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I ordered a paid for a pair of glasses. Was later told the pair they had were damaged. Then I was told they were discontinued and I could substitute another style or color which I did. The glasses arrived from a random eBay shipper in California. They were wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a plastic bag with no case. After opening the package and realizing they were damaged I immediately contacted the company that shipped them - as requested on the packing slip. They really had no idea who I was and suggested I contact the two individuals running this scam in New York. The employees are hostile and rude. I was overcharged shipping fees (I have the postage stamp from the CA eBay seller) and when I called to ask about the incorrect refund they told me I was "a problem customer" and threatened to take me to court.

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I placed 2 pair of sunglasses on layaway and when I attempted to make a payment I was advised that the sunglasses are not available at this time. I left a message and attempted to contact someone regarding the sunglasses which are not available. I had decided to purchase my sunglasses elsewhere because they were not available and I called back to cancel my order on 2/5/14. Unfortunately I reached their answering service where I was yelled at and hung up on, so I attempted to call back and I asked for the representative's name and she refused to give it to me and she yelled at me again and told me to "Just Sue Her" and hung up on me again.

I waited until 12:15 and attempted to call back and speak with a manager and I spoke with Tina and I told her of the conversation which took place. Then she stated that I was the one in the wrong for cursing at the representative. I explained to her that the representative had hung up on me 3 times and I did not curse at her. Tina was very rude and raising her voice at me also, if I didn't know better I would think it was the same representative. Tina advised me that I would not receive a refund since this was a canceled layaway which was only canceled because the items are not in stock. Which means the 60 dollars I paid would not be refunded.

Unfortunately I did not know these items were out of stock until after I tried to make my payment. I tried to explain that but could not get a word in with Tina. I did advise her that I might need to call the Better Business Bureau and she told me to go ahead and hung up on me again. I called back to make sure my order was canceled and Tina answered the phone and started yelling at me and stated that I was not the only person in the world and it's not all about me and that I am harassing her and that she would call an attorney which was crazy. I just wanted to make sure my order was canceled and that my credit card information would be deleted but she had hung up on me before I could.

I also had several people listen in on the conversation and I was completely shocked by the way this was handled. I was given an email address to contact the owner or president from Tina and it was returned to me as undeliverable. I attempted to send another email to their feedback and this is what I received back from their representative: "EyewearTown Sales Team, Today at 2:17 PM - BOO HOO."

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I stumbled across these reviews recently and wanted to add my own little blurb in here, now that I've heard this guy is now facing charges in case anyone else decides to try them out. Fortunately, we didn't fall prey to this moron but we almost did. Similar to other people, a friend of mine was going to buy glasses from their site. I thought it sounded a little too good to be true and did some homework. After seeing a lot of bad reviews we decided not to deal with them and simply didn't check out. Then the e-mails started, general threats, "going to ruin my credit, they can find me if they want to," etc. I had my attorney contact them personally and the emails stopped, and of course nothing's been done to me or my credit. After doing a little more homework on the site, a quick look at Google Maps shows the addresses where items are shipped look pretty bogus. The "repair" dept is a laundry service and the "Pawn and Sell" dept is a house. Definitely, avoid this company at all costs.


On 05/27/10, I sent a pair of authentic Chanel sunglasses to be adjusted and repaired to this company. I paid $129.98 plus additional funds for return shipping. I received the glasses back and the workmanship was unsatisfactory. The lenses were not aligned properly, and the color of the lenses had a yellow tint that was very intrusive to the eyes. In addition, I had visibility problems because of the lenses. I spoke to Peter Oz, and he failed to assist me in a resolution. I then disputed a claim with Chase (Amazon).

Approximately 4 months later, I received a phone call from Mr. Tony **. He stated he was the owner of the company and wanted to assist me in resolving the problem. I informed him that I was issued a credit through my credit card company and additionally ordered a pair of glasses to replace the damaged ones that his company had repaired. He stated that the credit was temporary, and in order to receive a permanent credit, I would need to send him my glasses back. He stated that he would repair the lenses using 100% authentic parts, fix some missing crystals, (which I also brought to his attention that may have been damaged during the shipping), and then he would return them back and not charge me anything at all. I received an email with a UPS label. I returned the glasses back to him anticipating my return.

Up until this date I have not received my glasses back from this company. I have sent several emails regarding the status and I have not received any return information. I spoke to customer service and let them know the situation. I informed them that Tony ** was assisting me and claimed he was the owner of the company. Customer service informed me that Tony ** is not the owner and he does not work for the company. The owner is Peter Oz and the message regarding the status of the repair would be delivered to him. I have not received any information back from this company. I did dispute lost and re-dispute my case with Chase because Mr. ** was fighting me on this claim. I did receive $129.98 from Chase for the repair back on my credit card.

I had to purchase a pair of authentic Chanel sunglasses from eBay to replace the damaged ones. I never received my sunglasses back from this company. The cost was $283.95. In addition, I paid for shipping to have my sunglasses sent to Decormyeyes and additional shipping fees for the return.


