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In November, I ordered an LED light from Discovery Store online. The item arrived defective, the control panel buttons were unresponsive. I emailed customer service, provided all required information, informed them of the defect, and stated my desire to return the product for a refund. I returned the defective product on December 1. I was forced to pay $25 out of pocket to return the defective product. On December 19, I received an email stating that same product was waiting to be shipped to me. I responded again stating that I wanted a refund. On February 3, I received an additional email stating that the same product had been shipped to my address. A replacement product did not arrive and no refund had been applied to my checking account.

Today I called to check the status of my refund. The representative had no record of the emails that I received in December or February. His tone was rude and scolding. I had to ask him to use a more polite tone with me more than once, and he ended the conversation with several passive aggressive comments. I have yet to receive confirmation of refund.

Update as of 03/16/2015: On this day, was assured a response to my complaint via telephone or email within 72 hours. Nine days later, I still await reply. I have had to re-open my complaint. I am beginning to believe that Discovery Story does not honor their promised refund policy, and that I will be forced to pursue legal action.

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I ordered 3 items on 11/22. ONE of these items was marked backordered but set to deliver by 12/17 so I went ahead and placed the order. Well here it is 12/8 and on their website my order was still saying in process. My credit card had been billed on 12/4 for this order. When I called I was told that all of my items were backordered now. I may receive the one item slated for delivery on 12/17 but there was no date available for the other items. I then asked to cancel order as they were Christmas gifts and if they wouldn't be here I would need to replace them. She yelled at me and told me no, but I could refuse them when they arrived. I told her that that answer was not acceptable and I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told no. She couldn't transfer a call - she was the only one there. I'm not sure why but none of this was not told to me nicely.

I was then hung up on. I called back and got the same woman. I asked her to please help me - thought that another tactic might work. Explained that I didn't have a lot of money to spend on gifts and this left me in a bind. She yelled no again and hung up once more. I called back 4 more times and got Jessica each time. I'm super mad and feel like crying. Figured I'd go with educational gifts this year and now I may have no gifts. Big thumbs down for the Discovery Channel Store and their employees.

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Ice Road Truckers (New series) Why do you allow so many expletives on the program. I am disgusted with the amount of swear words. There is no where in this world that I've been too that has named a lake "**" lake. There has been countless times were swear words have been used and not bleeped out. Why use them anyway?

Children like watching the program. Would you like your child to listen to people swearing at them face to face? Well now I will not be watching the program anymore due to the fact that your not interested in cutting out those sick words. As you can tell, I haven't used one swear word in this complaint. Why couldn't you.

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I can't believe the only show that you have is American Chopper, 7 days a week, 5 to 8 hours a day. That's all you have and I didn't pay for a biker show 7 days a week since I can remember when discovery channel was showing/making things like some cooking shows. What I can't believe is that I still pay for it. And last thing, when I paid programming, a part of your programming, and you forget I pay for this. Not that I wanted to change stations like I do now. Are you in bankruptcy or something? That would explain it, and I hope you are, because if you are doing this by choice, I’m sorry you went this way


I recently purchased the animated marine lamp for my 18-month old daughter from Kohl's for Christmas. After she opened it, we plugged it in to test it out before we placed it in her room. Thank God we did that first because it would have burned our house down. It popped or exploded inside and started smoking, filling up the room we had it in. I tried to call your customer service line but get a busy signal all the time. So I went online and found out there was already a recall on the product back in February of 2010, so why is it still being sold as safe at Christmas time? This product needs to be pulled from the market immediately. The batch number is 402510A0251. I will be taking it back to Kohl's for a refund but expect the company to take swift action, pulling this unsafe toy from the market.

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I am using a pay TV service here in Helsinki called plus TV and they supply the Discovery Channel. Now, all we get on this channel year in year out is repeat after repeat, and the worst part is the sickening breaks in between programs that again repeat the same thing over and over again. The Plus TV provider over here says that they have no control over these programs. So my complaint is that I am paying to watch Discovery and they should have a better format and not the complete load of rubbish that they have now. I know this will fall on deaf ears, but I thought I would give it a try.


My son received a DVD set for Christmas from his aunt that he already has. I returned it unopened and asked for an exchange with a more expensive DVD set that I was willing to pay the difference on. They refuse to exchange the item with any item that is not the same price!


OMG, what a disaster dealing with Discovery Store's third party customer service. GCS they are called and they are the worst. I ordered 90% of my children's Christmas from them in plenty of time to arrive. I received my box on 12/15. Immediately, I noticed I had an item I didn't order and was missing an item that was #1 on my son's list. I called and spoke to Julian. He was quick to say, "Don't worry. We'll re-ship next-day ship the correct item on Wed (12/16)" and for me to keep the wrong item since it wasn't my fault. I was confident he would follow through. On Fri. 12/18, I called to follow-up, no record of any re-ship. I spoke to arrogant Isaiah who basically acted like I was a thief and demanded that I return the item I didn't pay for. What a jerk. I demanded to speak to a supervisor and was denied. He said he also couldn't offer me a refund without a supervisor's permission. I was told I would be contacted within 24 hours. It didn't happen.

