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All I wanted was a list of good diabetic snacks. I had to subscribe to their magazine in order to get my answer. I was sent in this big circle and I couldn't even get my answer. However, they're going to bill me $17 or $19. I will not pay for it. I feel I was tricked into subscribing. This is a prime example of corporate greed.


They billed for a magazine service that I never applied for. When I went to the website, there was no telephone number to reach them; however, there was an email address. I sent an email and they did respond within 1 business day.

Note: I specifically asked them whether the bill I received was in fact a bill or a solicitation. I asked them if it was a bill, when and how the acceptance took place? They responded with "we have canceled your order . . . please ignore any further correspondence from us."

1) I am not Diabetic;
2) How did these people get my name?;
3) Who gave them the authority to enroll me for this subscription?; &

4) They told me that I visited their website and as requested, to start my subscription to their magazine.

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