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Find the Best Clothing Subscription Boxes

by Kate Williams, Ph.D. ConsumerAffairs Research Team

Shopping for new clothes and accessories has never been easier, thanks to the availability of clothing subscription boxes. Use our guide to research the best clothing subscription box for you. Online clothing subscription companies provide a dedicated consultant who reviews your fashion preferences and curates a box of clothing and accessories for you to purchase or rent. These companies help you expand your wardrobe with styles that match your taste.

David Zyla, an Emmy-award winning costume designer and stylist, talked to us about how men and women can make the most out of their online clothing subscription. There are clothing subscriptions for all body sizes and types. Our guide will help you decide which one is best for you.

Compare Reviews for Top Clothing Subscription Boxes

Stitch Fix Read 101 Reviews

Offers personalized styling services for women, men and kids. No subscription necessary. $20 styling fee for deliveries. Style app for iPhone available.

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Trunk Club Read 33 Reviews

Trunk Club is Nordstrom's online personal shopper service. For a $25 styling fee, waived for Nordstrom cardholders, you’ll receive a trunk with 6-10 pieces of clothing and accessories. Item prices range from $20 to over $500.

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Bombfell Read Author Review

Bombfell is a men’s clothing subscription box. Your personal stylist will send you a monthly box of clothes and accessories; buy what you want and send back the rest. The styling fee is $20. Each item costs on average $89.

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Dia&Co Read Author Review

Dia&Co is an online personal shopper service for women’s plus size fashion. For a $20 styling fee, you receive a Dia Box containing five items priced around $55 each. The fee counts toward your purchase of box items.

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Ellie Read Author Review

Ellie is a women’s fitness subscription box company that sells monthly subscription boxes. For $39.95/month you get a top, bottom and sports bra. Buy additional athletic pieces for up to 70% off retail prices.

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Frank And Oak Read Author Review

Frank And Oak, a Canadian retailer, offers the Style Plan personal shopper service for men and women. For $79 monthly or bimonthly, members receive tokens to exchange for clothing based on the company’s style recommendations.

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Le Tote Read Author Review

Le Tote is a women’s fashion rental service. After you complete a style profile, you’ll be sent a tote of clothing and accessories. Keep them as long as you want by paying a monthly rental fee of $59, then exchange for a new tote.

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Maximus Box Read Author Review

Maximus Box is a big and tall clothing subscription box company. Men can sign up and receive monthly clothing boxes with sizes ranging from XL-6X. Prices start at $69 a month.

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Menlo Club Read Author Review

Menlo Club, formerly Five Four Club, is a clothing subscription service for men. For $60 a month, members receive a box of two items of clothing and accessories to keep. Members get discounts on Menlo’s online store.

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The Mr. and Ms. Collection Read Author Review

The Mr. and Ms. Collections are fashion rental services for men and women. Select a casual, business or combo box with three to six items of clothing at $49 to $113 a month. Return the clothes for a new box whenever you’re ready.

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Types of clothing subscription boxes

Subscription boxes for women

Women’s clothing subscription boxes are gaining popularity among women of all ages because of their convenience and their affordable price tag. Monthly subscription boxes for women come in a variety of sizes, including petite, plus size and maternity and usually include clothing items and accessories.

Find petite clothing subscription boxes from companies like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club.

You can find plus size clothing subscription boxes from companies like Stitch Fix, Trunk Club and Dia & Co.

For maternity clothes, try companies like Stitch Fix, Dia & Co and Trunk Club.

Subscription boxes for men

Monthly subscription boxes for men are also becoming increasingly popular, as men have discovered the convenience of having a personal stylist deliver new clothes and accessories to their door every month.

Like subscription boxes for women, subscription boxes for men come in a range of sizes, including big and tall subscription boxes. Bombfell carries some big and tall sizes, and Stitch Fix has big and tall sizes coming soon. Winston and Maximus Box specialize in big and tall subscription boxes.

Clothing rental subscription box

While most clothing subscription box companies intend for you to buy the items you receive, several companies allow you to rent clothes online. For a set price, you receive a styled box. Wear what you want to for as long as you want to, and then return it for another box.