I have a complaint. I sent my Persol sunglasses in for repair on 10/18/2010 to repair a broken lens.I received a message three days later telling me that the repair facilities was under a remodel or construction and to bear with you it would be additional 3-5 days before I would receive a quote. This message was from Tony ***. After hearing nothing for over 10 days, I talked to Kate ***. She said that my glasses were being repaired without sending me a quote first and apologized for not sending me a quote first.

Kate told me it would be $70 for the repair. It would be just a few more days. The reason I decided to use Decor My Eyes was how easy the process was to send my glasses for repair and the selection you have of quality sunglasses for future sunglasses purchases. I am starting to wonder if your company is just another internet scam. You pocketed my $14 shipping and handling and my glasses are sitting in a trash heap somewhere in Brooklyn, NY. At this point, I'm afraid to send payment for I would be out that money as well.

I believe you would be a little apprehensive to send money to a company that hasn't followed their procedures. Your website says turn around time is 7-10 days. It has been 39 days. Will somebody notify me by email or call me and let me know when I can expect my sunglasses back? Thank You.

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First off, I want to say that I never thought in a million years that I would ever file a complaint like this. I am a very understanding and forgiving individual! It all started back toward the end of September this year. I had received a present back in the middle of '08 of a very expensive pair of Dior Strassy Sunglasses. They were given to me by someone very dear to me who had passed away. Because of this, I never wore them and just kept them put away. Well, I finally decided to start wearing them this past year. These glasses were brand new! After wearing them I would say six times, I got a scratch on one of the lenses.

This bothered me so I decided to look into seeing if I could get this repaired. I looked at some places locally made some calls here and there but could not really find any place that I felt wanted to repair the lens. After searching the internet, I came across I looked at their site and noticed that they offered the kind of service I needed. It seemed simple to them just to repair the lens. So instead of placing a repair order right away, I decided to call and speak with them to double check and make sure this was something they could do.

This is when I first met the owner Tony R. After speaking with him and letting him know the type of glasses I had and the kind of repair I needed done, he had convinced me to send the glasses to him. He stated that this was a simple repair that it should take about two weeks and that they would then send them back. So after speaking with the "owner" of Decor My Eyes, I felt pretty rest assured that this was not a big deal and that I could send my glasses to them to be fixed. I placed a repair order over the phone with a customer service rep. Not only did she convinced me to just get my repair done but she also convinced me to add some extra things to my order, like anti-scratch film, etc. No problem, I thought.

These glasses were very special to me and If I could prevent the lens from being scratched again it was worth it. And again I spoke with the "owner" of the company who assured me things would be just fine. So after speaking with the service rep and placing my order, she took my credit card right away. Not even five minutes from being off the call was my credit card charged the $94 fee.

Within the next couple days, I took the glasses to the post office where I had them mailed out to the address that was given to me, paid the shipping and handling fee of like $12 and went on my way. I then received an email from stating that they had received my glasses but their lab was having some kind of construction and that my order would be delayed by 3-5 days. So being the understanding person that I am, I was fine with the set back. About 2 1/2 weeks went by and I had not received the glasses in the mail and or any notice from Decor My Eyes. So I decided to go ahead and give them a call.

I spoke with a customer service rep who informed me that she could not understand why I had not received my glasses yet and that this was a simple fix. She stated she would look into it and get back to me with a call and/or through email. I said that was fine and waited. Well about another week went by and no call or email. So again, here I went calling them back trying to get a break from work so I could reach a live person. This time I spoke with another customer rep who again told me she didn't know what was going on with my order and why I had not received it yet.

I was told she would email the lab and get back to me. So I waited about another 4 days and again no one called or emailed me. This was getting crazy. All I wanted was an answer and not even a single call or email was made to me like promised. So again, me being the customer doing their work called again. I was told again that they had no info for me. So I was transferred to a lady by the name of Kate. I left a message for Kate and received a call back like three days later. Kate told me the same thing everyone else was telling me. She couldn't find out what was going on with my order.

She stated she would email the lab and get back to me when she had an answer. I said okay, feeling like I now had a single individual working on my order status. Well another five days goes by and again here I am sitting with no call no email. At this point, it was at least five weeks into an order that should have only been two weeks. I called Kate back and she told me she still did not receive a response from the lab. So I waited again! After another three days, I called her back and she was finally able to tell me that she was notified that the lab had lost my glasses. I had a knot in my stomach as these glasses were very special to me! I was very calm and nice to Kate and had asked her what happened in this situation. She informed me that this never happens and really there was nothing that could be done for me to get my glasses back.

Not only were these given to me by someone who was very dear to me who had past but they also were discontinued. Kate stated she could refund me the $94 that was charged to my account for the repair and that she could look into refunding me the price of the glasses. Well I know that these glasses cost $480-$500 when they were bought for me, which from the response that I got from Kate made me feel she agreed. Though she said she would need to speak with her manager first to see what could be done. I told Kate that I would look on the internet to see if I could find someone selling these glasses and see what they were selling for. That was if I could find them as they are pretty rare by now!

