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I bought some software from to help inventory my stamp albums, and the downloads I bought wasn't working right. I emailed them from all the troubleshoot they gave me and none of them had my account info, and they've written that they do not have any information about what I bought. So I emailed the main address and said I would like a refund. I never heard anything from and then about three weeks passed. I didn't receive the CD's I bought for a back up. I never got them. I called my bank to file for fraud. They can't get a reply from them too. The package finally arrived. I called them back and asked if I should open it. They told me no and to just send it back, which I took to the post office and did just that. I don't know what else to do. I've been saving up for this for a long time just to get nothing!

Last year, they charged me $39.99 for a trial membership (which I successfully disputed with my credit card company). Somehow figured I wanted the stupid membership again--even though I told them both by email and phone that I was not interested in their service and then they charged my credit card again without so much as an email.

Now despite two different calls to into their customer service (and I use that term lightly) promising me a cancellation, I have heard nothing.

I didn't know UPS doesn't ship on Saturdays, which was when I was hoping to pick up the TV I ordered to eCost. I called UPS to change the delivery address, so I'd get it at work. UPS informed me that eCost set up the delivery so that only eCost could change the address. I called eCost and I was informed by Lynn that it's their policy not to change the address. I asked to speak to a manager about the issue. Lynn said that she would escalate it, and she will also get an email to me by EOD to let me know of the outcome. I received no such email. I called the next day my from work, and I was informed by Jay that the package was being delivered to my house.

I wish eCost would let recipients change their address with UPS or be willing to change it for them. I also wish they would follow up as promised. I never plan to order from them again. Since I didn't know whether or not to work from home so that I could be there, I went to work. I will now have to either work from home on Monday, if I can with such short notice, or spend an extra $20 on a cab getting the TV from the nearest UPS pick up location to my house.

On November 29, I placed an order for two Media Players from their on-line advertisement. On December 9th, they issued a shipping order. Within this order, the original item was canceled and a substitute item was shipped. On December 16, I received their shipment and found out that the substituted item was for a European system (PAL) not a US system (NTYSC). On December 18, I spoke with an agent (Lyra) about the wrong item and she initiated a simultaneous replacement order and their Return Authorization process.

Today (January 3), I received their RA number and detailed instruction on how to return the mistaken units. There was no statement on the replacement order so I called them. First spoke with Ellen, then Gabriel and then finally Jay, one of their supervisors. They refused to send a replacement order before the return process was complete. I explained that I did no wrong and they substituted an unsuitable item. They offered "faster processing" of their RA process but would not consider sending a replacement item, unless I started a fresh order. I did not want to commit any additional money to these people.

Their customer service are poor, they miss all of their own time deadlines and only respond if you press them. I believe their substitution of an unsuitable replacement was fraud. They continue to be unresponsive and make the time to speak with someone in authority very difficult. They will make any type of promise, as long as you end the call. I was told a replacement order was not an issue while the RA process was completed, but they did not process it on December 18 when they assured me that they would do so. I have escalated my PayPal query into a full dispute and I just want to be sure I receive my refund. Use caution with this supplier, they are not ethical or responsive to your needs.

I ordered a 40" television from After the order was made they indicated it was on backorder. So I asked for a specific delivery date and I received an email that I canceled the television. I called eCost and they indicated they made a mistake and they canceled the order. This was the first time I made an order with eCost. Eventually they said they sold the item too cheap and they were not going to deliver. This company does not seem reputable and I would recommend not buying from them. Luckily, I did not suffer an economic loss.

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I purchased recertified TV from Ecost and it came defective. The TV has purple and distorted lines throughout picture. I called Ecost and was told that I needed to directly contact Vizio for repair. Vizio took information and set up repair for one week later but called and cancelled. The reason for the cancellation was explained that Ecost purchased the TV from Walmart and that Ecost was responsible. Upon calling Ecost back, they directed me to another website to fill out another form. I told Ecost I wanted a full refund and they keep giving me the run around. Also note that the TV is 107 lbs with stand and would really be a huge headache trying to return because it was delivered in a box in which I had to tear to open and was not original box, just blank cardboard box.

I purchased a 22" element HD flat screen TV on 6/9/2010. I called on 6/14/2010 to tell them 2 things: (1) video cord was not in the box; and (2) when I turned the TV on, the picture shows on screen and the screen instantly goes black but the sound continues. I was told to call the warranty company. I called. The warranty company’s answering machine said to leave name, phone number, serial number, and model number, and someone will get back to you in 24 hours. No call was received. I called the company back. I was told to give them a few days. No call was received.

