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I don't remember buying a book from this company and I didn't recognize the title they told me over the phone, but it looks like I bought a book from them 3 years ago and was charged $19.95 each month ever since. I noticed this only recently and called them. The representative said that out of the courtesy they can refund the fees for 6 months. That sounded like a complete mockery. I see that many people got ripped off in the same way and need help with getting my money back.

Like many others, after purchasing a book online, we were unaware that doing so entered a contract for a "book club" and monthly billing on our credit card. Please let us know if there is a group trying to fight this; we will definitely join!

I ordered a book in 2010 and apparently, there was an automatic membership in a discount club connected to the order. We have been charged $9.95 per month ever since and just realized it. When contacted they offered $59.70 refund. So that one book has cost $400.00 You must jump through hoops to cancel the membership (written letters to a PO Box, etc..) DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!

They got me for $9.95 a month from 12/2010 to 1/2014. Embarrassed I didn't catch it sooner. Here is where I complained:, Florida attorney general. Hope there is eventually a class action suit coming from someone. Fraud at its worst. The lady I talked to, I told her she worked for a company that is stealing and she just cried.

Like the others I purchased a book and checked the t's and c's without reading them. I have sporadically looked at the cc bill since my husband usually pays the bills. I finally noticed the $9.95 a few different times and called to find out that they have been charging me since 2010 after I purchased a book. I feel really foolish, but like someone else mentioned they don't ever follow up with offers. Very suspect, because then you would realize you were in a book club. We do need to file a class action lawsuit. How do we start?

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This company is a complete scam! I bought a book for $7.98 in August 2009. They charged me $19.95/month for almost 3 years! They refunded me 6 months of $19.95 fees. Just push and they should refund more but I could not get them to refund me more than 6 months. I would like to join in any lawsuit that was filed.

My situation is the same as so many others. I purchased a book and was unknowingly buying a bogus membership for $19.95 a month. That was 33 months ago. My husband kept seeing the charges, but thought I knew about it. Nope! How do we get a lawsuit against these people? They have stolen money from so many people and refunding the last 2 months is a joke. They said they can't refund any more than 2 months.

One book cost me $200. I have similar experience with this company. Over 22 months ago, I purchased a book online from At checkout, I was instructed to click the box for their terms and conditions. After doing so, I was automatically signed up for a membership service. I was not aware of this and did not ever receive any correspondence from DiscountBookSale regarding the membership they dishonestly signed me up for. Unfortunately, they charged me $9.95 for nearly two years. After calling them, they agree to cancel my scam membership, but only agree to refund 3 months of the membership charge. Is there any other place we can complain about this? I tried to leave a review on Google, but it’s not successful.

Scammers - I too have been ripped off the same way others say they have. They have been charging my bank account for $19.95 for 7 months. We need to file a class action suit against this company!

Over two years ago, I purchased a book online from At checkout, I was instructed to click the box for their terms and conditions. After doing so, I was automatically signed up for a membership service. I was not aware of this and did not ever receive any correspondence from DiscountBookSale regarding the membership they dishonestly signed me up for. Unfortunately, they charged me $9.95 for over two years. That is over $240 I paid for one book that should have only cost me $11! After calling them and talking to one person and then talking to another employee and managers, they finally cancelled my scam membership. I have also tried to have them refund my charges.

So far, I have talked them into refunding four months. So, all these years, they have pocketed my money. I have never used this scam membership and was completely lied to by them signing me up for a membership. I had no idea what happened. Sneaky and dishonest. This company knows exactly what they are doing too. They are surviving in this economy by being sneaky and scamming people's money. They are making money off innocent people. Very sad and they need to be stopped ASAP! They also should be required to refund everyone's money they have pocketed over the years.

I purchased a book from this company in December of 2010. Since that time, I have been charged a monthly fee of $9.95 on my credit card. I have filed a complaint with my credit card company. My "discounted" book has now cost me $120.

I've been getting a monthly charge of $9.95 on Choice Privileges Credit card. I did not authorize this subscription. I want a credit for the months you have charged me and stop the subscription. I never did get anything! Thanks.