Clothing rental subscription box companies include The Mr. and Ms. Collection and Le Tote.

Workout clothes subscription box

Burn your calories at the gym instead of the store with an athletic clothing subscription box. You’ll receive a monthly box full of workout gear based on your preferences.

Wantable has workout clothes subscription boxes for men and women, and Ellie has athletic clothes subscription boxes for women.

How to use clothing subscription boxes

Sign up for a subscription on the online clothing service website

This step takes just a few minutes. If you have a friend who uses the service already, find out if they have a referral code that can save you some money on your first order.

Tell your online personal stylist about your style

Depending on the company, you’ll either fill out a style profile, style quiz or style survey that will help your stylist get to know you so he or she can customize items for your box. Take your time filling this out, since it’ll play a significant role in how your stylist chooses what to put in your box.

Choose your price point

Companies tend to have different price points for their subscriptions, ranging anywhere from $20 to $400 or more per item. Some companies let you tell your stylist if you only want clothes and accessories within a certain price range.

If you’re looking for a cheap clothing subscription box, you’ll probably get just a few items per box. This might be enough, though, to fill out your wardrobe. More expensive boxes will usually give you more items per box.

Most companies charge a styling fee, which they credit toward whatever items you decide to keep.

Set your shipping schedule

Decide how often you want to receive your subscription box. Monthly clothing boxes are set up to be shipped once per month, but many companies have options to ship more or less frequently than that. You can always change your schedule later.

Receive your items

You’ll usually receive your items a few weeks after signing up. What to do next will depend on the company. Rental clothing subscription box companies will let you wear the clothes as long as you want, and return them when you’re ready for a new box. If you’re paying for your clothes, you usually have a window of 3-7 days (depending on the company) to decide what you want to keep and what you want to return.

Check out

Unless you’re using a rental subscription company or a company that will make exchanges but doesn’t accept returns, like Ellie or The Winston Box, you’ll officially check out after you decide what you’re keeping. This is a simple process where you log in to your account online, click which items you’re keeping and pay using a credit card.

If the company you choose doesn’t allow returns, then there’s nothing more for you to do once you receive your box. Contact the company directly for exchanges due to a sizing or quality issue.

Leave a review for your online personal stylist

Leave your online personal stylist a review for future boxes. Don’t worry about hurting their feelings by telling them something isn’t your style or color. Be honest about what you loved and what you hated to make your experience just as good or better next time.

Why should I sign up for a clothing subscription box?

You’re building a work wardrobe

Whether you’re new to the workforce or you just need to mix things up, a clothing subscription box can be a great way to add style to your work wardrobe without taking too much time out of your day.

Look for a work clothes subscription box like StitchFix, Trunk Club, Le Tote or The Mr. and Ms. Collection that will send you clothes and accessories that are meant for the office.

You’re looking for style suggestions

If you’re stuck in a style rut, an online personal stylist just might be the solution. Your stylist has access to all the latest fashion trends, plus the professional know-how to curate a customized style plan for you that will accentuate your body type and personality. Let your stylist know that you’re looking for new style ideas so she or he can focus on those when they’re customizing your box.

You have no time to shop

Finding the time to shop can be next to impossible for a lot of men and women. That’s partly why working with an online personal shopper through a clothing subscription box is so popular. Whether you’re looking for business, casual or athletic clothes, use any fashion subscription box to get new clothes without taking up your entire Saturday.

You have a hard time finding nice clothes in your size in stores

The rise of e-commerce has a lot of brick and mortar stores cutting back on what sizes they offer in store, which means you might struggle to find stylish clothes off the rack. Petite clothing subscription boxes, plus size clothing subscription boxes and big and tall subscription boxes are all tailored to fit specific clothing sizes.

You want the latest in fashion

Fashionistas and fashionistos will want to sign up for a fashion delivery service dedicated to the newest fashion trends. Trunk Club, Menlo and Bombfell are fashion subscription boxes that will keep you up to date on the latest trends and styles.