She told me to go look and do some research. Instead of her saying, "You know, this was our mistake. Let us take a look into it and see if we can find them for you." So after two days of going back and forth with Kate, I finally had asked to be sent to Tony's line (the owner), where of course, I received his voicemail. I then left him a very nice message stating what was going on and at this point now being almost seven weeks into the process of how I was feeling. I was very upset but kept my calm to see what Tony might suggest.

I was hoping he might just say that most likely he could find the glasses in the lab and have them sent back to me. So I waited until later that day to call him back since I had not heard back from him. This time he picked up the phone and I told him who I was and what was going on. This is where all the rude remarks, name calling and cursing came in on his part! He had put me on hold and then came back to the phone and said basically the glasses were lost and sorry there is nothing he could do. He acted like it was no big deal. Practically told me to deal with it! That these things happen.

After explaining to him the importance of these glasses and all the back in forth I had been doing with his company for almost the past two months where it was me calling every time trying to find out what was going on, never getting anyone from his side to take the time and call me or even email me. I told him how upset I was. I had mentioned to him that on his website, he had the same pair of glasses for sale for like $387 but it was not the same color as mine. He stated that, "Oh yeah, it's up there to attract customers. This is how I get people to come to my site. I really don't have them in stock. They are discontinued." Uhmm, okay, I thought. So you lie to your potential customers to try and lure them in and attract them and then tell them, "Oh sorry, I really don't have those?" Completely false advertisement! Against the law! But I didn't say that to him. I just kept my mouth shut.

So I said to him it's been so long close to two months and all this back and forth I have done, getting no answers getting, no replies, nothing, that I was tired of this and was upset. I asked him to refund me the $94 he had charged for the service and then asked him for the refund of what was paid out of my friend's pockets for these glasses. I told him they cost between $480-$500 which I had previously mentioned to Kate and got a feeling she agreed! I wanted this to be done with and I wanted to be away from them.

He practically jumped out of his seat and yelled at me, "Yeah right, there is no way in *** I would pay you that when I can get those glasses for wholesale." I said to him that is not the point. The point was that he lost my glasses that could not be replaced not only because it was discontinued but also was given to me by someone who no longer is here. He was not having that at all! He was furious that I even asked that. So then I said, "Okay, then I at least want you to refund me the price of $387 that you have listed on your site for the same exact pair of glasses," (that he doesn't even have) but still has it on his website. You know to lure customers in?

Okay, so asking that *** him off even more. This whole time of me being calm. He laughed in my face and again said there is no way that he would do that. I told him "Tony, I am a very fair person! What you have put me through physically and mentally the least you can do is refund me what you sold the same pair for. I am loosing out on the money not you!" He said "You know what, you are stupid. You are *** dumb. Who the *** would send out some glasses that were sentimental to them across the country? I said, "So, I am stupid?" He said, "Yup." I said, "Well, me being the stupid one called and spoke with you (the owner). You were the one who told me to send my glasses to you in the first place!" He said, "I have over 50,000 glasses you can choose from. Go pick out another pair and you can pay the difference or we can work something out." I told him I didn't want another pair. I wanted my pair. There was nothing I wanted. And at this point, I wanted to be done with him.

I kept trying to tell him it was the point! So then he tells me, "Deal with it. *** happens," something about a *** under an umbrella. He said yelling at me, "You know how the two planes hit the twin towers? Well *** happens and some people didn't get their laundry done that day." Whatever that means? He even had the audacity to try and compare the devastating 9/11 event that happened where thousands lost their lives with a pair of sunglasses? What a complete jerk! Then he said, "You know what, I woke up today and said to myself I wasn't going to argue with anyone and now here I am." I said, "I'm not arguing with you. I just want to be treated the way I should be." I said, "I have worked in customer service for many years and no matter what, the customer is right." He said, "No customer is *** right!" I said, "I would never treat anyone they way you are treating me." So then again he said he is the owner and he makes the decisions, that I need to deal with the fact they lost my glasses and he was not going to agree to anything I had mentioned.

He continued to call me a moron, a stupid and *** crazy person and a stupid dumb person because I wouldn't choose another pair of glasses from his selection because anyone in their right mind would do that. I asked him to find me a pair of my glasses from another site and order them and send them to me. He is yelling at me the whole time "I can't get these glasses. What don't you get?" I told him there was someone on eBay who was a top seller selling the pair for like $350. I told him, "If you don't want to refund me the money that was paid for these glasses and/or refund me the amount you sell these glasses for on your website (false advertisement) then the least you could do is find me the glasses from someone else order them and send them to me."

He just laughed in my face and called me names. He said I was retarded for even asking for a request like that. So after being called a ***, stupid, dumb, crazy and retarded moron by him and him making a comment about the twin towers being crashed into I knew I was not getting anywhere with him. I told him I would just go and do the next thing I could think of (which I really didn't know) until I found this site. He again just laughed in my face like, "Ha, you're *** and there is nothing you can do about it because I own this place."

