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I have been posting on Craigslist for years mostly automobiles and got flagged as most do. Been through ghosting and all that. My account page has been all pink. But now I'm posting in pets section for about 2 years. Same ole same ole flagged even more. My account whole page is pink. So I make new account new phone number and use only my cell phone to post. Things were ok for a week or 2 then my ads started getting deleted by staff before posted. Now I try to post and Craigslist is blocking my post. I think by me changing accounts and only using my cell phone to post, it would have been hard for Craigslist to make the connection that it was me. I think a very jealous friend is telling/reporting lies to Craigslist and making it even harder for me!!! Is that possible or is it Craigslist?

I tried meeting some women on CL personals because I just got a divorce and thought I would see what's out there. Well, I had 2 girls show interest very quickly. They both sounded like caring, sensitive and mature women seeking a long term relationship. Cool right? Wrong!! These sneaky ** both told me everything I wanted to hear and even promised to let me make all the decisions in the relationship. But they were from Ghana, Nigeria. That's where all of those damn lottery scams and royalty wanting to transfer funds to your account for a payment to you came from. Nigeria is the WORST! And they were both from there. 1st red flag. 2nd red flag was they spoke weird broken English that sounded very cerebral. Big words all over the place. 3rd red flag they made all kinds of promises to gain your trust. 4th and final red flag was when they revealed their true intentions.

The first said that if I loved her I would support her fully. Which means buy me a plane ticket to Atlanta from Nigeria! Oh, that's not suspect! I kept trying to ask her what her plans were for us if we both decided to get married. I wanted her to tell me step by step how this was going to work and how she planned to get here. But she just kept spouting pretty relationship crap about love and trust and support. BS. So I spelled it out for her and she said "yes, I need you to pay for a plane ticket." That's where the scam was revealed. She wants money. Hmmmm. Nope. Not gonna happen. She gets your money and I bet all of the sudden she is gone and you can't get your money back because she lives 2000 miles away on a whole different continent. I'm not stupid. I just play one on tv. Lol.

The other one wanted money for a ticket also. But, claimed her uncle worked at the airport and could take care of it for me. BS again. She just wants your money. As soon as I called her out they both acted all surprised like they didn't know what scam I was talking about. I mean, who gives several hundred dollars to someone you just met on the internet based on promises that can't be backed up anyway? Stupid people I guess? So of course after being exposed they stopped talking to me. Big surprise! And they all listed on their profiles that they lived in the US. Another red flag, they don't live where their info says.

And after reading the reviews of other sites like eHarmony, Plenty of Fish and OkCupid, I am furious. I'm so mad I think my brain is gonna pop. Why can't vigilante superheroes be real, like the punisher? It all just makes me sick. Don't get tricked. Don't give money to someone you haven't met ever!! And if that isn't bad enough. There are tons of girls responding to my post saying they want to have sex right now. But they want me to do this little favor first. 1st red flag. And they want you to verify you're over 18 and not a sexual predator by going to this site and filling out some info. Sounds legit at first. And they tell you it's free. And then they promise all kinds of sex when you get their cell number from the site. BS.

You go to the site, fill out the info, and then they want your credit card. So I tried it. Then my bank called about suspicious activity on my card. Those bastards charged my card $39 and lied to me. So the guy from the bank helped me out and was friendly and canceled the charge. Cool. 2nd red flag. She keeps emailing me after I told her this was bs, saying "here, now try this site. They don't ask for CC". But they asked for my card. Of course. She is still sending emails with the same story each time. Each time, bogus.

I have been looking for a week on CL personals and haven't found a real girl yet. One girl even posted a pic of a woman at her desk wearing a dress green military uniform with 3 gold stars on her shoulders. It was so obviously fake as soon as I read her info. She said she was a sergeant in the army. I laughed because I was in the army NG field artillery. Sergeants have 3 chevron stripes, not 3 stars. Stars means general. That's the highest rank you can get besides being the President of the US. You are more likely to get hit by lightning than to find a real girl on CL. I hope this info helped someone.

I was looking for a RV to buy. When I came across one that stated for sale 1994 winnebago that was got in a divorce and didn't want it or use it for $2000 buy. Had to use ebay gift cards for $500 each. Well l sent them the money like told then had to send $1500 more for insurance. Well it was supposed to be ebay motors which turned out to be a scam. I contacted ebay and craigslist with lady's name address and also contacted craigslist and attorney general but nothing and I'm out 3500 dollars. Called tv stations but no one was interested in a disabled veteran and senior citizen being scammed out of $3500. Why haven't you reported it to people to watch out for these RV. Scams.