I'm Jack from the Discount Book Sale support team. We take all comments about our products and services very seriously. Please note that our membership program is optional, and there is no obligation to join, in order to purchase any of the products we offer. Also, there is no automatic sign up during your shopping experience with us. In order to become a member, you must first agree to the terms and conditions of our offer, which are clearly shown to you, before you make a purchase.

Additionally, having a membership entitles you to exclusive money-saving benefits, such as free shipping on your first order, $5 off the first in-stock item you order as a new member, up to 30% off on regular product prices each time you shop, extra discounts every month, and much more. Plus, you have access to DVDs, books, music, video games, posters, vitamins, and more, all at deeply discounted prices. Also, you are free to cancel your membership at anytime, at no cost to you.

Your satisfaction is very important to us and we strive to offer products and services that our customers value. We ask that you contact our support team, either by telephone, or by submitting a support ticket, so that we can help resolve any issue you may have with our products or services.

To contact us, please visit We also invite you to see what other customers are saying about our services. Please visit our Testimonials page at: **.

I admit it's my fault for not checking my credit card statements more closely, but I purchased one book from them, and discovered a year later they had been charging me $19.95 per month for a phony membership. Not once in that year did I receive an email from them, or a letter saying anything about my membership, and that's because they have nothing to offer for their fee. I was not aware when I purchased the book that they were enlisting me in a membership. They offered a 2 month refund. Stay far away from this website! It's a rip off.

I would like to report that DiscountBookSale LLC, from now on described as "the company", had involved in abusive behavior by inappropriately charging my credit card for a phony membership. The relevant facts are described below.

I ordered a book from the company on 8/01/2009 through their website at As a condition to fulfill the order (of which you only learn of at the time of checkout) I had to agree to a 3-day risk free membership trial. I immediately contacted the company and cancel the membership before the 3 day trial had expired.

Nevertheless, and without my authorization, the company has been charging their monthly membership of $19.95 starting on 11/06/2009. I am including copy of all these 19 charges. In May 2011, I realized that all this time I had erroneously thought that their monthly charge corresponded to a subscription for books for my kids, and I started an inquire with American Express to determine the origin of the $19.95 charge. The charges were listed as “DISCOUNT BOOK SALE BOCA RATON” on my American Express bill and only now I learned that corresponded to this phony membership.

American Express shared with me the result of their investigation. In the letter provided by DiscountBookSale LLC, the company states, "All customers are sent email notifications on a monthly basis regarding their account." This is a complete lie. The only correspondence I ever received from the company is three emails, which I am including copy of. They correspond to my original transaction on 8/1/2009, a "welcome letter" on the same day 8/1/2009, and a confirmation of the shipping of the books on 8/3/2009. I challenge the company to produce any evidence that any other communication was ever sent to me.

As explained in the previous point, I was never sent material explaining what the membership consisted of, its benefits or any other communication you would expect from a legitimate company. By staying unnoticed, the company can manage to keep charging their unsolicited memberships until customers become aware of the unauthorized charges.

A search on Google with the keywords "scam" and "Discount Book sale" gives thousands of hits, with an enormous variety of complaints. For more evidence of their dishonest behavior, in the company letter to American express they write: "We have no record of Lucas M. contacting our Customer Support Department to question the charges, cancel the membership or request any refunds." So, you would think that all this was a misunderstanding and that the company would contact me to clarify the issue. That's not the case, as you can check, in the next line of their letter they write: "Lucas M.'s membership was cancelled on June 08, 2011." As it should become clear, as soon as the fraud is exposed, the company quickly and unilaterally cancels the "membership" not even attempting to communicate to their "members" what had happened.

American Express has already refunded to me the unauthorized charges corresponding to the months of April and May 2011 (the policy of American Express is not to refund charges beyond 60 days of their occurrence). American Express has also put a merchant lock (valid for 4 years) on DiscountBookSale LLC to prevent any future unauthorized charges to my account. I can provide electronic records of all evidence I've described.