I called the company back. I was told I could get it fixed on my own. Or, I could purchase another and send the defected one back and wait for the process to get refund. I do not have funds to use like this. I live in an apartment (limited storage area). I did not keep the packaging because I had purchased element brand previously and had no problem. It was not indicated that the TV was refurbished. Now I still have a bad TV and the warranty company refused my claim and refunded the warranty fee. I think this is so unfair. They should replace this bad TV with a good one. I will use the packaging to return the bad.

After purchasing 3 monitors, one came without a base. I called the company multiple times to ask for them to send. I finally disputed the charge, and they responded 3 months later and sent the base. I set up the monitor, plugged it in and it was dead. Called eCOST and they said, “Too bad for you, it’s beyond the 90-day warranty.”

I ordered a TV monitor which broke during shipping. They said I can pick a new one from the available ones, for only a few dollars more. It was broken. They sent me 2 RMAs to return, and sent me a 3rd. It it missing an entire row of pixels. I've had enough, and they will not send me an RMA. They sent me to another company, who said there is nothing they can do. eCost says there is nothing they can do, since I am over my 30 day period. I went on vacation. I think eCost is broke. The first two TVs I received have cracked screens. The third one was missing a row of pixels.

Upon receipt of my Bluetooth, it was defective in that no one could hear me speak. This is a known issue with this particular model of Motorola, but did not want to return my money for the $20 item. I called 3 different times, waited for email, and still haven't received "authorization" to get my money back as they only want to replace it. This is just not good customer service.

I tried to buy a monitor from Ecost and under the price of this specific monitor it said free shipping for Premium Club members. So I joined the Premium Club for $39.95 and during the process I was informed that I was entitled to five instances of free shipping. After my membership went through I tried to buy the monitor but there was a shipping cost included. I called customer service for help and was told that free shipping was only for merchandise less than ten pounds as per the "terms of agreement". I asked why free shipping was advertized next to the price if it was not true.

At this point the customer service rep refused to listen to anything I had to say and started robotically and repeatedly said that I should have read the entire terms of agreement. I was very exasperated by this conversation and asked to speak to a supervisor who could at least give me an explanation. I was told I could not speak to anyone else but her because she was the supervisor. I finally asked why the company would resort to such deception to get me to join the Premium Club. She told me that’s just the way they do business. At that point I hung up. I have bought merchandise from Ecost before and had gotten some pretty good deals and I have to say that the Premium Club looks like it offers some real bargains. But, I resent being deceived into joining.

After cooling off I called Ecost back and told them I wanted to cancel my order for the Premium Club membership. I had not used it and made the purchase just 25 minutes before. I said I had changed my mind. The person on the other end of the phone said that she could not cancel the membership until my recurring renewal came up in one year. My blood pressure started going up again then the rep said that she would forward the request to some other department and I would hear one way or another within 24 hours. Several hours later I received an email saying that the purchase was cancelled due to problems with the transaction. As I said before I have been satisfied with the purchases I made from Ecost in the past but after this experience I am afraid to do business with them again.

In 2006, I bought a laptop from that had a $150 rebate. I submitted the rebate and then again called many times and tried to talk to someone and got put on terminal hold, hung-up on. Also, I never got a copy of the extended warranty from (eventually I tracked down the servicing company and got a copy from them). I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office in the Commonwealth of PA. lied repeatedly to the AG's Office. Four years later, still no warranty. I never relieved $150 rebate. I wasted many hours.

I received a TV that was more than 3 years old, discontinued, and in very poor condition. It does not include factory packing, manual, cables, or all parts. eCost has charged over $300 and did not reveal the poor condition of the product, lack of original packing and materials, missing parts, and damage to the TV stand and encasement. I phoned upon opening of the outer box and examining the contents. I was told by Ed that they were aware that the TV is old, outdated, discontinued and missing packing and parts. I was told that I should expect this of their products.