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    Author reviews for clothing subscription boxes

    Stitch Fix

    Stitch Fix is an online personal shopper service that sends a curated box of clothing and accessories, called a Fix, to men and women. Shipping frequencies range from once every few weeks to once every six months. You can also choose to buy on demand boxes, instead of having a subscription. Set your style and price preferences, then receive personalized outfits in your Fix. Keep what you want, then send back the rest for free. Stitch Fix averages a price of $55 per article of clothing.

    Read 101 Reviews
    Trunk Club

    Trunk Club is an online styling company from Nordstrom. Order trunks on demand, or sign up for a delivery schedule. Your trunk will contain personalized career wear and weekend styles, depending on your preferences. Trunks are available for both men and women in typical department store sizing, including petite, plus size and maternity. The $25 styling fee is waived for Nordstrom credit card users.

    Read more about Trunk Club
    The Mr. and Ms. Collection

    The Mr. Collection is a men’s monthly clothing club and rental subscription box. It recently launched The Ms. Collection, which allows women to enjoy a box with the latest fashion trends and then return the clothing to receive a new box. After completing a style profile, a stylist will put together a box of items, called a pack, which fit your size and preferences.

    • Mr. and Ms. Collection cost: The rental service costs $49 per month for casual clothing, $59 per month for business wear and $113 a month for both, plus tax. All the items ship free both ways. When you really like a piece, purchase it to keep; you’ll get a discount of 10 to 50 percent off retail.
    • Mr. and Ms. Collection clothes: The casual- and business-wear boxes contain three to four items each, while the combination box has six pieces per box. Items typically include tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories.
    • Sizes: The Mr. Collection fits people in shirt sizes S to XL and pant sizes 30 to 38. The Ms. Collection is available in XS to XL and 2 to 14.
    • Rental period: You can continue wearing items in your pack for either one or two months. When you return them, your stylist will prepare and ship your next pack. If you decide to buy instead of rent, let your stylist know. They’ll bill you and send out your next rental box. Contact the company to extend your rental period if you want to keep an item longer.
    • Clothing brands: Both the Ms. and Mr. Collections carry department store brands like 7 Diamonds, Original Penguin, Vince Camuto, Tart Collections, Michael Stars and Sugarlips, among others.

    Dia&Co is a plus size clothing subscription box for women who wear clothing sizes 14 and up. Your Dia Box contents are hand selected by a stylist who gets to know your personal preferences and style. You can pause or cancel your account whenever you want.

    • Dia&Co cost and styling fee: Dia&Co charges a $20 styling fee for each box. The fee is nonrefundable, but it automatically applies to the total cost of any items in your box that you buy. On average, items cost $55 each. Save an additional 25 percent when you buy all the items in your box.
    • Dia&Co box items: A Dia&Co Box usually contains five clothing and accessory items with an average price of about $55 each. Let your stylist know about any budget constraints, and she will try to accommodate your requests.
    • Return policy: You have five days from the day you receive your Dia Box to try things on and decide what you like. Then you send back any items you don’t want, and the company charges your credit card for the things you keep.
    • Shipping: Dia&Co covers shipping both ways, so you don’t have to pay anything extra.
    • Types of clothing: The contents of your Dia&Co Box will be a surprise until you receive it. To get an idea of what types of clothing you’ll receive, check out the website’s Style Guide section or look on Instagram for the hashtag #mydiastyle to see what other people have received.
    Menlo Club

    Formerly called Five Four Club, Menlo Club is a monthly clothing subscription program for men. After you enroll in the program, you’ll complete a style quiz, and the company will send you a monthly box of two items that are yours to keep. Boxes cost $60 and can include casual and classic styles.