Please, please tell me something can be done with this. Being harassed and called horrible names for something I never did is unreal! I can't believe this man is allowed to have a business like this. I am sick to my stomach right now after being yelled at and called horrible names. My whole life I have been a giving and caring lady who donates all her free time to helping those in need. I am hoping that there is someone out there that will take this matter into their own hands and help. I don't know what to do and am at a loss for words.Thank you for your time and consideration.


A few weeks ago, I ordered a pair of sunglasses from DecorMyEyes. I tried to pay for them through Paypal, but was unable to do so as they said they were experiencing problems with them. I then decided not to go through with the purchase. Everyday from then on, they sent me email asking me to pay for the order outside of Paypal. I emailed them back saying that I had purchased the glasses in a retail store due to the fact that I couldn't use Paypal. Everyday, their emails keep coming asking me to purchase the glasses. In the end, I got annoyed and phoned them up to ask them to stop emailing me. Still, the emails kept coming.

I then emailed the DecorMyEyes Sales Team and they told me I had to pay a 20% cancellation fee. When I disagreed, that was when the emails started getting nasty. Their last correspondence with me was threatening me saying "I am going to be put into collections tomorrow if I don't recover my 20% cancellation fee. You don't know who I am and what I am capable of. How do you want to resolve this amicably?". This came as a shock to me so I decided to do some digging. I have found that there are many others that have experienced the same as me. This guy needs to be stopped! He is ripping people off and using scare tactics to do so!


I feel these folks are major scammers. I wish I would have read all these reviews prior to sending them my frames, but I did not, and I sent in two pairs of sunglasses for minor repairs. I shipped my frames to them by USPS for $2.30. I got a response 15 days later saying the frames are unfix-able and I must pay $12 return shipping. I contacted them and offered to send them a pre-paid USPS shipping label. They (Tony) called me a "bozo" and "buffoon" with this idea. They said they will destroy my frames, unless I pay the $12 shipping. I am strictly telling the facts. You make your own decision, if you want to risk business with these folks.


Email to DecorMyEyes after glasses were returned and price was paid for repair that did not occur: I have never experienced such poor results from any service, internet-based or otherwise, as I have from your company. My glasses were returned:

1. A month later, rather than the ten days advertised. With communication occurring about the delay only when initiated twice by myself;
2. With mailing labels on each lens that will not come off without being soaked, and even then with great risk of scratching the lenses;
3. With little or no sign of repair; they are still crooked and cannot be worn. I can see that no work has been performed on these glasses;
4. At an exorbitant cost with fraudulent charges for "polishing" and a final bill not reflecting the choices made on the website;

5. Without the case that was sent.

I am requesting a refund of the full price approximately $80 for repairs that did not take place that I paid, including $12 shipping. Furthermore, if the labels cannot be removed without injury to the lenses, I will be requesting payment for the replacement of these lenses. These were three-week old sunglasses and were purchased for $225.


In April 2010, I sent two pairs of glasses to with a check for $14.95 to have the temples of both pairs of glasses replaced. Four weeks later, my credit card was billed $198, and I received both pairs of glasses back. One pair was sunglasses, the other, a spare pair of glasses. Within two weeks, after wearing the spare pair of glasses a couple of times, when I picked the glasses up, the temple broke in my hand in the same exact place as before. I called customer service, and first the lady offered me a discount to get new frames. I told her I had already spent $99 to get the temples on my glasses replaced, but the weld had only lasted for a couple of wearings. She suggested I return them with a letter telling the repair shop to fix them right and replace the temples as I was billed.

After they had had my glasses for another month, I called customer service again looking for my glasses. She promised to have them out by the end of the week - still no glasses as promised. I received them back the next week - welded again, no new temples as I had been charged. I called customer service again threatening an online review about their fraudulent billing for "replacement temples". She told me to choose any glasses on the site at no charge. I chose a pair, and, at her instruction, emailed her the choice I had made and offering to pay for RX lenses. She sent me a message back, that she would give me the frame for $100 off, and the lenses for half price. Another $400 investment to replace my glasses over and above the $99 for "replacement of the temples" that were never replaced but welded on my original $450 glasses.

I would not recommend this site to anyone. They had my glasses for two months and still did not replace the temples as charged - just welded them twice. They never contacted me to let me know they were going to weld them. Then they reneged on the free pair offered to replace my glasses. Billing me for replacement temples when they were welded constitutes fraud. Out $99 for temples that were not replaced but welded 2 times. Did not have my glasses for two months.


I sent my very expensive prescription glasses to them for repair as the right arm had come off. I first paid them $15.00 to start the order process; then I paid to ship the glasses to them and then another $ 79.00 to repair them. They then wanted another $15.00 to ship them back to me, which I paid for. The job according to their paperwork should have taken 5 to 7 days to repair. They contacted me to say they were doing some construction and the glasses would take approximately 10 days. 5 weeks later, after much going around with them, I received my glasses back. They did a terrible job. The arms were too wide and did not fit. They had scratched the prescription lenses and put sticky labels over the lenses and the glue would not come off.

