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Last updated: Dec. 5, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2017

I loved Finebaum's show. With the addition of Laura Rutledge I am no longer a regular viewer. Laura consistently states falsehoods. She yells into the microphone and continues to make it all about her. Laura, during the sec championship halftime was standing behind some kids, who were getting their pictures taken and they were of course on TV. Laura ruined the shot by putting rabbit ears on their heads. Sorry she is all about herself and she is sickening to watch. I've tried.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2017

This app is rated E for everyone. I have three children and a husband. ESPN came out with her 2017 Body Issue featuring both naked men and women. As Christians, you can imagine our surprise when we saw the new today. I was appalled as a wife. My 26 year old daughter was wide-eyed looking at the 26 year old girls showing their ** to the screen on their father's computer. And our two boys who are under age are sports fans and should not be subjected to new today. They have given this a rating of E for everyone. I am not sure if this is the right venue but this is where I'm going to start. This is not rated E for everyone. It is pornography.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 28, 2017

I have twice tried to contact ESPN with a complaint about their morning programming, once using Google Chrome and once using Firefox. In both instances, once the complaint had been fully typed in (170 words) I am told "You may not proceed - we suspect you are a bot." Everything I have entered is wiped out and I'm sent back to their home screen. Seems pretty obvious that they're just dumping any correspondence that comes in under their "complaints" option.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 20, 2016

I have emailed ESPN footy tipping on numerous occasions and requested a phone call to find out why the glitch in their system stuffed up all of my tips one weekend and hence me missing out on my tips for the weekend. I am not interested in the main comp that I was 250000 on the list, I was having a really good comp within the family and now that is finished.

I have not received a phone call as apparently not one at ESPN person has a phone and the email responses from some drone keeps telling me to push certain buttons (+ or -) and won't advise how a phone number pops up when I push the margin numbers. They tell me it is a phone number that I apparently copy and pasted over, however if you look at photograph that I sent over you will note it is all your margin numbers in a row. But apparently again that's my fault. The fact that you don't call, care or even explain yourself is pure arrogance.

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Original review: July 14, 2016

I have supported and participated in many ESPN established and owned products. Watched ESPN since it started, subscribed to The Magazine, donates to Jimmy V foundation (through ESPN) and was crazed about the ESPYs since day one. Today I am going to suggest to all around me and all my previous football alumni and all my business partners that we all pull together to knock out of our lives ESPN and their family of entities. Last year with giving Kate Jenner the Arthur Ashe award and yesterday's Basketball Celebs speaking of only a one-way racist belief. ** on ** instead of ** on ** and ** on ** is a massive incorrect bias and ESPN's board and ownership lets it continue. ESPN needs to get back to a neutral stance or better yet, stay to its model of reporting SPORTS. Read your original "creed"/mission statement.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 13, 2016

I subscribed for one year and have never gotten access to the Insider which I want. Your system is so security tight that I can't access ESPN even though I paid you directly and I subscribe via SLING on my ROKU. However I get the MAGAZINE WHICH I HATE. I never wanted it and I don't want you to keep killing trees to print outdated info. I can't get a real person on the phone from customer service. So bottom line - nothing from ESPN yet I just saw a $86 payment that I didn't authorize. I would send an ESPN number from the magazine label but there are four and have no idea what is relevant. I am old and want my money back. Note: ESPN is losing customers because you make it impossible for noncable subscribers and make it so security tight an old guy like me is locked out! I would like my money returned or at least I would like to know how to log in to what I paid for. SHAME ON YOUR CONSUMER UNFRIENDLY SERVICE.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2015

I am looking into the possibility of suing ESPN for false advertising. Their TV advertisement says I can stream the game on any device. NOWHERE does it say I "have" to be a cable subscriber! Since their advertisement is being broadcast over the air, this is a "critical" piece of information and makes them appear to be providing services that they are "not"! This is apparently a service of the cable provider and "not" ESPN! Please, ESPN, correct your advertisement or I will enjoy exhausting every option I have available to get you to be honest! (Fat chance, I know ...)

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2015

I see that you are exploiting Women on your Morning Sports Center. My Children and I watch it until this Morning. Women who looking like "Hookers" talking sports with dresses so short and tight that if they bent over you could see their underwear. I know you are losing subscribers at a rapid pace.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 22, 2015

Technical glitch lead to inability to participate. The customer service was of no use, they flat out refused to help. Fix all glitches or get a new system.

Original review: Jan. 2, 2009

How dare you cut to commercials when a team made a touchdown?! Your commentators are not good but they seemed to get their conversation in even if they had to talk over the football. The commercials shown during the game were of the lowest form of garbage ever put on TV. You make yourself look like scum with those commercials. When you go broke, don't ask for a bail out.