    • Style quiz: You’ll complete a brief style quiz, indicating your fashion type (mix, casual, forward or classic), color preferences (rich and vibrant or dark and muted), top size (S to XXXL), pant size (29 to 44) and preferred pant fit (slim, straight or relaxed).
    • Menlo Club cost: Menlo Club’s monthly membership fee is $60, which includes the items in the box. Shipping is free in the continental United States and $7 to Alaska or Hawaii.
    • Menlo Club clothes: You’ll receive two items each month from Five Four, Grand AC or New Republic. You could get shirts, pants, jackets or accessories. The items are chosen by the company. Your membership fee also gives you access to a 25 to 50 percent discount on everything in Menlo’s online store.
    • Cancellation, exchanges and returns: Menlo Club doesn’t allow returns of items from your monthly subscription box. You can exchange for size within 15 days of receipt. If you decide to cancel your account, be sure to do it before the 10th day of the month to avoid being billed for another box.
    Le Tote

    Le Tote is a fashion rental service that specializes in women’s fashion. Choose your own styles or have a stylist curate your tote of items, then keep them as long as you want by paying a monthly rental fee. It’s a great option for women who like a lot of variety.

    • Choose how much input you have: You can choose if you want to have a lot of input into what comes in your tote or if you’d like the stylist to pick it all themselves. Your personal shopper will curate a selection of items and text you a link to view it. Approve what you like and swap what you don’t, or don’t take any action if you’d rather be surprised.
    • Le Tote cost: Le Tote plans start at $59 per month. You’ll get a special member price on any items you decide to buy.
    • Le Tote contents: Every tote contains three garments, such as tops, pants or dresses. It also comes with two accessories, like belts, necklaces or scarves.
    • Rental period: Keep anything you love from your rental as long as you want. You’ll be charged your monthly fee every 30 days regardless of how long you keep things. When you’re ready for a new tote, return everything in the prepaid envelope. You’ll receive a new tote in a few days.
    • Purchasing items: If you love something and want to keep it, just don’t send it back. You’ll automatically be charged when the rest of your items are sent back. Buying items from your Le Tote box could save you up to 50 percent off the retail price.
    • Le Tote maternity subscription boxes: Most online personal shopper services don’t include options for maternity, so if you’re expecting, Le Tote may be a great option for you. Le Tote’s maternity subscription boxes start at $69 per month.
    Frank And Oak

    Frank And Oak is a Canadian clothing retailer with clothes for men and women. The company’s online Style Plan provides clients with personalized shopping recommendations and advice as well as a discount on every order.

    • Plan frequency and cost: You’ll receive a customized Style Plan box with up to five items every month or every other month. Both subscriptions cost $79 per box. For that price, you’ll receive credits, called tokens, to use on approved merchandise in the Frank And Oak online store.
    • Personalized style recommendations: Rather than selecting specific items for you, Frank And Oak provides up to 30 product recommendations from their recent style collections. You’re able to choose the products you want from a personal Recommendations page.
    • Frank and Oak clothes prices: When you sign up for the Style Plan, you’ll receive five tokens that you trade in for items from your customized Recommendations page. Each item is priced at 25 percent off for Style Plan members. Frank And Oak prices most T-shirts at one token, blouses at two tokens and pants at three tokens, so you can choose your products based on what you need.
    • Frank and Oak returns and shipping: Your style box ships free to your home, and you can ship back any items you don’t want at no cost.
    • No expiration: If you don’t spend all five of your tokens in a given month, they roll over to the next month. Instead of spending them on something you don’t love, wait and use them when you find something you like on your Recommendations page.

    Bombfell is an men’s online personal shopper company. It provides fashion guidance and a stylist-curated box of clothing and accessories that you can purchase or send back. There is a $20 styling fees, and items average $89 a piece.

    • Style quiz: When you sign up for Bombfell, you will complete a brief personal style quiz. You’ll indicate why you want to sign up for the service, what types of clothing you’re interested in and how much you’d like to pay per piece. You will also be able to leave notes about any types of clothing you don’t want to receive.
    • Bombfell outfits: The stylist picks out items they think you’ll like and sends you an email preview with pictures and prices. If you don’t like the items, ask for something else. If you like the items, they’ll be shipped within a few days.
    • Bombfell cost: There is a $20 styling fee that is credited toward anything you decide to keep. The average price is $89 per item, but items come in a wide range of price points. Get a 10 percent discount for keeping 2 items from your box, a 15 percent discount for keeping 3 items and a 20 percent discount for keeping 4 or more items.
    • Ask for things or be surprised: You can specifically ask for things you need to fill in your wardrobe, like a button-down shirt, a sweater and a pair of jeans. Or, let your personal shopper surprise you with their own selection.
    • Bombfell return policy: You have seven days to decide what you want to keep; return what you don’t want and pay for what you do.