I offered three options for rectification of issue, but all were denied. I offered to have the TV replaced with a newer unit of proper age and condition, in proper working order, and including all factory supplied parts, manuals, cables, and packing, it was denied by I offered to have some money refunded to me to bring the transaction to a reasonable cost for the product supplied, again, denied by

I also offered to have eCost pick up the unit at their cost and return for full refund, again, denied by eCost told me that they would not accept a return, and they do not offer refunds. I could ship it back at my expense, and I would be charged a 20% restocking fee and would then evaluate and decide what to do at that point. is a company that is practicing theft and fraud. I of course have reported this to my bank. Beware of

I received a TV that was more than 3 years old, discontinued, and in very poor condition. It does not include factory packing, manual, cables, or all parts. eCost has charged over $300 and did not reveal the poor condition of the product, lack of original packing and materials, missing parts, and damage to TV stand and encasement.

I phoned upon opening of the outer box and examining the contents. I was told by ** that they were aware that the TV is old, outdated, discontinued and missing packing and parts. I was told that I should expect this of there products. I offered three options for rectification of issue, but all were denied. I offered to have the TV replaced with a newer unit of proper age and condition, in proper working order, and including all factory supplied parts, manuals, cables, and packing. It was denied by

I offered to have some money refunded to me to bring the transaction to a reasonable cost for the product supplied and again it was denied by I also offered to have eCost pick up the unit at their cost and return for full refund, which was again denied by

eCost told me that they would not accept a return and they do not offer refunds. I could ship it back at my expense and I would be charged a 20% restocking fee and would then evaluate and decide what to do at that point. is a company that is practicing theft and fraud. I of course, have reported this to my bank. Beware of

In November 2009, I purchased a digital photo frame for my wife as a Christmas present. I paid $52.99 not including shipping and handling charges. As an extra precaution, I purchased a warranty for $9.99. On Christmas day, my wife attempted to turn it on to load her pictures and it did not work. It did not turn on at all. When we had received the box it was shipped in, there was nothing at all wrong with the box. No damage and the product was not damaged either. So the fact that it did not work was not a result of shipping and handling. When I contacted, they told me to contact the manufacturer and request a replacement. When the manufacturer finally called me back, they told me to tell to either replace the unit or give me a refund.

When I called and told them what the manufacturer had told me, they said they would not replace it and they would not give me a refund because I purchased the warranty. They told me I would have to file a claim with Square Trade, the warranty company and Square Trade would have to either repair the item or give me a refund. I stated that the item never worked and the customer service person with told me the best thing to do was to file a claim on the warranty. I did send the item back according to the instructions I received from Square Trade Warranty. They have told me I will receive a refund for the item, but only for the cost of the item and not the warranty or shipping and handling charges. I have not received the refund yet but I am willing to wait a little longer. It was supposed to be credited back to my credit card account through Paypal, which I used to purchase it.

Hopefully, I will receive the refund. My issue and my belief but I cannot prove it. I believe eCost knew the unit did not work when they sent it to me. They specifically sent me a non-operational unit because I had purchased the warranty and they knew I could collect on the warranty. Another words, they really are not out anything but I am. I am out $9.99 plus the shipping and handling charges when I purchased the unit. It really did not cost anything because I believe the unit never worked in the first place. I believe if you look into their practices of selling the warranties, it would be interesting to see how many times claims are made on the items sold. eCost and Square Trade are unjustly enriched by selling the warranties and the shipping charges on items they know will never work when they are shipped out.

This is a very deceptive practice. Am I out a lot of money? No. But eCost and Square Trade can make a lot of money this way by getting rid of items that never worked to begin with when they shipped them to their customers. Do you have a case? Tough call! Is it a class action case? May take a lot of work to investigate but based upon all the complaints this company has against them on the internet, I think there may be something to my claim. Where there is smoke, there is fire!

This company has sent a few items, through daily eBay specials to me, and everything worked smoothly. I decided to purchase a Platinum Membership in order to get better pricing and shipping. The very first time I tried to used it, I was unable to purchase anything that was on sale at that very moment, nothing. Being a Platinum member was a curse! I emailed to cancel my Platinum Membership. They emailed me back and said, no way! I then emailed them and made a suggestion that I thought it would be to their benefit to forward my emails to the CEO, President, or Director of Sales. They emailed me back and said that my emails had been forwarded to the proper department, and I would hear back from someone within 48-72 hours. Well, it's two weeks later, there was no response, no ability to actually purchase items. They entice you with buy price, with no intentions of you ever figuring a way to actually get the product into your shopping Cart, so you can purchase it.