Original review: Nov. 4, 2008

Announcers began showing statistics about the outcome of presidential elections when neither of the teams won the game the night before the election. We were hoping to watch a football game free from being bombarded for almost two years of political advertisements. The college games we watched on Saturday were a blessing in that there were no political ads. Enough is enough. Please announce the football game instead of trying to guess who the next president will be based on which team wins.

Original review: April 13, 2006

My son's subscription to the magazine expired. We ignored notices to renew. The magazine stopped coming but the notices didn't. The last notice said that it was a final notice from the collection department that if he didn't pay in seven days, it will become a permanent record on his credit. I called and they said they would cancel it. I asked why I was in collection and they said it was an automatic renewal. This was not true, and the magazine was never delivered after the original expiration date. I feel that they are using unethical methods to get people to renew subscriptions.

Original review: April 5, 2006

First of all I am writing on behalf of my family. We watch the champions league program on ESPN 2, one of their commentators is called Tommy Smyth. Yet again, this man has made another bigoted statement against the English. This time when the other commentator said that a team manager wanted to manage the England soccer team, Smyth replied, "Well then some people's tastes are a lot to be desired then." He has made other statements like this over the years. Anything to do with the English or a Scottish team called Rangers, he has made similar comments. ESPN has failed to deal with this man and he still spews his disgusting personal views.

Original review: Sept. 18, 2005

I would just like a reply on the live scoring, that was a great feature and it makes it more fun. I have never had this problem before in the other leagues I was in. When I click on the scoreboard feature, it does nothing. How am I supposed to know if I want to change a player at the last minute based on the score if I don't know what the score is? I must say that this is very disheartening to me because I love to play and to not realize how my teams are doing is pathetic. I'm sorry but maybe I will have to pick a new home to satisfy my love for fantasy football.

Original review: Sept. 18, 2005

For three years, I have purchased a league or content from ESPN Fantasy Games for Fantasy Football. Each year, there were problems with the services that were said to be provided. Each year, I have conducted an online draft only to have to reset the draft from ESPN. This year, Fantasy Football was advertised as "free", but you could purchase an additional product and service called, "The Edge."

You will notice this promises many things, but many of these services have been inadequate. Live stats, Live Scoring, and complete access to leagues have been shut down by ESPN because of heavy internet traffic that they were not prepared to handle. Many users are disgusted with the service that they paid for. Some paid almost $100 per league for these services. So far in two weeks, these services have been problematic and at points non-existent. ESPN sent me an apology for their issues and promised they would be fixed by this week, but they were not. I made a phone call to a representative of ESPN on August 29 about draft issues and all I received was an apology. For three straight years, I have paid for my league and had the same problem, for which there should be no excuse.

The issue this year is with all of the Edge content purchased. Though the stats are up to date, the results were not complete until Thursday of last week, and again the problems persist. I want a refund of my money for two leagues that I purchased this content for, but so far, ESPN has not granted this request and in my eyes has not provided the service as promised. This happens year after year, and now I am finally fed up. needs to be accountable for its failures and is not using the money from the leagues to improve their issues. If I had bought a product from any other business, they would return my money, but is standing firm and only apologizing for its problems. It seems that Vice President John Kosner is to blame for these issues.

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Original review: Sept. 5, 2005

I joined a fantasy football league in which I paid thirty dollars to join. The draft was supposed to start on Tuesday, August 30 at 10pm. The draft didn't start until around 1am the next morning. I and over half the league gave up on the draft starting and went to bed, so ESPN drafted our teams for us and gave me a really bad team. I have emailed ESPN five times, and they have not responded. I could use your help. Thank you.

Original review: Sept. 5, 2005

As others have said, ESPN is in the midst of a massive failure with its fantasy football service. I haven't had all of the problems others have talked about, but without notice, ESPN cancelled our draft and changed its type, time and date. This all happened less than a full day before we were scheduled to draft. I sent them a rather nasty note, but haven't yet heard back. I just don't understand why they have not warned players of the problems (caused by higher than expected demand, they say) sooner. And if they are having this high demand, why do they continue to promote it constantly by on television and online? That seems rather stupid, am I right? The level of failure and incompetence is, in this instance, both unimaginable and inexcusable. And so is the way has dealt with it. I can't believe such a large and respected business can fail so fully. If I had such struggles at my job, it would no longer be my job.