Since there are many other unauthorized charges that American Express could not credit to my account, I request that DiscountBookSale LLC refunds the totality of the remaining $339.15 corresponding to the charges from November 2009 through March 2011. As already explained, these unauthorized charges correspond to a membership I never requested (I had cancelled the trial-period), for a service which I was never informed of their conditions or benefits and a membership that I never used beyond their trial period. I would also like to be part of any class action that you may be aware of to make sure this company is put out of business

On January 21, 2011, I bought a book. This offer was listed in Once I got the "copy of the book", this was the first fraud, because they were offering books, not copy of books. Anyway, at that time, I paid all the cost of that copy of the book, which was $7.00 with free delivery. I paid with a credit card. Once it came, the bank and credit card company statements, I realized they charged me $7 + $1, to which I have no idea as to the $1 charge by a company, called

Anyway, months later, I realized that still I was charged every month by two companies now. I called my credit card company, and they said that I needed to check my list of companies who I worked with, and probably I got some DVDs, music, and so on. When finally I got tired of this illegal charges without my authorization, I filed a complaint with my credit card company, and this time, I asked them to tell me who this companies are, so finally, I was told names and phone numbers. I called, and I was explained that when I bought this book in January, this company sent me an e-mail, explaining to me some other offers, and if I did not reply to this e-mail, it meant that I accepted all those offers and "I was automatically accepting to pay" for some kind of memberships, and so on.

I told them that this is not legal, since they don't have any contract signed by me, if so, I asked them to send me a copy, but they never did. Then I called the second "company", which is an "affiliate" of the first company. Also, I was told by this company that in January, after I got that book, I automatically I got some kind of membership, which is totally fraudulent! After my complaint Discount Book Sale, sent me back just 4 payments, after they got my money the entire year. does not want to send me back any money at all. Discount Book Sale charged me for the entire year of 2011 (12 monthly charges), and charged me twice. I want my money back plus interest.

We had a similar experience as almost all of the previous people. I bought a book in February and it offered it for a quarter. Great deal I thought. I don't always check my credit card statements and I just happened to pull the last 6 months to see where our money is going and I found this charge for $19.95 every single month.

I called the number and found out that I was somehow enrolled into a membership with them even though I never signed up for one. They claimed to have sent me an email , but I never received one. When talking to their customer service, they said they could only refund me 2 months! I am not satisfied with that answer and have requested a supervisor or owner of this shameless company to call me. How they can do this to people is beyond me. It is nothing but a scam. I guess this is how they make their money. Dishonestly. I never would have bought the book that was a quarter, which is now $120.25. Insane! I am furious over this. Isn't anyone honest anymore? Hopefully we can get somewhere with the owner/manager, but I have a feeling it will be a dead end street.

I ordered a book in February and was unaware that I had joined a club with membership fees. In October I noticed the fee of $9.95 on my credit card bill that I seemed to recall seeing on my last credit card bill. I have not regularly been checking the charges on my card. So I looked back on my statements and found I had been charged this for 7 months now. The $5 book has now cost me about $75. The company would only refund me 2 months of the membership fee.

In April 2010, I ordered a book with the ability to read the contents online for a limited time (I did not receive either a paperback or hardback copy). As previously reported by others, there was no indication that a Membership was included and that I would be charged an ongoing amount monthly of $9.95. Sadly, this amount grew.

I ordered a book in late February and that was that--or so I thought. I found this site because the book I wanted usually retails for $20 cover price and they had it for about $11 or $12--$5 off for new members and free shipping. So that transaction I spent about $12 or so. When they say "members," most people are thinking it's like Amazon and other reputable sites--free membership. Membership, meaning, you have a control panel type page where you can log in, track your transactions, etc. Not some $9.95 a month membership fee to them and totaling about $20/month.

I didn't notice a charge for March or April because the amounts are just enough where you can miss them. At least I did. I finally caught on today and had a stern chat with a representative. He gave me the small print membership disclosure and 7-day trial speech and after he was done, I gave him a speech on better business practices and how our conversation was going to go. I told him to cancel my membership that second. He tried giving me the "sorry for the inconvenience speech" and said that I just want to hear that he cancelled my membership. After he was done, I said that now, I want my money back that they had been charging me and he refunded me right away. To the person who couldn't get a refund, you have to be stern. I went into the conversation pissed off because I felt like I was being robbed. I did keep my composure though.