Not only that, they had sent me a pair of glasses that did not even belong to me and I paid for that shipping as well. Tony, who supposedly is the head of the customer service department called me and asked me to mail the glasses back to them and they would call me with their findings and they would resolve the problem. I paid for that shipping as well. When he eventually received my glasses he called me and told me there was nothing wrong with the glasses and that if I wanted them back I would have to send him a cashier's check. The reason is that he refunded $91.00 back to my credit card. He gave me 24 hours to respond; otherwise, he was going to throw the glasses away. I offered to pay him a second time and charge it to my credit card but he refused.

I sent my glasses and the pair that did not belong to me in good faith and paid for the shipping and he refuses to correct the problem. I am furious and I am still without my glasses. I was willing to work with them in good faith, but they are a bunch of con artists and should not be allowed to do any business with the public at all. The consequences of this is not only have I lost the money for my frames and prescription lenses which adds up to $ 967.00, but I have had to walk around for almost 6 weeks not being able to see or drive. He has also caused emotional harm by being rude and not wanting to resolve the problem.


I went to the site online to look at frames; I found a pair I liked. Well, I wanted to check out and pay for the glasses, but only through PayPal which they advertise on their site. Well, when you click the link to pay at PayPal, this little error message comes up and says their having problems to call and complete the sale directly with Decormyeyes.

I don't do business this way and it didn't feel right so I decided not to purchase the glasses from them, got them somewhere else at a better price, and was done through my PayPal account. Well, they have been harassing me now for weeks, and today I got a threat from them; complete the sale or he was going to report it to my credit report which is a joke because I will sue if he even tries that. But the emails are nonstop up to 7 emails a day for glasses I never even bought from them. This needs to stop. No damages yet, but threats have started for an item I never bought or received from this company. Also, they are advertising PayPal on their site, but they don't do business with them.


I purchased 3 pairs of expensive designer eyeglass frames for, took them to have a prescription place in the frames. I was told by the sales clerk who was placing my order that they are not authentic designer frames. The eye frames that I purchased were Gucci, D&G, and Versace. I emailed the company. Listed below are all the emails back and forth between myself and Tony *** was very rude. I will file a lawsuit to get my money back and also a complaint with the Attorney General.


I sent my glasses to be repaired and waited over 3 months! After a long wait, what they did send me was someone else's glasses. They wouldn’t deliver my glasses until they would receive the pair that was mailed to me by mistake. The mistaken item has been delivered to them several days ago. The latest excuse is that they refunded my money and that they need to charge me again for the repair fees which I paid over a month ago. These guys are scam artists. They provide the worse service you could ever imagine. I lost my Persol glasses and was charges $50 for repairs, $14.95 for shipping and I also had to pay $16 to ship the wrong item.


Do not engage in business with this company. Do not give them a credit card number! There is a reason PayPal does not deal with them any longer! I placed an order, got charged, but the product was not available. I cancelled the order and got a phone call from the owner using disgusting language, calling me a ** among many other expletives. They threatened to turn my credit card information over to people on another country. I am not finished pursuing this from a legal perspective, but this is an unstable situation. Stay away.


On 12/14/09, I shipped a pair of my Chanel eyeglasses that I purchased from EyeWearUs aka DecorMyEyes back to them because they said they could install nose guards on my glasses. My eyeglasses had new lenses put in them when I shipped them back. The item arrived at their location on 12/14/09 and I have dozens of emails proving that they received my eyeglasses and that my glasses were in their lab for repair. Months went by and after many emails, I learned that this company has lost my eyeglasses. They refused to help me or respond to my issue. I was forced to file a dispute with my credit card company.

I received a call from the owner, Tony Russo at the beginning of April after 5 months of me waiting for a resolution and he admitted that his lab lost my eyeglasses. I asked for a refund of my eyeglasses and my lenses. He said he would get back to me and still has not. My dispute with my credit card company is for the amount of $249.99, the money I paid for my glasses has been resolved. But the one thing that has not been resolved is that I am out $152.60 for my new lenses. Since he lost my glasses that had my new lenses in, I am requesting that he refund me that amount. I have sent Tony many emails asking him to resolve my issue and have not received a response. I do not know what to do at this point. I was scammed and need to get my money back.


Decor My Eyes is a fraudulent, unprofessional business who stole from me in order to make a profit. This company has insulted me in every possible way; personally, ethically and professionally. The company clearly advertises and admits to 100% authentic products on its website and in its emails. I sent in Ray Ban sunglasses for the company to repair a chipped right lens. In the return product, they sent me plastic non-authentic lenses and kept my original lenses and Ray Ban case.

I called and spoke with the owner, Tony, who yelled, cursed and repeatedly called me stupid as I tried to explain my dissatisfaction with the fake lenses. I demanded my old lenses back, but he admitted that he "botched" them and could not return them. We made an agreement that I would not contact my bank if he would send me a new pair of Ray Bans. But first, I was to send back the sunglasses he just sent back to me.

So I sent the sunglasses back to Decor My Eyes and had the order tracked through USPS to ensure he received the package. After he received the package, he called to tell me that I would "never, never, never" see my sunglasses again because I filed a claim through my bank and the bank charged him $35, which he now admits I didn't do. He was extremely rude to me and continued to curse at me. Although he claims to have refunded my account, he is going to keep my sunglasses and will not return what is rightfully mine. He did not follow through with our agreement and stole from me. He is immature, irrational and disrespectful. His company is a fraud and he is a thief.