Original review: Sept. 3, 2005

I paid $29 for a team in the fantasy football league. I entered into a live draft league that was supposed to have its live draft on 8/30 at 10 pm. The live draft site was down. Several emails were sent, one asking them to just reschedule it a few days later so all participants could take part when ESPN got its site working. No responses from ESPN came, and the draft began at 12 am on 8/31 (2 hours late). Over half of the participants were not present and the majority of picks were automatically generated. The draft was basically a joke and was not reflective of how a true draft would happen. I have written 2 more emails asking for a refund, or at least another opportunity to take place in a true live draft with another team. There have been no replies since 8/1. If there is a Better Business Bureau I can write, I have a list of many other ESPN fantasy football members who would be happy to email them as well.

Original review: Sept. 3, 2005

Basically, I paid $60 for the ESPN site for a fantasy football live draft through their site. When the day came, ESPN never provided the link to actually perform a live draft on their site. I paid for a service and did not provide it. I've sent two emails to them with no reply so far. Their phone line is perpetually busy. I will dispute these charges on my credit card but other people should not be scammed by their incompetence. I know there are many others that had this problem due to the message boards on the ESPN site. It's not the end of the world but it annoys me that these guys feel that they can get away with this at the consumers' expense.

Original review: Sept. 2, 2005

For the past few months, has been advertising free fantasy football. A group of us arranged to have a live draft with ESPN for September 6th, 2005. To my dismay, I received an email that said due to overwhelming popularity of ESPN free fantasy football, they had to readjust their settings and said we were no longer able to conduct a live online draft unless we purchased an Edge program for 99 dollars. If not, we were told our league would be switched to an auto pick draft. Two weeks ago, people that drafted live did not have to pay for this. However, now we and I assume 1000s of other people must pay 99 dollars. That is blatant discrimination. It is our belief that this is total product misrepresentation as well as advertising which borders on "bait and switch".

ESPN defended that its servers could no longer handle the volume it anticipated. It is the sole responsibility of ESPN to recognize its server problems before going on an all out advertising campaign that has been all over the media regarding the free live drafts. It also borders on fraud, even though there is no monetary amount other than the 99 dollars. Calls and emails to ESPN Customer Service have gone unreturned as they are running from the issue. Messages posted on the site's Message Boards regarding this issue are being deleted as soon as they pop up so no one can read them. ESPN refuses to address the problem. There is a large principle here, more important than money. And ESPN should be recognized for running from this problem instead of correcting it. There are thousands of people right now who need your help on this matter quickly. Please contact ESPN's legal department for all of us who may want to file a class action suit in the near future. Thank you.

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Original review: May 17, 2005

I am the operations manager at a liquidation company that is based in Buffalo NY. Recently, I had the pleasure of a short weekend visit to New York City and while there, a few others and I decided to stop in to the ESPN Zone located in Times Square. We were told that because we had a twelve-year-old with us that we would have to go up to the game room on the third floor because we could have drinks there and the younger party member could enjoy himself as well. We happily took the elevator to the third floor and then grabbed some space at the bar while the young person in question wandered off to enjoy the scenery.

We ordered drinks from a bartender named Albert who seemed very busy most of the time even though we saw only three other people there other than us at any given moment. He seemed nice however and so we just allowed him to take his time with whatever it was he was in and out doing all the while we were there. Two of the members of our party (myself being one of them) were ordering double Seagrams and 7-Up in a tall glass. This drink was being made by filling up the top of the metal measuring cup and then turning it over and filling up the smaller bottom side of the same measuring cup and then filling the rest of the glass with 7-Up.

The bartender, Albert, claimed that because of this plastic cup that he was using and filling with 7-Up that this would indeed be a "double" (very important to remember this part). After about two hours or so, Albert let it be known that he was being told to close down because it wasn't busy enough at that bar so we had to settle the check. We agreed and he rang out the check on my credit card and brought over to me two bills one from 9:02 pm and one rang out at 10:29 pm both totaled up to the following (the following PLUs are typed as they are written): 15 Seagrams 7 2oz $112.50; 4 Sex On the Beach $33.00; 2 Michelob Ultra $10.50

This to say the least floored all of the party members and when questioned about the bill, Albert asked that I meet him at the end of the bar to explain why the bill came out the way. He explained that the bottom side of the measuring device makes it a "double" and that because of the size of the plastic cup, he had no choice but to charge that much for these drinks and then suggested I follow him to the second floor where he will be working at another bar area for the rest of the evening and he will "hook me up at that location." We had had a good time up until that point and, "hey, we were on vacation so what the heck," I signed.