Someone has lifted photos of me from Facebook and put them on 4 different CraigsList. They have said many horrible things about me and said I live in a filthy home and breed various animals for sale. They listed my full name and full address, including a map showing my home. I have neutered dogs and no other animals. They said I sold them a bird for $300 and it died the same day. I do not have any birds. They said I am a scammer and many other terrible things. I am now afraid and my business is being put at risk. I am bullied by someone and they are hiding behind an anonymous name. CL will not let me know who is bullying me. They have done this before and CL always protects their identity. CL cares nothing about them tormenting me. It is obvious that a person can cause a lot of damage to someone they don't like if they want to use CL as their means.

Craigslist blocking my incoming messages. Posted resume in the job section. Now I don't get emails. It's called (ghosting). Another thing if you are experiencing this horrible acts on a person you might want to look up gang stalking. I pray the day these people get noticed by the public. Warrantless surveillance. Wastes taxpayer's money cause there's no return on investment.

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The handyman was knowledgeable regarding many things - plumbing, electrical, etc. and explained what was wrong where I could understand.

For the last number of months now, I can't seem to use craigslist at home due to my IP being blocked. This only happens from my home, and none of my ads are impacted. I get a message with an email stating to contact them to find out about my IP being blocked, though I have yet to ever get an email. I have emailed them so many times that it is ridiculous at this point. I have not broken any of their service rules that I know of, and they don't seem interested in telling me anything about it.

Main issues: They block my IP without giving a reason. They refuse to respond to any email I send them at the email address they gave me regarding the block. They post no information online that allows me to figure out what is wrong with my IP. This blocks me from properly managing my various posts on their site. This kind of customer service is basically non-existent. Horrible experience.

I just made my sister's life very hard with purchasing a puppy from craigslist. She cries and kids cry all the time. We got the parvo puppy from someone on first of July. Real nightmare to us. Since then we don't have life and just fighting to keep him healthy but not working out. We spent a lots of money taking him to vet. We are feeling so unlucky. GOD please help us to identify this people because they can make anyone's life to nightmare.

People need to be a little more responsible. If someone ripped you off on Craigslist, then they would have ripped you or someone else off anyway. It means they have it in them. I have a great job with a great company. They got me by putting their job posting. I just got a car from a posting on Craigslist. I found my current car on Craigslist. There are a number of problems with this car. I had an accident from turning into a doctor's office, hitting a curb and knocking down a sign. Found out the breaks were really bad. So is that Craigslist's fault? No. That seller would have found another way to sell it. I have a great job because of Craigslist.

I've been using CL for a while most of the time buying stuff. Never had a problem. Sometimes I sold stuff as well. Again no problem. Lately, I've been using only to track possible gigs. I keep 3 pages open, each one with one subject. On the past 2 weeks, I've been blocked out of the blue. They send an email contact. I wrote back 13 times and I haven't received a single reply even for a lame explanation such "we don't like you and we don't want you to use our website". I think I would prefer that because at least I would understand why I've been blocked. By the way, the gigs I've been looking for are as translator/voice over artist and church musician. Nothing that can be described even close to a suspicious/malicious activity.

I was banned for posting an ad for clones. I am a valid patient and only sell to verified patients and state such. I was deleted and then my IP banned. Other ads by businesses are still up even though they do not say they only sell to patients. This is because the business pays for ads. I believe they are even the ones who reported my posts. If Craigslist is going to enforce a rule they have to apply the rules to everyone equally.

I am a Licensed General Building contractor and I post my ads on Craigslist, the Skilled Services section. The past few months, someone who has software that can flag off and delete ads is targeting me and has managed to wipe out my entire account of ads and have done the same with my employees' ads and their accounts. We have emailed Craig Newmark personally, time and time again only to get the same response "we're working on it, sent info to my team". This has been going on for MONTHS and nothing is done about it. My business is now tanking and I'm just about out of business!! Thanks for nothing Craigslist!!

Craigslist is a site that's used by the ones that just post information and it stays there forever. I doubt that they even regulate anything about the site anyway. I've sold things on Craigslist and tried to delete private information. Nope, can't do that. I've tried to post a few listings for free stuff, they were all over that one even if it's not at their expense. Why would Craigslist fund a non for profit site that abuses information.