This issue has still not been resolved and I have every reason to believe that Tony will resell my sunglasses to somebody else and will make a profit from them. He has stolen my Ray Ban sunglasses and will not return them to me. This is not a company that deserves to remain in business and I will do whatever it takes to ensure that it does not survive. I have email documented my entire correspondence with DecorMyEyes for proof.


My wife had an expensive pair of Burberry sunglasses that had be mangled by our 2 year old. We sent them in, to have the repairs evaluated. This, being my wife's favorite pair of sunglasses, and her inability to find a pair she liked as much, we decided to go ahead with the $90.00 repair fee. Upon the return of the glasses, after about 20 days, they remained the same, as when we had sent them. Then, remaining optimistic, we called to try and straighten out the situation, as there must have just been an error of some sort. After calling several times, and finally seeking a refund for the charges, I was hung up on, as well as threatened with my life, and told I must be retarded for my inabilities to conduct business properly.

At this point, my wife and I are collectively out of $150.00, and still have a mangled pair of sunglasses, As well as we are wondering how someone could sleep at night, knowing they are running a scam operation. Finally, the fact that I was physically threatened, as well as having my abilities to conduct business challenged, I am left dumbfounded and perplexed.


On January 2010, I order repair service send to NY 2 pair of glasses. I get receipt delivery from UPS. Glasses valued on UPS receipt for $300.00. They lost them. I disputed handling fee. American Express credited my account for $24.90. But that does not replace my 2 pair of glasses they lost. He asks me to offer a solution the problem. I faxed a win-win solution and he ignored it. So I sent another solution certified and proof of mailing on the March 29th.

I pay for shipping by $11.24. I pay a handling and return fee of $24.90. They lose my 2 pair glasses out with $300.00 declared value on the UPS receipt. They have lied to me, yelled at me on the phone, rude on phone, rude emails and total apathetic. I hope complaining on this problem will help others not fall into the mess I fell into. I have complained on a few websites like this one. Also, I complained to FTC and BBB NY.

These are some of the fine example of emails I have received when I started to complain out the lost of my 2 pair of glasses. [They] shipped the item to me I never received. [They] disputed my charge and cost me $35? These people have made totally and mentality tired.


The glasses item were not ordered. The order was canceled while chatting with the rep to get the price correct and before my card was billed. Once I learned, the order would not be shipped until after payment was complete I canceled the order. There is no need for this item to occur interest on my charge card prior to shipping. The next day I got an email saying that my order was being processed. When I contacted them, I was informed that I would still be billed $25 for a layaway fee. Company has refused to resolve the complaint or refund my card.


This sunglasses and eyeglass seller, it's called Decor My Eyes and goes by other names and the guy's name is Tony and Stanley which are the same guy and they don't even have a store. This guys sell out of his house in Brooklyn, NY or NY area and sells to United Kingdom, Australia and has numbers for them as well. A huge fraud. He has threatened myself, family and friends that he was going to ruin our lives if we don't buy sunglasses from him. We bought a pair of Sunglasses and they were broken. Maybe fake and not what we ordered. We sent them back to him because they are not what I wanted. I sent him pictures of what I wanted and he sent us pictures back and he sent us something totally different and as I said they were broke and possibly fake. He said that he was going to charge me a restocking fee and I said no and I reported it to my credit card company and I proved myself in every way so I disputed it and I won. I took pictures, and had everything.

Now, he threatens me for $500 in email and phone calls everyday for the past 2 years and won't stop. He is always sending emails saying any word, and the said threats, he said he was going to kill me and call me jobs and our jobs and get us fired. I have over 300 emails saved. I just called 911 and going to supreme court tomorrow and lawyer to get an order of protection for my family and I know 6 other people that are very close to me that had the same problems and worse. This guy has 100's of complaints all over the place, consumer affairs, all online, everywhere. This guy is a creep and very scary. He just won't stop.

He had a bull crap department called me that said they were the attorney and law division of Decor My Eyes and it must of been his wife or some lady but it's all this guy Tony and Stan or Stanly, Stanle. It's all the same guy. Like give me a break. A guy that sells glasses from his home have departments and law departments. It's all bull. He says he is a cop at 1st. He tried scaring me by saying he is a cop and he is going to get me and then he said he is retired. I found out he was never a cop. I have a huge case built up on this guy. It's crazy crazy stuff.

Stay far far away. He also stalks me and my family by searching for us on private friend sites. I go on myspace and I see a message from him saying "haha, I found ya". Very creepy and my daughter got one also and she was and is very scared. He has many different websites too and they all look the same but all different names.


I placed an order after striking a price agreement with their customer service officer Missy on the online chat. I received confirmation of the order and believe everything is fine. Until I received an email stating that the order has been cancelled because Missy made an error as the price agreed to will result in the company losing money on the sale. I emailed them and insisted that they honor the deal but the returned email was rude and Mr. R didn't give a sxxt. I searched the company and found that many complaints have been lodged against them. I don't understand why they are still in business.