After returning back to the party, one of my party members pointed out that this bill cannot possibly be correct because we only had 7 Seagrams drinks total and that would mean that they were 16 dollars each and that should have made them too strong to drink for him, let alone to have drank seven of them between the two of us.

After a lot of discussion and weighing between all of us exactly how worthwhile it was for us to even bother complaining during our vacation, we decided to go down to another bar on the first floor and order the same drink and see what we got for it. If this Albert person were pulling some scam, then we would for sure find out that way. To the first floor we went and the two of us that had the most interest in the story walked up to the bar and ordered a "double seven and seven in a tall glass." This bartender (who was very professional it seemed to us) grabbed a large glass and filled it with ice and began the little flip exercise with the shot cup but this time he actually did it twice and then filled the glass with 7-Up the rest of the way and brought it over. We immediately could see that this was a drink that contained a far greater concentration of alcohol than any of the ones from the third floor. We did not even taste it because there would obviously be no need in both our opinions, only one thing left to do, get the bill ...

To our shock the bartender rang us out (on the same credit card) for 1 line item: 1 Seagrams 7 2oz $7.50

Hold the phone. We stood there a moment. It actually had been a scam. We were vindicated at last, but what to do now? There was a 12-year-old (up late) and two wives waiting outside. We decided to tell a manager about this at the front desk and figured that at the very least, they would like to know what was going on here. We could not have been more wrong.

We took all the receipts and the drink with us to the front desk and asked to see a manager. A woman named Christina ** arrived at the front desk and looked like she was completely bothered by the story right from minute one. After a short explanation by us of what we felt had gone on there that evening, she answered us by asking if we would like her to go get the bartender in question and bring him down to address us? This question was odd and we believed that it was done in an effort to intimidate at the least. We agreed and while she was gone, it gave us an opportunity to discuss how badly this entire experience was going with this manager that seemed completely unaffected by the concept that her employee may be pulling something somewhere in the building. I, myself, worked my way through college as a waiter and saw many a fellow employee that took advantage of the job site in any way that they could.

After she returned with Albert, they looked at everything that we had piled on the front desk that pertained to the case that we were trying to make and Albert began to explain that what we had been given upstairs was much bigger and stronger than what the bartender down stairs had made for us. This, of course, was a complete fabrication and we officially had our answer. Christina, the manager, after hearing all this not only was 100 percent assuming that what this employee was saying was correct but began to explain her own version of what she thought had happened and at that point we realized from her demeanor that we had made a huge error bringing this to her attention.

Albert asked if I would like my tip back on the bill and began to take money out of his pocket to give to me. This was getting outrageous. This employee trying to give me a twenty-dollar bill of his money out of his pocket to try and sooth this story was silly but not as silly Christina actually standing there hoping it would be enough to make us go away. It was at that moment that I realized (shockingly) that I was not really sure why we were at that front desk anyway. We thought that we were doing the right thing to begin with and now all that was happening was that we were being attacked by the very manager that we thought would want to hear this in the first place. I turned to them both and let them know that I was not interested in Albert's money nor was I clear anymore on what it was I wanted other than to just do what I would want people to do at my work site in that situation, "let someone in a management position know what was happening".

Christina then did the one thing that solidified this email being sent. She looked at us both and said that "we were both obviously drunk and that we had to leave." Ignore the situation, ignore the message, do nothing to reward the effort, those we could have lived with, but attack the messenger (especially one that had paid 200 dollars to get the message) and now we have completely another story. Two things are going to be done here:

1) The credit card payment will be disputed to the fullest extent that it can.

2) This email is going to be sent to as many people at, and's legal and customer service departments as well as any management that I can get to reply to me. I am sending this to a list of bcc names as well because obviously some people do not want to show up on this list.

What do I want? I will let the public decide this one.

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Original review: Nov. 24, 2004

I bought the game ESPN NHL 2K5 for $29.95. The game is full of glitches, and it freezes at any given time. I have gone to the website, and I posted in the forums (among thousands of others) and emailed their technical support staff. No responses or anything to fix the game has been done.

Original review: May 20, 2004

I paid $30 for an ESPN Fantasy Baseball team. My league was going fine until a member of my league complained that I harassed him in an email or something like that. I had no idea what he was talking about (having not emailed him) but ESPN gave me a warning. Then a few weeks later, I got an email from ESPN saying they received my request to cancel my team, and my team was given to some other person. I never sent them an email asking for my team to be cancelled. Later that day, they cancelled my account entirely. When I called them about it, they said I was banned for "repeated abuse." I have yet to be informed what the supposed "abuses" were, so I am flabbergasted. Phone calls were no use, because the people told me that I had to send the Fantasy people an email. Two weeks (and about 10 emails) have gone by, and I still have no response. I want my team or my money back. Please help!