I called for the third time yesterday and spoke to Ashley. I asked for a supervisor after I explained my dilemma. She said I wasn't allowed to speak to one. She went further to explain that it was Christmas and they were very busy. Hello!? I ordered my children's gifts for Christmas and didn't get what I ordered. She didn't need to inform me of the holiday rush. What an idiot. She continued Isaiah's insistence that I return the item that didn't belong to me. I refused to discuss it further with her. She offered me a difference in price refund for me to keep the item. I agreed. Today, I reopened my box to get started wrapping and realized that I had ordered two of an item but was only shipped one of them. I made my fourth call to these morons.

This time, I was blessed to speak to a charming, respectful man (Jimmy) who listened to my tearful frustration and offered to reimburse me for the both items I hadn't received, offered for me to keep the item I didn't order but got anyway and apologized for the other idiots I had spoken to who didn't care or bother to do their jobs. I thought it was done. No. This afternoon, I received a call from Brandon (person #5) who claimed to be a supervisor who stated that Jimmy didn't have the authority to refund my money (do the right thing in other words) and that it was necessary for me to return the item that didn't belong to me. This time, out of pure exhaustion dealing with these idiots, I offered to pay for the item they had shipped in place of one of the things I ordered and call it done. He wouldn't let me! What?

Honestly, what kind of company can continue to run this way? Reading the few complaints posted here, everyone encounters ignorance and lack of professionalism in dealing with the Discovery Store and their chaotic chain of command. I will never order from them again and take my name off their mailing lists so my children cannot see their catalogs. I have never in my life dealt with such incompetence and the one decent human being who offered to help will be chastised over what, $40? Come on. What happened to customer service? Ugh, how frustrating can you get? I could have lied and never told them the truth about what I received. It just blows my mind at the ignorance of people.


Stay away from this discovery channel store online site. They are awful! I ordered a DVD as a birthday present and they assured me the longest it would take would be seven days. They charged $7.95. I ordered it the morning of Oct. 25, 2009. It was in stock and I found out it took them a couple of days after that to ship it. They sent me a tracking number and after three days of receiving that number I called UPS. They had no record of that number.

I called Discovery Channel online back and they said that it would take days before UPS received the order. It might not get to me for another 14 days. Oh, and get this....UPS ships it to my post office, and they bring it to me. $7.95 and this is what I get besides the lies and false promises of the web site. They might be willing to reimburse me half the shipping. The customer service person put in a request. She was a joke herself. She could care less. None of this seemed to surprise her. I went back to the Discovery Channel website and clicked on FAQ. All the complaints about shipping and receiving the actual products were all right there. STAY AWAY!


What a mess! On 12/12/ I ordered a telescope for my daughter from Santa. It was estimated to be delivered on 12/16. On 12/12 I got a call from them to confirm the order. I called them back and they acted confused and said there was no problem. By MOnday, 12/ 15 I was worried because on the site it still said processing. I'd already sent 3 emails which were ignored. I called and talked to a customer service rep who said he'd send it to management and if they couldn't get it out that day, then they would call me. Here it is Wed., 12/17 (they can no longer guarantee delivery by Christmas) and it still says processing on the order.

Finally got an email back from customer service who said I needed to contact them. I HAD twice already!! I was sick that my daughter may not get this from Santa. . . I cancelled my order and spent extra at Amazon to get it in time. It's a shame. They have horrible service. I wish I could contact management there, but there is no contact. If anyone knows how to do that, please let me know. Sad . .


I have ordered three different items at different times. First of all they sit on the order for a week or so.Their web page said in stock. When they then get around to filling it, it comes to you in another week and a half. Calling the service dept is just a joke. It's some remote sub contractor with 0 ability. When you ask them for a number to call to complain they send you off to a dead end or a wrong number. Trying to fill out the silly form results in their system refusing to accept the form.

I buy things daily on the Internet. ever in my life have I found such an inferior business as this Discovery Store. what a shame and a sham.


Shopping with this company was a nightmare for me. I ordered an item for my grand daughter. It was called Fashion Design Studio. It said it was for 6+ years old. She will be 6 soon. When I got it I noticed on the box that it was for 9+ yrs old. I called Customer Service and, being that it was misrepresented, I asked that it be picked up from me. The operator said they would do that. I gave it a few days and they never did pick it up.

When I called again I found out that they never put this into their computor. I was annoyed. Asked again to have it picked up and was told that someone would call me. Never did. Called again and asked for the Supervisor and they gave me some story. They said I would get a call-never did. I would never ever buy from them again and would pass on this advise to anyone who asks me.

Their customer service is terrible and they treat people in a disgusting manner. I was very surprised to see a company like this to treat customers this way. I ended up mailing it back myself and it cost me $12 postage. I have yet to see what they are going to do.

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