    Wantable is a clothing subscription box service for men and women. Choose from different types of boxes, called Edits, depending on what you’d like to receive. Wantable has boxes for women’s fashion or fitness. It also offers a men’s fitness box with athletic wear and loungewear.

    • Wantable style: Wantable has a fashion box called the Style Edit for women’s sizes XS to 3XL. You’ll get 7 items in each Edit that usually range from $50-$100 per piece.
    • Wantable fitness: Wantable fitness is available for men and women. Women’s sizes range from XS to XL, men’s sizes range from S to XL. Wantable fitness edits include 7 items that range from $30-$70 each. Keep what you want and return what you don’t in 5 days for free.
    • Wantable stream: Visit the Wantable stream section on their website to see what new options are available. You can request or decline particular items.
    • Shipping and returns: All orders ship free via USPS to the continental United States. Returns are also free when you stay within the 5 day return window.
    • Gift a Wantable box: Sign up for a free membership in order to gift a Wantable box. Choose how much you want to apply toward a box, starting at $20. The recipient will receive a box as normal, and apply your gift toward the clothes they decide to keep.

    Trendsend is a styling service and fashion box offered by the national retailer Evereve. Trendsend specializes in styling fashionable moms. After you provide information about the fits and styles you like, your personal shopper will create a custom box of clothing and accessories and send it to your home. Return anything you don’t like by mail or exchange items in Evereve retail stores.

    • Personalization: When you sign up for Trendsend, you’ll fill out a style profile with information on your fashion preferences, sizes and lifestyle. Additionally, you can share pictures of yourself and a link to any social media profiles so your personal stylist can get to know you before curating your fashion box. After you receive a Trendsend box, send your stylist feedback on every item so they can get to know your tastes.
    • Plan frequency: Trendsend is a flexible program. You can use it as a subscription box service and get a fashion box every month, every other month or every quarter. You can also buy a single box without signing up for a subscription if you want to try it one time before committing.
    • Trendsend cost: There is no styling fee, so you only pay for the items that you purchase from your box. Evereve clothes are available at many price points but are similar in price to clothing at high-end department stores. For instance, a pair of jeans will likely cost from $150 to $200 and a top will run from $50 to $100. Request sale- or clearance-priced clothing if you’re on a budget.
    • Trendsend shipping: All boxes ship free via USPS and arrive within three to five days of ordering. You can return items via USPS in the included prepaid return envelope.
    • Trendsend clothes: You’ll get 6-8 items in each box, including shirts, pants, dresses, shoes and accessories. Trendsend box items are selected from the Evereve store, so you can browse the online retail site to see examples of the kinds of things you’ll get. Brands include 7 For All Mankind, Kut from the Kloth and Free People, among others.
    Maximus Box

    Maximus Box is a big and tall clothing subscription box company that can help men who have a hard time finding clothes in their size get styled on a monthly basis. Men can sign up and receive monthly clothing boxes with sizes ranging from XL-6X for just $69 a month. If something doesn’t fit, you can send it back at no cost and receive another item.