They know that most people would've just done their shopping at Amazon. If I hadn't have caught those charges, I would've had $240 ($20/month) for the year milked out of me for a $12 book. For someone who had planned on a one-time purchase, if they weren't paying attention they would get **. I probably would've shopped with them again but not now. When companies do promotions like X amount of money off and free shipping, that's to draw in customers. Then, people know that they'll have to pay full price for their next purchases and the company will probably offer perks like every other month free shipping or some kind of savings or rewards program. just takes money from people under the veil of a membership with wholesale price. Sam's Club doesn't even do that and they wholesale. You pay $30 or so yearly membership and renew when the time comes. Most people go ahead and renew. That's that, $30 a year. is about 3/4 of that per month. Ridiculous. That's one of the reasons why Sam's is a billion dollar corporation. People will come back, but they probably won't for a monthly membership for books and DVDs. If advertised that you had to pay $19.95/month to get their wholesale rates for books, DVDs and art prints, nobody would shop there and they know it. They would just go elsewhere where they can just buy what they want and not worry about monthly fees.

In conclusion, getting wholesale prices is great but you have to advertise to your customers that they are going to have to pay a monthly fee for it. Not in small print that they end up realizing later on. That's being upfront and not the "we told you but it's in the small print" business.

I had a similar experience to most of the others, ordering books from a web page and somehow finding out I had supposedly subscribed to a membership. It was cute because the charges for the books were not supposed to be set until they shipped and they kept delaying the shipping because one book was supposedly out of stock. If not for the fact I said to **** with waiting and ship what you have, I might never have caught this.

While looking over the site, I noticed that they still listed a charge for the cancelled book on the order history. I then went to my cc statement which arrived yesterday and checked to see that it was correct. It was but imagine my surprise seeing another charge applied the day I bought the books. I went back to inquire about it but then saw the membership fee listed on one of the account pages. Then I did some research and found out about this cute little operation.

A couple more days delay and I might never have noticed that extra charge as it would have been on a different statement. As it was, I went to the cancel membership link and cancelled plus sent them a ticket telling them so and saying I had better not see a recurring charge. I then saw something about being a member of Best Brand Values and then went to that site to see what was going on.

I tried to cancel there also to make sure since it was a separate site but it wanted a password I didn't have. I also found out that they had stored my cc number on their site, something I would never have given permission for. I again sent a ticket telling them to cancel and get that info off the site.

Imagine my surprise a short while later when I received an email from them welcoming me to the club and giving me a password. Cute! I didn't sign up for anything here, just sent a complaint and all of a sudden I'm a member of something. Either that or it's that email they supposedly send out when you buy the books. Bit late wouldn't you say?

Anyway, if I do receive my books, I'm not out too much as the books really were a decent rate although there was no free shipping the way they seemed to advertise. Between the really cheap first book, the discounts on the others, the shipping charges and that first fee it all levels out to about retail. Not what I'm used to paying these days but as long as there is no more membership fee ** going forward, I'll chalk it up to education. Actually their book prices were good enough that I would have done more business with them if they had played it straight. Not counting that membership fee of course, no one can afford to buy enough books per month to chop that kind of wood except maybe a library.

Do not buy from Discount Book Sales or read your purchase transaction and ensuing payment statements closely. We ordered a used book via Amazon and somewhere in the ordering process didn't catch to uncheck buying a monthly membership for $9.95 automatically charged to our credit card.

I purchased a book in Feb. 2009. The purchase automatically enrolled me in a $19.95/mo membership with them. Since I made the purchase with a card I very rarely use, I did not monitor the statement. Consequently, I found I have paid almost $500 in membership fees because of a "1 time purchase." In talking with them, I was told I was automatically enrolled when I made the purchase and I could have cancelled in 7 days. There should be a law against this kind of consumer abuse. I also see I am not the only person to have been duped by this disreputable business.

I purchased a book and the information on the website stated you would receive a $10.00 discount on the next purchase. However, this is not true. It was really that you had to pay for the item then they would send, by e-mail instructions, how you could get your $10.00 "cash back" sent back to you. However, you must first pay for the item instead of receiving the "discount" as stated. It’s a rip-off in my opinion. I tried calling them about this "offer vs. cash back". I said I wished to file a complaint about this cash back vs. "discount offer" on the three different phone numbers supplied for various areas of this company. They all of a sudden could not understand me. They stated "they could not hear me and we are having connection problems". They hung up on me four times with the same excuses from three different people.