eCost, I believe is a scam. The prices are not reality, and don't be fooled that you can actually purchase many of the special items. They seem to be there strictly to entice you. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with this company. And whatever you do, do not buy the Platinum Membership, it makes it almost impossible to purchase anything from this eCost trick. I founded an audio video specialty store in 1969, and ran it with integrity for 40 years. I am embarrassed that this company is in Texas, my home state, and where my business has been. eCost, for a lousy $39 Platinum membership will get more free advertising from me than they could ever possibly buy. The only problem is that the millions of people I am able to reach out to will only hear about my negative experience, and eCost's lack of follow-up. Yes, I love to promote companies, with Twitter, and Facebook, and Digg, and Delicious, and MySpace, and Yahoo, and Bing, and Google. I am so happy I only had one complaint with the Better Business Bureau over my 40 years in retail. I am certain that with the power of social networking, eCost, has probably cost themselves more than the $39 they refused to refund me. Sorry, but trust me, you will not need any help bringing your company to its knees. You already have the structure set up to self implode. R.I.P.

eCOST made me so crazy that I started a website. Purchase Attempt #1 and #2. I made a purchase at in early December of 2009. It turned out so badly that I had to assume that it was an accident. I purchased a digital video camera and it was shipped about 4 days later. Utilizing the tracking number, I kept an eye on the status of my shipment. After two days, the status indicated that my item was damaged and being held at a UPS facility because it was damaged. I let it sit for a few days thinking that eCOST would be contacting me to resolve the problem. Not to be the case.

I began a process that included many hours on the phone and my computer making phone calls and sending emails to the numerous addresses available on their site. I did not receive any response. One day, I beat the odds and actually got a live person from I explained to him my dilemma that I needed this digital camera for an event in the beginning of January and how it was stuck in a UPS facility. He explained to me that it was damaged and their was nothing he could do about it until UPS sent it back to eCOST. I asked him how long it would take and he could not give me a date. I asked if their was anything I could do to expedite the process and he said, "No".

I finally asked that since it was not my fault that it was damaged, if they could send me a different camera in place of the first. He said "No". After about 45 minutes on the phone, I finally convinced him to contact the UPS facility to attempt to find out more information. He came back with the revelation that it was not damaged, but lost. All I had to do was have UPS send eCOST a letter that it was lost an eCOST would provide a refund. I didn't want a refund, but the digital video camera. Not to happen. I had to place another order for an identical camera and pay for expedited shipping to get it to my home in time.

After about another 15-20 minutes on the phone, he agreed to contact UPS and have them send eCOST, the letter and they would reverse the original charge on my digital video camera. I would like to say that once they received the letter, they would have applied the refund to my credit card. Not to happen either. I had to wait until the second bone-headed move on my part when I attempted to order something else from eCOST before the refund would be applied.

On New Year's Eve, I had some time on my hands and two or three re-certified HP Notepad Computer were being sold on the eCOST Platinum Countdown for $97 randomly between 3PM and 6PM PST. A link on the top of the page takes you to a page showing a list of eCOST Premium items sold from the latest being first. It also indicates the exact time it was sold. The prices are amazing. I began what turned out to be an incredible waste of time that included hitting "refresh" on my computer every 5 seconds or so for 3 hours when the HP Notepad was to be available on I was watching a show on TV while doing this, so it doesn't sound as ridiculous as it sounds. (It was still ridiculous, but it was like playing the lottery)

After 3 hours, no HP Notepad ever came up on eCOST and I was **. (Clicking the refresh button every 5 seconds for 3 hours sounded completely ridiculous at this time) I spent an additional 45 minutes just to verify that it did not appear on the "Just Sold" page. Didn't happen. I even checked the next day and guess what? Didn't appear.

It was then that I began to investigate I began to find hundreds if not thousands of complaints online about eCOST and other ** off customers that felt they were lied to, mislead, cheated, ignored or worse. I again attempted the monumental task of contacting eCOST without any success. I searched their website and used every email address that I could find and copied each on my email. I explained that if my email did not belong to their department, it would behoove them to pass it along to the correct department or person. I told them they were dealing with a ** off (and embarrassed) customer.

After repeating my emails for over a week, I finally received a phone call from a Sales Manager from eCOST. He explained to me that he wanted to fix the problem and would have an associate contact me. He also let me know that he would expedite my refund for my digital video camera that I ordered in early December and still didn't receive a refund for. (What a guy) A week later, I finally received a phone call from "the associate" and he was going to fix it for me. He explained to me that he was more than willing to offer what amounted to a 7% discount off the regular price to fix my problem. (And make me go away) I told him that this was not satisfactory since that because of their false advertising, I spent a huge amount of time attempting to purchase that HP Netbook for $97 on He told me that he could not sell it to me at that price. I told him I would think about it and get back to him the next day. I did check my bank account and low and behold, the refund appeared from eCOST.