Original review: Sept. 12, 2003

I also signed up for the Fantasy Football Manager. For $100 a pop and as big a company as ESPN is, you would think they could have worked correctly. First week, nothing worked as advertised. I had to sign on to another fantasy football site and pay another $49.95.

Original review: Sept. 8, 2003

Claims made by about their League Manager Fantasy Football product have not been met. The following is a list of problems we have had: League Manager Live Draft crashed on us and all 12 players were kicked off. Draft automatically resumed without any warning 15 minutes later, putting everyone on autopilot. We all ended up with players we didn't want. Draft was September 1 at 8 pm Eastern. Several team owners (including myself) also had errors pop up during the draft when it was their turn to draft. We had to quickly close the draft applet and reload it. A few times, owners were not able to get it reloaded in time, therefore ending up on autopilot and getting players they didn't want.

Live scoring was unavailable during week 1. No team was able to see his scores until late in the evening. As of Monday, September 8, live scoring was incorrectly adding scores. Trades are not registering at all. Because of the live draft problems, we had to spend an hour trading players to get them on the right team. We have also had a trade proposed, accepted, and processed. However, absolutely no trades show in the transaction history. A team put in a pending waiver claim for a player. Weds. came and went, and he did not receive the player, and no one else had put in a claim. He had to manually add the player after the waiver period ended. This is an inexcusable way to run a league.

As league commissioner, I am getting bombarded with email from the league wondering why nothing is working. We are all very experienced fantasy football players, and will not put up with this shoddy of a product. We had hoped the live draft problems would be the end of it, but apparently, it was just the beginning. We have had our league for several years, and this was the first year we moved it to ESPN. We would like a full refund on our League Manager setup fee, since the league has not functioned at any level since our purchasing. Please respond promptly to this request. I have 11 other angry league members demanding an immediate return to our original league's site.

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Original review: Sept. 8, 2003

I signed up for ESPN's Fantasy Football League Manager this year based on the fact that ESPN is the sports leader and the commercials advertise that it is up and running. However, I never got schedules, our league can't do trades, the scoring is incorrect... and many other issues. I would like to get my money back but, it's past the 30 days and they say I can't.

Original review: Sept. 8, 2003

I purchased the ESPN League Manager (with extras) for $149, and nothing works. You do not receive any support whatsoever, and features promised to work (like live stats, team logos, scoring, whatever) do not work. ESPN has scammed the public, yet they will continue to take your money for a product that is not working. All I am asking for is a refund of my money. They have ruined the season already.

Original review: Sept. 7, 2003

I purchased a regular, multi-list fantasy football team and set up a league for my family. The automatic draft was supposed to be held September 2 and the season starts today, September 7, and we still have no teams. I have e-mailed at least 15 times and gotten no response. I've called twice and they first acted like they didn't know what was wrong, "We are in sales and it's a technical problem." The second call was much the same - no answers - they told me to e-mail! In my opinion, their customer service is awful; they won't admit they have problems until pressed and their setup is tremendously flawed. Yet they continue to sell teams to this day!

Original review: Aug. 29, 2003

ESPN's League Manager Fantasy Football service was promised as a complete fantasy football tool. The site has been unavailable for extended period, and basic promised functions are not yet implemented. I have moved my league to another service, but ESPN will not refund my money because I have been signed up for more than 30 days. I am being penalized for trusting ESPN and proactively joining their service. $125 will not be refunded by the service.

Original review: Aug. 27, 2003

I have signed up for ESPN's League Manager, which is a fantasy football league that is new on ESPN this year. I paid my money in June thinking that they had the best reputation in fantasy sports and that they would have the best service available. Now with 8 days left until the season, nothing is working correctly and emails are not returned although on their website it says they will respond within 3 business days. I'm not sure how much you know about fantasy football, but with 8 days left until the season starts, we are unable to trade; some people cannot draft teams, head-to-head schedules are not finished, the live scoring module has bugs, and those are only the problems that we know about. Anyway, I paid $100 for their service and now they are providing no updates on the status of the site.

Today was supposed to be a day that things were fixed, but this was about the 6th date they have given us for things to be completed and ready to go. The customer service has been horrible and when I called to cancel yesterday, I was told since i bought the service over 30 days ago, I could not get a refund. I was on hold for 45 minutes and had to hear this. Anyway, I hope you have received many more complaints about this problem with ESPN. I have a group of people that look forward to fantasy football every year and now that we are stuck on ESPN with no way out. We are looking at eating our $100.

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