    • Big and tall subscription boxes: It can be really hard to find quality, comfortable clothes in big and tall sizes. Because Maximus Box only styles men who are sized XL-6X, you’ll get stylish, comfortable clothes without the hassle of searching at a store.
    • Maximus Box Basic: The basic box includes two items per month and is priced at $69 per month.
    • Maximus Box Fresh: The most popular box, the Fresh box, includes three articles of clothing and one accessory for $99 per month.
    • Maximus Box Prime: If you want to completely overhaul your wardrobe, opt for the Prime box. This box comes with four articles of clothes and two accessories for $139 per month.
    • Maximus Box exchange policy: Maximus Box doesn’t accept returns, but they will make exchanges if an article doesn’t fit you or isn't your style. Simply request an exchange label and send the item back within the first 15 days of receiving it. You have to be an active member to exchange for free, otherwise you’ll have to pay the cost of shipping. Exchanges are sent in your next box.
    The Winston Box

    The Winston Box is a big and tall subscription box named after Winston Churchill. Their boxes come with 2-4 items, and they carry sizes 1X-6X.

    • Seasonally coordinating boxes: The Winston Box carefully curates boxes by season. This means that you’ll receive boxes that coordinate with each other, which will help you build an interchangeable wardrobe. The more boxes you get, the more you’ll be able to mix and match your clothes to create new looks.
    • International shipping available: Ship your Winston Box anywhere in the world. Note that all prices are in U.S. dollars and will be charged as such.
    • The Winston Box clothes: Choose from three style options: casual, classic or trendy. Or, select a mixed box to receive articles from all three styles. You can update your style profile before your next box ships if you want to change things up. The Winston Box has their own signature label, so you’ll receive clothes that are specifically designed to be stylish, flattering and comfortable for big and tall men.
    • Gift The Winston Box: For $85, you can gift one month of The Winston Box to anyone in the world. This can be a great way to give the gift of style and convenience to someone you care about. Note that international pricing might vary.
    • The Winston Box cost: The Winston Box is priced at a flat rate of $75 per month. Cancel your subscription at any time. If you receive an item that doesn’t fit, you can exchange it for a different size.

    Ellie is a women’s fitness subscription box company that sells monthly subscription boxes starting at $39.95 per month for a box with three items. Upgrade to a box with five items for $49.95 a month. Shipping is free for members.

    • Ellie style collections: Choose from three collections per month for your Ellie style box. You get to decide which one you want and whether you want to get three items for $39.95 (top, sports bra and bottoms) or five items for $49.95 (top, sports bra, bottoms and two accessories).
    • Get additional featured styles: Buy additional pieces of athletic wear for up to 70 percent off to mix and match items and create a full athletic wardrobe for yourself. You can also buy pieces from past collections to complete your look.
    • Ellie exchanges: Ellie doesn’t allow returns, but you can exchange items for a different size if you need to. Contact Ellie within 30 days of receiving your box to qualify for a size exchange.
    • Easily skip a month: Skip your month’s box between the 1st and the 4th. You’ll be automatically charged for your monthly box on the 5th day of the month.
    • Influencer marketing program: If you’re a fitness influencer with at least 5,000 followers, join Ellie’s influencer marketing program. This gives you early access to collections and a free 3- or 5- piece activewear subscription. You’ll also get a five percent affiliate profit every time one of your followers uses your link and signs up for a subscription.

    Compare Reviews for Top Clothing Subscription Boxes

    The Winston Box Read Author Review

    The Winston Box is a big and tall subscription box service. Its label of stylish clothes fits men sizes 1X-6X. Pay a flat rate of $75/month for 2-4 coordinating items that let you build an interchangeable wardrobe.

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    Trendsend Read Author Review

    Trendsend is a styling service for fashionable women provided by the retailer Evereve. Each style box contains 6-8 items. There are no styling fees, and you only pay for what you keep. Request sale items to save even more.

    Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide

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    Wantable Read Author Review

    Wantable offers fashion and athletic clothing subscription boxes for men and women. You’ll pay a $20 styling fee for style boxes, called Edits, which is credited toward the purchase of items in the box. Sizes range from XS-XL.

    Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide

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    by Kate Williams, Ph.D. ConsumerAffairs Research Team

    As a member of the ConsumerAffairs Research Team, Kate Williams, Ph.D. believes everyone deserves easy access to accurate and comprehensive information on products and businesses before they make a purchase. She spends countless hours researching companies and industries before writing buyers guides to make sure consumers have all the information they need to make smart, informed buying decisions.