I arrived at home after work that evening and the final straw that broke the dumb, computer-refreshing, slow-learning, camel's back. I received a Platinum Premium email from eCOST that a number of re-certified HP Notepads were being sold that day for $79 on Wasted a huge amount of my time and never received any satisfaction. eCOST continues to provide poor service and commits false advertising.

I purchased a brand new WidowPC Core 2 Gaming System, Part No. VSNC WGMI-2G3110 from on 11/30/09, which was supposed to come with a 1-year warranty. When I got the computer, there was very little printed info of any kind in the box, considering that this is a brand new computer. There wasn't even a set-up or a product manual in the box. More importantly, there wasn't any warranty info in the box, so I emailed Ecost to ask about the warranty. After about a week's time, I emailed them a second time, since I got no reply to my first email. I didn't get a reply to my second email either, other than the standard reply that says you'll hear from them within 12-24 hours. Right!

I eventually received a very brief email from Ecost that instructed me to call Visionman to get the warranty. That was it! Just call Visionsman, there was no explanation as to how I was going to get Visionman to provide me with a one year parts and labor warranty for a computer that was sold to me by Ecost. Visionman Computers has a website with a Customer Service email link. I tried to email, but struck out there as well. After you go through the process of clicking the email link, writing a message and then clicking the "send" button, nothing happens. I tried several times on two different browsers. It simply doesn't go through. I have had some minor glitches with the Visionman computer since I received it, but I am not seeking to return the computer.

The problems I had were directly attributed to the fact that the computer didn't come with any sort of manual. All of the other computers I have ever bought from Ecost came with a manual and the warranty info, even, as in one instance, I had to wait for months to receive it. Not this one however! There was simply nothing in the box. What annoys me the most is that I have purchased quite a few items from Ecost, and while I may not be their biggest customer, I expected to get better customer service from this company. My general experience has been poor when it comes to trying to speak to anyone at Ecost's customer service number and only fair when it comes to getting anyone to comprehend and then accurately answer an email.

Still, this was the first time that I didn't receive any sort of reply to an important question regarding something I bought from them. I work in a print media field where I have a great deal of influence with people who need to find reliable sources from which to purchase computers and related peripherals. Until now, I have strongly suggested to many of my clients. I doubt that I can continue to do that in the future, since it is obvious that I was being ignored in my attempt to get a printed, 1-year warranty for my computer from them. I'd be pretty embarrassed if this happened to someone I recommended to Ecost.

If the warranty was supposed to come from Visionman, which was not stated on Ecost's website, then I think Ecost could have at least been more helpful in trying to obtain the warranty for me since I obviously can't contact anyone at Visionman. But, regardless of who was supposed to provide the warranty, I think it is a very poor practice to ignore a customer who has been buying their products for the last few years and who has also been promoting their company to others in my field of work. I posted this matter here. I discovered that many other people have had issues with Ecost. Like everyone else, I got a phone message from Linda ** from Ecost a few days ago, due to my other posting.

Linda stated that she had directed someone at Ecost to get and send me a manual and a warranty card for the Visionman computer. She left her phone number, if I wanted to call her back. I haven't called her, mainly due to the postings I read from others who said that they had great difficulties trying to reach her at that phone number. I'm already aggravated enough. I don't need to add to it. I want the warranty that was supposed to come with the computer, and if there was supposed to be an operating manual in the box, I'd like that as well. I have no idea how long it is going to take Ecost to follow through on sending me either item. Their track record shows that they are extremely slow to follow through on promises made to their customers.

If they fail to send me the manual and warranty card within 10 working days from Linda's phone call, I intend to report Ecost to the BBB here in Connecticut as well as in California where their home office is located. I will also submit a complaint letter to my state's Consumer Protection agency and to the office of our Attorney General, who takes a very dim view of matters such as this. I think it is pretty sad that anyone should have to go through this much aggravation just to get good customer service these days. Ecost needs to wake up and revamp their approach to customer service while they still have customers left to serve. I am just astounded at the postings I have read online from unhappy Ecost customers. I had no idea that things were quite this bad.