I am currently in a dispute with Tony Russo. Horrible person to deal with. I just called to speak with a customer service manager and they told me that Tony is the owner of the company and that there is no one higher to speak with. I will be disputing charges with my credit card company and contacting the NYC Dept of Consumer Affairs as well as the BBB. Long story short, November 2009, I sent sunglasses in to have a scratched lens replaced. I told the CSR that I did not want polarized lenses used.

They sent back to me (after an extremely long wait) the sunglasses fitted with new polarized lenses, which I can not use. I called them back and was instructed to send back the glasses at my expense. After several weeks of not hearing from them, they called me to ask what kind of lenses I wanted and why I sent them back. I was put through to Tony Russo, who was very obnoxious, rude and arrogant in his dealings. He was yelling at me and asking me "what are polarized lenses?", "what was the problem?"; saying that they never put them (lenses) in when the rep I called back the first time confirmed that polarized lenses were used which is not what I asked for.

I told him to send me back the sunglasses and hung up. I couldn't get a word in over his yelling and very immature behavior! A few days later, I received an email that a refund had been issued. I contacted my credit card company and nothing has come through. I advised Tony today (01/14/10) and according to him, "I did my job. Nothing more for me to do on my end". There is still no refund as of today (he told me it was processed on 12/29/09) so I will be disputing the charge and reporting this business to the BBB and NYC Dept of Consumer Affairs. By the way, he was asking for a check payment before he would send back the sunglasses which I refused to do! Do not use this company! Worst customer service!


I ordered Ray-Ban sunglasses from this company, but the ones I received were clearly different (much larger in size) to those described on the website. I phoned DecorMyEyes on the phone number provided on the website. The man who answered sounded drunk or asleep and told me to ring again at another time as they didn't want to talk about it right now! I then emailed DecorMyEyes and told them they had sent me the incorrect frame and that I would like the correct frame to be sent to me. This resulted in a long email exchange with someone called Tony **:

1. Their first email response stated that "I didn't know they came in different sizes," although their website clearly describes the size in some detail and even provides an explanation as to how to read the sizes!
2. Their second email response stated that, "I only have the larger size."
3. Their 3rd email asked, "Would you be prepared to keep the large size for a refund?"

4. Their 4th email stated, "Please return the frame for a refund."

I then posted back the frame at my own expense and was refunded approximately half of what I paid. When I questioned the other half, I was told this would cover the postage and the restocking fee! This amounted to me being $100 out of pocket. When I requested a complete refund or the correct frame sent to me, I was then told that the frame I returned was the correct one (i.e. the small size that I ordered)! This was an outright lie as I know for a fact the frame was the wrong size. I double checked many times before sending it back as I would much rather have kept the frame! I wish I had taken a photograph, but it didn't cross my mind that the company I was dealing with was dishonest. I thought they had made a genuine mistake.

I asked to have the frame sent to me if indeed they had the correct size. The response was that they would send it, but that I would have to pay another $35 in postage! I am not prepared to take the risk again and prefer to cut my losses as I know they are lying and telling me I returned a different frame, etc. This business is a scam. This man is completely dishonest, who has no regard for his own or other people's online businesses. I have since googled the business and unearthed many, many negative comments and experiences about them. I wish that I had done this before ordering!


I ordered Tag Heuer glasses online. I got the right frames and glasses. However, after realizing my optometrist in Dubai prescribed the wrong lenses, I asked the company to send just the glasses for replacement. They cloned the original order in error and sent the exact same lenses for another $329. I have tried for 3 weeks to get the right lenses and Tony absolutely defiled us verbally on the phone on Saturday, December 5th. Aside from the abusive and degrading language used, he did promise to send the right lenses but has now renegade on the deal and is not willing to talk to us. I’m out $329 plus shipping twice! I intend to dispute via MasterCard and bank.

I ordered eyeglasses from decormyeyes. I got a good deal on Coach glasses. When I received them they were the incorrect color. I spoke with the owner Tony R. He didnt understand why I received the incorrect color but told me to return them and he will make sure I got the correct color. He then looked at what I was billed and told me that I was underbilled. He told me I would be billed for the difference. I informed him that I will not pay the difference because it is not my fault if a mistake was made.

He became rude and irate. He would speak over me while I was speaking. I told him I would seek legal counsel if necessary. He then called me a [racial slur] and began to use profanity. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. THE OWNER IS UNPROFESSIONAL AND VERY VERY RUDE!


What started as a simple request for them to give me a price on the cost of repair to the hinges on a pair of sunglasses has turned into the most unpleasant consumer experience I have ever had. They proceeded with the repair without giving me a price then tried to chrage me $100 After many emails they said they would charge me445. I agreed and my card was charged. However the glasses were sent to me but they hadn't been fixed at all.