No way to talk to a live human being. Voice recordings and emails with automatic responses seem to be the way to go with craigslist. They remove your ads with no indicators as to why. I have tried emailing them and yet my responses are automatic. The response you get when you call in to them is to email them. You are basically just are running around in circles getting nothing accomplished with them. When they remove ads they need to start giving explanations as to why. I have read through all of the rules and it makes absolutely no sense as to why my ads are being removed. I can spend hours compiling ads and trying to help my customers out. I used to love craigslist and lately it is just a huge hassle. I used to recommend everyone to them. I want everyone to know how terrible I think their customer service is. Thanks for nothing!

I have a serious problem with the search engine. After posting an ad about my car for sale, I put the info about my car in the filter but could not find my car & the others in competition with it. Repeatedly, unrelated misc. cars resulted. This leads me to believe that someone interested in my type of car would have the same problem. Wasted money.

There are a lot of women and men on Craigslist claiming to be licensed beauticians with fake websites and fake pictures. This lady scammed me with fake pictures of hair that she did not do. Her name is Cyn and she had a page in which she just shut down under **!! Now I know why she came up with that name! She did my hair and I wouldn't tell nobody!!! She is located in Sacramento and if you see this number (because she changes her name constantly) ** please don't call it!!! She is not a beautician and is a big scammer.

I was scammed by a guy named Simon **. He posts work about insulation, duct cleaning, finish carpentry, painting, and general labor. He was supposed to do drywall work, painting and some carpentry. He did about 25% of the job, terribly I might add. Then he took off with $1100 in cash and the key to my home. Craigslist needs to more proactive about stopping frauds like this. I have been contacted by others who said they too fell victim to this same man.

Since I do not have a personal IP, I am waiting and waiting to sell my livestock (SPRINGTIME IS SALE TIME), until Craigslist bothers to answer Total Highspeed's email. I have tried multiple times to contact anyone, any machine, any robot, any anything at this backward company. Nothing. Craigslist needs a customer service line that actually goes to customer service.

These people selling on Craigslist are now shut down---Not before ripping off (at least a hundred poor people). They sold used appliances on-line.

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We are in Louisiana. Craigslist is encouraging online orders complete with PayPal. Ordering used appliances online -- paying through PayPal. Orders are (supposed) to be delivered -- 1-2 weeks! Creating misery for poor people! Letting these dealers to do multiple post (hundreds) on 1 account! These (online dealers) are breaking every CL rule. Nothing done! While rule following dealers are held to strict standards! CL -- in not. Amazon, eBay, HSN, Qvc. You cannot order used appliances online and expect them to be delivered! Recipe for disaster! CL is normally free. Is this company paying extra for their favors?

I am seeking a specific pet dog but they only have choices for a category that do not include pets. I cannot get them to answer the question via the contact us link. They just keep on sending long lists of instructions and sites that do not address this query. I see wanted pets in the pet category but cannot determine how they got posted into that category. No one there will answer. If any readers know the answer I sure would appreciate them telling me.

I love craigslist. Always looking at the S.F. bay area Farm and Supplies. Problem is the sellers of og clones prop 215 marijuana have taken it over. The ratio seems to be 4 to 1... for every 1 legitimate ad placed, there are 4 pot ads. I don't have a problem with the buyers or sellers of the product, but I wish Craigslist would give them their own category so we won't have to sift through what appears to be hundreds of pot ads.

Ads I post not getting posted over and over and over on help from Craigslist is BS.

I was looking on Craigslist for employment opportunities and located an ad for a Personal Assistant to help with errands and drive. I answered the ad and they asked for my resume and information. They immediately without speaking to me told me I had the position and I had to be very Understanding and cooperative. They would send me funds for me to go to foster homes. I am writing because this is a scam and this is the time of year that many will be looking for work. People need to be aware of this because many who get hustled suffer in silence. People need to know the scammers and prevent themselves from harm.

Respond to a girl her and I exchanged a few messages and after the third message she wanted me to be verified. That's a BIG SCAM with Craigslist. They should be SHUT DOWN. The scam is that they want you to enter your credit card info for age verification. **. When you go to a bar and they ask you to prove your age, what, do they ask for ID or Credit Card? Answer ID.

I put an ad on trying to sell my car in the car section. Tried to add some pictures and I'm locked out? What the hell did I do wrong? No explanation of what, if anything, was improper. There wasn't. I don't get it!?! Some for some unknown reason that they won't explain, I'm banned from ever using Craigslist? They sell hookers and just about anything you can think of. But my potential $3000 car sale might have taken this company down. Whatever. Stay an escort service Craigslist.