I bought my son an Xbox 360 for Christmas. I received it in a timely manner and I let my son try it out early and lo and behold, a red light came on. I called Microsoft to find out what the error code was and they said it had to be fixed through Microsoft (which would cost me more money) or I should send it back to the company that I bought it from.

I called eCost and they said, "No problem. Wait for a return authorization label which would come within 72 hours and return the Xbox for a full refund." I then had to call numerous times to get the label but I finally got it. I shipped the package back and called when they received it to see when I would receive my refund as now our Christmas is ruined and I need the money to go buy my son a working Xbox. eCost then goes and ships the original defective Xbox back saying it was missing the label. If it was missing the label, how could they put another label on it and ship it back to me? My label was still on the box with another one placed on top of mine. We refused the package and back it goes.

In the meantime, I keep calling eCost and get absolutely nowhere with their customer service. I find Linda ***’s number online (supposedly, she is the only one there who can help people. Her cell number is 310-, office number is 800- ext xxxx). She has been giving us the runaround also. She said the package was lost but we gave her the tracking number and guess what, it isn't lost. I returned a defective product and want my money back so that I can purchase a working Xbox for my son. I would like to try and make his New Year happier since Christmas was ruined. Do not order from this company. They will take your money and sell you defective products and never refund your money.

I ordered something from for a present. I ordered on Nov. 30th and received it a couple of weeks later. My daughter received the same gift for Christmas from a friend. I called today to return. They told me they don't accept returns. I asked them if they could accept the item and in exchange just credit my account for future purchases. They said no and all sales were final. How can they do this knowing that there will be exchanges and refunds after Christmas time? The cost was $87.

Exactly 7 minutes after I placed an order for a WD 2TB external drive on November 13, I noticed that the model number did not match the photo shown at eCost's site and cancelled the order. It was after-hours, so I followed up with a phone cancellation first thing the next morning. The eCost rep acknowledged the discrepancy and said she'd notify the "warehouse" immediately to cancel. Two days later, I was notified that my order had been shipped and phoned eCost again. The rep told me that I would have to accept the item and pointed me to the eCost All Sales Final Policy. I held out for a manager and was told that yes, in this case, of course I could simply refuse the shipment and a full refund would be issued.

Two days later, the shipment arrived. I refused it as instructed, and two more days later, UPS tracking showed me that it had arrived back at their warehouse. I phoned eCost again to inquire about the refund and was told that, as soon as the warehouse notified them that the item had been returned, my refund would be processed (the UPS tracking was apparently not sufficient). Another week passed, I phoned again. This time, my refund was in the works and would definitely appear in my PayPal account within a few days. Another week, another phone call; this time, my refund was in the works and would definitely appear in my PayPal account within 7 to 10 business days.

Red flag time: I said that I would hold off filing a dispute at PayPal if eCost would send me this promise in writing. They complied (of course, the 7-10 business days started from the time of this email, not from when they had actually received the item back, 2 weeks earlier). Two more weeks, no refund. I phoned eCost again and was told that my money had been refunded two weeks earlier. I said it had not. They said they would look into it.

So now, one full month after the item was safely back in their hands, I filed a PayPal dispute. I was immediately phoned by an eCost rep who said, "Did you file a dispute with PayPal?" I said that I had, and he said that my filing the dispute was the reason I hadn't received my refund. As though that weren't absurd enough; that the dispute I had just filed was the reason they had not refunded my money during the entire previous month. He told me that they would not process my refund unless I cancelled the PayPal dispute. Big red flag time: I flatly refused to be bullied into giving up this only leverage I had, and went immediately to PayPal to escalate my "dispute" to a "claim." Lo and behold, there appeared my refund.

In a nutshell, I would buy electronics out of the back of a stranger's pickup truck before I would buy from eCost. If I had not had PayPal's buyer protection (which they tried to bluff me into surrendering), I have no question that they would have simply stolen my money.

Very simply put, I purchased a "refurbished" 27-inch television. I took it out of the box and realized the casing has scratches. This didnt bother me. I've actually worked as a technician refurbishing computers, and I have a firm understanding of what to expect. What was unnacceptable was the gash in the screen. I called immediately to report the damage. I was told to "take pictures and email them to someone." I ignored this request and took the unit to my job to be shipped and demanded an "RA" number. Unfortunately, after reading all the complaints, I don't believe I will get the unit back in time to give as a gift for the holidays. I don't believe I will be doing business with them ever again. The "platinum" membership is a waste.