I complained and advised them that I would contest the charges with the ccompany. I then spoke with Tony R who asked me to drop the complaint with the CC as he was prepared ro repair the glasses for free. He emailed me to confirm this agreement. However on receipt of my glasses they called me to advise me that I could not have the glasses back unless I sent them a check. At this point I am not prepared to pay anything as there is no guarantee that the repair would ever be done whatever I pay them. If I had taken the time to read the reviews online I would never have contemplated using them


While visiting the site DecorMyEyes website, a pop-up came on for a survey of what I liked and did not like about the site. As a marketing expert, I gave them a suggestion about their young girl that they have on the site that steps out to speak to you in cocktail dress. It's not very professional. I suggested it would be more credible if the person came out in a lab coat, as a representation of someone who would be making their prescription glasses. This would give them more credibility. My suggestion was to assist them in succeeding. Their reply was to assist them in failing. See the response I got. I am not ordering from them, and I am posting to let you know. Buyer, beware! I also got a second response from them that I won't dare to post! This is from dated Saturday, 29 August 2009 at 15:05:45 on the subject "Feedback - Suggestion". How about if she came out and took her ** out? Would you order then? Have you read our testimonials and reviews?


I ordered a pair of Smith goggles from Decormyeyes (DME). Other websites, including Smith's home site, showed it comes with a hard case. I received the item without the hard case, so I emailed DME accordingly. I said I assumed it came with one because every other website who sells these goggles shows it comes with the case. The response was "Didn't you know what happens when you assume? You make an ass out of you and me."

Appalled, I left a phone message for Stanely. At 6:00 am (She knew I was in California.) the next morning, a lady called me back. After telling her of the rude response, she asked me "What do you want me to do about it?" There were more email exchanges getting nowhere. So I disputed the amount via my credit card. I will never do business with them again and warn everyone to stay away from their site.

I purchased an item, Dior Boudoir from on the 27th of February 2009 as a gift. I paid extra for gift wrapping which turned out to be UPS brown packing paper.

A minor detail, however as I incurred a loss financially I find this unacceptable. I contacted my seller Stanley about this and the response I received was abrasive and barely literate, at which point I requested not to be contacted again apart from details of the complaint procedure, to which I never received the courtesy of a reply.

I later discovered that the official Dior website priced the very same glasses approximately 20 cheaper than those listed on (the current exchange rate does not affect this). This came as a surprise, as decormyeyes claim to offer discounted prices,

I took this up with an online customer service adviser, in an instant messenger available directly from the website, by the name of Lindsey. Despite me providing her with the link and showing her the difference in price, in addition to pointing out the fact that the actual Dior sunglasses contained a Swarowski crystal and apparently could not see the difference. I also pointed out that their site claimed to sell authentic products with relevant documentary evidence in the form of an authenticity certificate. I pointed out that this was not received by the recipient. Nothing to resolve the issue. She then abruptly ended the conversation, re-directing me to her manager, giving me an international telephone number.

I then e-mailed sales at and provided them with full details of the conversation and my complaint. The response I got was sub-par and automated. It did nothing to resolve the issue and despite being directed to a supervisor or manager as instructed by the Customer Services representative, the person I received a response from was indeed the person I was making the initial complaint about in addition to the price discrepancy, being none other than my seller, Stanley B!

Upon further e-mail correspondence I decided to phone the so-called manager at the London I called the London office and spoke to a lady named Melissa who took down the details and informed me that the manager was out and would call me shortly. This manager is the sales rep, Stanley B. Despite me requesting that he contact me on my mobile phone, I made a call to him upon which I was put on hold.

I then spoke to him (or rather, was verbally abused and shouted at). He did not listen to a single word I said, or tried to say and hurled racist, derogatory, threatening and offensive abuse to me despite my attempts at keeping the matter civilized and professional, the point at which he told me to shut the **** up? and that England was a weird little country? and he Doesnt know how we do things here? and Doesnt care?.

At this point I terminated the call. Initially I wanted a refund, however at this point in time I am more concerned as to preventing people from using this website, as it is obvious the merchandise therein is fake, counterfeit, the website falsely advertises their merchandise as being authentic when in fact it is mere cheap knock-offs and the staff are abusive and unhelpful.

Since the telephone conversation did nothing in the way of resolving this issue, I put the various points in my complaint in writing including reference to the Consumer Goods Act 1972 whereby I should be entitled to a refund without having to pay an re-stocking fee in addition to the dispute over the authenticity of the item.

I then received an e-mail threatening the recipient of my purchase and their business address to the effect of: NEVER INSULT ME THIS WAY AGAIN AND TELL ME THE ITEMS I SELL ARE NOT AUTHENTIC OR I WILL CALL [the business] AND CAUSE SUCH A PROBLEM AT YOUR DAUGHTERS OFFICE THAT YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW TO GET OUT OF IT.


This further exemplifies the illiterate, unprofessional, aggressive and abusive sub-human cretin that Stanley B is.

In conclusion, I hope that this complaint reaches you before this obvious con artist deprives you of your hard earned cash! I will however be taking this as far as possible in order to get this man and his products recognized for what they are fraudulent and dishonest, both for the US and the UK. Company Profile

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