor who signs up can expect to lose your money.

I gave them $400.00 for at least 12 leads or my money back I recieved not one real lead in the whole time I have been a member in 13 months. They were people that wanted no work done or inquired to have any work performed they bought glue at Lowe's and I got the lead on the computer saying they wanted a basement remodeled. Or they don't answer their phone. They don't ever call you back because they are not there at that number and dont want nothing done. I called every contractor on this. They told me to wait until my review was up in a year and then review and maybe get my money back? I called them and they told me since I did not contact the people within 24 hours, that broke my contact ? There was no one to contact. I am still waiting on a reply on most of the leads they gave me?

To anyone considering using this company. My advice is DON'T. Do your research and make sure to read all fine print to make sure you can get your money back.