I ordered a TV online from the company. The picture and the description were for a ViewSonic 32" widescreen LCD HDTV part number 43232881. I was sent a video kit with camera. I called the company and was told no returns on online orders. I did not order this video kit which is actually cables to plug into your computer to stream online video (I assume from the box). This was ordered for my daughter for Christmas. My husband is to be laid off for three weeks and we ordered on Cyber Monday because of the bargains.

I ordered a product online. A little over an hour later I realized that I ordered the wrong model. I called them to cancel the order and they told me they would send an email to the warehouse but there was no guarantee the order could get cancelled. I asked them why they could not cancel it and they would not give me a direct answer. I told the guy to email me with the confirmation that it was cancelled and he answered vaguely and told me to call back later to check.

Three hours later I received an email telling me that the order was ready to be shipped and I called them again. Got the same run around, told me that the warehouse had not responded to them. I asked them for a phone number for the warehouse so I could call them and they refused to give it to me. I asked to speak to a manager and they kept telling me that the manager was busy on a call. I told them I would wait until they were off and finally they got me to another sales person who "claimed" he was a floor manager but not the manager of the person I spoke to earlier. I soon found out that he was not a manager either.

I purchased anti virus software that was advertised as FREE after the rebate of $40. When I received it I went online to print the rebate and get my money back and to my surprise NOW theyw ere selling the same item for $20 with a $20 rebate. I emailed them and got replies that had to relevence to the issue. I called them several person I spoke to told me she would send me the rebate form for the $40...never did.

another told me that I could send it in for $20 rebate and acted like I was crazy! I asked to return the item and they ignored me. I bought an IPOD as well and it doesn't work. forget any service from this company. I will add that I did purchase several netbooks from them that were reconditioned and a very good price. they came directly from HP and several of my friends have as well. that product is excellent but I'm sure it has nothing to do with Ecost. they are a reseller and obviously do not care about how they lie in their advertising.

also the rebate conditions are almost impossible to meet if you read throught the terms. my complaint with them is FALSE ADVERTISING and NO SERVICE and being LIED to by the service reps. I lost the $40 for the software and the $60 for the ipod.

I like many others was lured into the platinum membership with adds that showed really great deals, only to find out that the hot items were always "sold out" and the so called deals are the same price or higher than any place else, all they did was scam 40 bucks out of me and like most internet sites it is a total waste of time for me as one individual to try to get any satisfaction other than venting here, fortunately most people will research better than we have first.

We bought two 27" TVs for 575.00, both have the same issue. They were Christmas gifts for our kids. We thought we were getting a good deal but little did we know we bought 2 lemons. I would sign up for a class action lawsuit.

I am a member of the "Platinum Club" of Members pay an annual membership of 39.95 to receive special member only access for "Savings up to 50% off regular site prices and to receive limited free shipping." What I have found on numerous occasions is that in actuality identical products are MORE expensive than the general public found on their website. I even have pulled screen shots documenting this issue.

I have brought this up Ecost by contacting them on the phone and on Facebook and they refuse to give a refund. I have spent $39.95 (and many others) to have the privilege joining this club to pay more for what they offer non members. This seems ripe for a refund or perhaps a class action lawsuit.

Immediately after I submitted my order I realized I ordered the wrong model. I immediately contacted customer service and the girl said she did not know if she could stop the shipment, although it had been minutes of my submission of the order. Then the next say I called and she said she would have the manager call the shipping department and cancel the order. The next day, I followed up to see if they cancelled the order and they said I should just not accept the order, they could not cancel it.

I place my order on 9-23-09, called to cancel order on 9-23-09, I was told they could not cancel order, they told me to refuse the item when it arrives I did that, and I have not received a refund. They could not cancel my order but it took them 3 weeks to ship it. ????

I refused the item Oct. 21 and I have not gotten a refund. I have called, send e-mails even wrote them a letter. AND NO RESPONSE. BUYERS BEWARE-- is a RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We ordered an xbox 360 pro and when we got it in the mail, it did not work. They refused to take it back and exchange for one that did work, instead they wanted us to send it to the manufacturer to be repaired at our expense. They refused to honor a sale with a product that works. It is not like we had it for a few weeks, we had it out of the box long enough to plug it up to see if it did work or not. I have never seen a retailer who would not automatically replace a bad product from the beginning. Company Profile

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