I wanted Packers-Bears tickets for September 13th so I went in Craigslist and contacted a few posted ads. One of the contacted ads emailed me back and seemed to be legitimate. They said all the right things and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Well silly me... I just got scammed $550 for counterfeit Bears-Packer tickets. Do not buy any tickets on Craigslist - this is happened to other people but I thought I was different. I am now one of the many hundreds and thousands of victims! Do yourself a favor and do not purchase any tickets on Craigslist... you will be sorry!!I Lost $550 today. Don't be the next victim!!

Thankfully I used a phone # from one of those free texting/call apps BUT... so I'm in need of extra money, aren't we all. I posted a job wanted ad in my area to do household chores etc. Out of every 10 replies I get, 1 is legit and the other 9 are job scams, people offering $500 a week to be their "Personal assistant" because they're out of the state for work, or $450 a week to "post ads" bla bla bla.

Well, this past week, a man has been calling me from as early as 6am until 2-3am. When I pick up the phone all he does is heavy breathe. Now he's been texting about 20 times a day. All are sexual in nature or explicit texts. His number is also from an app as I Googled it and the first thing that comes up is a link to a gay escort ad with his number, and the next link is 3 other people that posted on one of those "who's calling me" sites, that he's a harassing psychopath. I've emailed CL, and Backpage which is where his several escort ads are posted for help. CL said since he didn't email me, they can't block his IP address and BP said that I'd have to contact the police.

My local PD said that since he's texting and calling from an app and now as of yesterday, 2 different numbers that show 2 totally different states they really can't so much but call and warn him to stop. The bad thing about the free call and text apps is that you can get a number in ANY area code that you input, so even if you live in Texas, you could get a California number.

I'm at a loss of what to do. It's been going on for a week. I've totally ignored the calls and texts for 3 days but he persists. I know you'll say delete the app and use another number, which I'm going to have to do as there's really nothing else to do, but aside from my job seeking ads, I also have several items for sale. So now, I have to re-do a dozen ads and this time, I'm NOT using any #, only the anonymous email. It's a pain as it's so much easier to have a buyer text, but I'm at the point that I can't sleep as this creep has me so stressed! CL and BP NEED to come up with some way to rid the sites of all these scammers. It seems on CL as a whole, only maybe HALF of the ads are legit. The rest are scammers and creeps and I bet they sleep just fine at night. Hope everyone is well, thanks for letting me vent. God bless!

I found a listing on Craigslist in St. Louis for a 2004 Dodge Durango with a rebuilt engine with one bad ring and some blow by. It was also burning oil for $3500.00. I contacted the seller several times offering to buy the car and pay cash. The seller never responded to any of my emails. I made sure my emails were sent and they were. Why didn't the seller remove the post when or if the item was sold. It is still on Craigslist as I write this complaint. This is wrong and cruel and should not be tolerated.

Currently I am suffering from losing all of my important information due to the linking of my personal e-mail and craigslist account. For the last 2 years I would receive messages from spam, people I never met and solicitors. I would often check my inbox and see where my email was hacked for credit card information, personal documents from work, and valuable information pertaining to myself. I would often try and discontinue my account with craigslist so I would eliminate the problem. I later observed my inboxes and saw that my replies to post and attachments from different emails in my inbox were being altered. I've had the worst experience with resolving this conflict because the account I tried so hard to get rid of seemed to keep popping back up in my personal inbox.

I found the problem by going through the Geek Squad and found out there is a malicious software becoming very popular for scammer to use to obtain information and destroy your life. I wanted to let the people know that this is serious and can be detrimental to your identity. Be careful about what you reply to on craigslist now and NEVER link your personal email to your craigslist account.

We are a real estate investment company that buys residential real estate, sells from our portfolio as well as provides a rent to own situation. We currently have 5 properties available for purchase or rent to own scenarios. Up until about 2 weeks ago, we had been posting without a problem. For the past two weeks, almost everything posted has been deleted within the hour. I went through the terms of use and understand that we have violated the 48 hour time frame. Ok, I get it. How do I speak with someone in person rather than getting canned messages from help? Additionally, there are several other companies that are doing the same thing and posting the same thing 3-4 times daily, how are they not getting flagged for deletion? I found an "800"# online for them that directs me back to the website and canned responses.

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