I did order one book was $14.99 free shipping and I get the statement with an extra $9.95 is one with $1.00 I did not agree one that they send me a confirmation nr with my charge $14.99 not the extra moneys. I see the other people they get ripped off for what? Yes my blood pressure get bad and I need same care and not sleeping I need to spoke with bank and get together with other and get same done.

Similar experience to fellow customers. I was unknowingly charged a $9.95 membership fee plus a $1 processing fee after seeing the agreed to $5.95 book purchasing fee on-line with free shipping.

When I spotted the charges on my credit card statement, I called only to learn that I was now a member and asked that the $9.95 fee please be refunded and the membership cancelled. The customer service rep, who seemed to have heard this line before, had a canned response "How can I assist you further" and seemed insensitive to my concerns about his companies business practices.

After asking his question again, and hearing my request, he did cancel the membership and gave me reference number on reversed charges. However, by the time I got my next statement, I could see that the company simply deleted a second charge, which appeared the following month on my next statement which had not yet been reported to me. So, the first $9.95 fee was never cancelled.

I called them again, now 9 weeks from original billing, to ask again that the original charge be cancelled, not expecting that to happen. A helpful young woman heard my story, checked my account to confirm the story, and asked "How can I assist you further?" My obvious reply was met with a surprisingly non-challenging offer to refund the original $9.95, which I hope to see on the next statement! Pleasant young customer rep aside, these guys are slick. No obvious, clear, up-front, and honest disclaimer to advise that you are becoming a member and will be charged an additional $9.95 - and I buy a lot on-line. I can only imagine how many thousands have been trapped into becoming the internet sucker of the minute or who have given up trying harder to get their cash back after the similar run-around I experienced.

I ordered a book from this company, thinking I would get a good discount. Instead I was signed up for a membership at the cost of $19.95 per month. These charges were placed on my account without my knowledge or permission. There is a total of $334.24 in charges on my bank card. I noticed from my internet searches that this type of thing has been going on for some time. My question is why doesn't the state of Florida shut these people down? This is criminal and should be stopped. I have $334.24 in charges on my credit card. These are charges that I did not authorize. I have read so many complaints that this seems like a case for a class action suit.

I recently discovered that Discount Books had been charging my credit card $19.95 for the past 12 months, as I failed to look at my credit card bill carefully. I ordered a book through their ad at web site for $15.67. It cost me $240.00. When I complained to my credit card company, Discount Books came up with a fabricated contract, dated most recently through a company called Verify Inc .

When I called Verify Inc, they could not provide any info. When talking with them, I got the impression they were relatives of Discount Books. I requested Discover Card to ask for emails they sent me, in regards to my supposed membership, that I never requested or received. I want to prove to Discover Card that their contract is a fabrication. I also wrote to the president of, informing him about my experience, and sent him all the posted complaints. I asked that they not allow Discount Books to advertise, and cheat Amazon customers again. I am awaiting response from Discover Card, and Amazon, Mr. Jeffrey ** (president, I was scammed for $240.00 so far.

I was shocked when my credit card statement came and I found a charge of $9.95 for Discount Book Sales, a $9.95 charge for and a $1.00 charge just for handling plus the charge for the books. It was never my intent to do anything other than order the three books. Upon receiving my statement, I immediately called Discount Book Sales to find out why there were additional charges. They told me that I should have called to cancel the memberships that I was unaware that I had become a member of. They told me that they would not credit my account.

Again, I was unaware of the membership they say I had agreed to and I did inform them of my desire to cancel the membership immediately after receiving my credit card statement. These bargain books were no bargain and their customer service was far from satisfactory! I paid more for the bargain books than I would have to purchased them in a local book store.

I have not ordered any thing from this company, but I have an electronic withdraw of $9.95. I buy a lot of books from, so it may be one of their sellers. If so, I did not get any thing for the money and would like to know what I can do about it. Company Profile

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