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It was very misleading of Brookstone to offer 15% off ("no minimum order necessary use promo code: WD5065 at checkout") when a potential customer signs up for their email program. When I tried to apply the 15% offer on an item, it would not accept the discount because my item was "not eligible" for a discount. The customer service representative apologized and said that only certain items are eligible. This is very misleading as the email thanking the customer for signing up with Brookstone does not make this clear. I don't like to be tricked or taken advantage of in this way. Brookstone's competitors would not treat their potential customers like this. They would honor the discount. I am not happy, and Brookstone's website will not be the first one I look at when I begin my search for holiday gifts, etc.

Bad product max 2 cordless - I purchased this product Nov. 2015. It broke in July of 2016. They replaced it with a unit that did not work in August. Then replaced it with another unit in mid August which had a loose button but I fixed it with tape. One month later this unit broke. It overheats when charging, had the loose button and does not turn on now. They wanted to charge me shipping to send it back as if the units being defective was my fault.

It seems like they ship out the broken units as replacements for the broken units as warranty replacements. Very disappointed with customer service. Then a manager with customer service told me this would be the last unit they would send me. I have 9 weeks to go and the last two did not last a month??? So they are ending my one year warranty early with a very defective product. so bad product and worse customer service. I am no longer buying anything made by Brookstone.

First of all, their website is a piece of junk. It barely functions. Any college student can make a better website. When I was placing an order yesterday, I was never given the option of typing in my address. I got the confirmation email as soon as I clicked "use paypal to pay", and the shipping address is wrong! I don't know how my old address automatically popped up on there. I'm sure it's not because I paid with Paypal (Paypal never had my address). Nor it's because I forgot to "update" my address with Brookstone because I never shopped with them before. I guess their website just automatically pulls up the last address that is stored in my web browser.

After I finding the address is wrong, there is option to change the address or cancel the order. I tried to call them immediately but was told their office was closed. I called them again this morning and got "helped" by a sassy lady. She doesn't even talk like a human. To say she is a programmed robot is not overstated at all. She said the item is shipped and all they can do is to "try" to intercept the item and have it shipped to the right address. She said she didn't know when I asked the arriving time. When I asked what's next if they didn't succeed in intercepting the item, she just keep saying "We can try to intercept the item and have it shipped to the right address". What a joke! I give one star only because I'm not allowed to give zero.

I received the mattress pad protector but not power skirt. I have been exchanging email with customer care support people. Each time different one answers my email but they haven't been able to resolve my problem: "Your order shipped from a 3rd party manufacturer. We have reached out to them to get the information needed to have the correct item shipped to you. We have not had a response at this time."

Below is the correspondence that I sent to Brookstone. - Please be advised that this is the last correspondence or occasion that I will patronize your company. I was the contented owner of a grill alert and it is still functioning. Previously I had purchased a probe which after a period of time became defective over a year ago. As the one I have is becoming erratic I ordered the only probes you have available. They do not work correctly, and after contacting customer service another set was sent. These also do not work correctly. I spoke with customer service who was referring this to technical. 4 Days later I called to inquire and discovered that the question to technical was reversed.

Just so we understand, the grill alert unit works perfectly well, it's the probe that causes erratic readings. I was able to secure a refund of $24 for what I had paid for the probes that don't work, and essentially as the unit is out of warranty I should just take a perfectly fine grill alert ($60) and throw it in the garbage. When I had my business and we elected to discontinue a part required, on some level we made an adjustment of some sort to maintain our customers. When you review your stats relative to customer retention, and if the numbers are down, re-read the above. So I will await my credit for product that doesn't work, dispose of a perfectly good grill alert, and shop elsewhere.

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On Dec 7 2013 I bought a iConvert Scanner for iPad from Brookstone with a 2 year replacement plan. When we received it it was clear this was for the older generation iPad since it had the old connector The Buffalo store in Walden gallery replaced it with a Brookstone wifi model. I have never had it work 100%. When I mentioned the infrequent performance to Brookstone "support" the blame was placed on the instability of the APP and iOS 8 with the attached. Lately, they have asked me to call the warranty company but I do not have the paperwork of the exchange. It seems that Brookstone products are warrantied to work with a specific app and iOS version and if Apple ver upgrades we are SOL. I would not recommend anyone buys any Brookstone electronics as there is no real support and long term commitment.

Parcel marked as shipped but tracking stated it hadn't gone anywhere for 3 weeks. Chased, got told it would be investigated. Heard nothing, chased again 5 days later, told the same thing. This continued for a further three weeks. At no point was anyone answering emails helpful or apologetic. Thankfully I paid with paypal so was able to claim the money back. Avoid, these people are hopeless.

I bought a new relax massage chair from Brookstone for $3200.00 and within two weeks after I started to use the chair, my ankle was swollen. I went to the emergency room to have it checked out and was told that the chair had damage the ligament in my foot. I contacted Brookstone to have the chair picked up, so set a time to have their company get the chair. Two guys came to my home to get the chair, but I was cooking and could not keep my eyes on them. When it was all done and they left, I noticed that a leather bag with the content was stolen. I filed a police report and I still have not gotten a refund for the chair I returned or my bag returned or paid for.

I can't even describe how frustrated I am with Brookstone. I brought a OSIM uDivine S on September 2015 and just after 2 months, the massage chair had broken down. I have waited more than 6 weeks for the technician to even show up to try repairing it. His excuses was that the parts need to be ordered and that I am not his only customer. However, he couldn't fix it even though he came to my house THREE times trying to have it fixed. Then, I called Brookstone and they finally decided to sent me a new one.

After another 2 more weeks of waiting, the new chair finally delivered to my house. And guess what? It broke down AGAIN with the same issue. I have spent thousands of dollar on this chair and I felt like they were selling a piece of junk to me. I feel like the lifetime of the chair is only less than two months. This experience has been a nightmare to me. I am so sick of it already. They are wasting my time, energy and money! This is just absolutely ridiculous!!! I just can't believe it!!!

First and last time I will order from Brookstone. I ordered two watches to receive free shipping (order had to be over $99) but I planned on wearing one to my sister's engagement. My shipment arrived on time, except it was somebody else's order from New Jersey (I live in Ohio). I called twice within a week and each time they said they had to contact the vendor and they would call me. The third time I called and requested a refund because I didn't want to wait on a vendor who clearly isn't responding. They said they would have to send me a shipping label via email (I don't have a printer at home) and that once they received the other watch, they could give me my refund but it might take 2 days to process.

I just received my shipping label that I will have to print off at work (which is against the rules) and ship out the other ladies order tomorrow. I placed my order on the 6th and it's now the 23rd and I still have another week (if not more at the rate this is going) by the time I get my money back. Needless to say I am very disappointed and wish I would have read other reviews before placing my order. It could have saved me a lot of headaches and I could have ordered a watch from someplace else. Brookstone is a joke.

People with complaints write reviews and I am not exception. I order from the Brookstone website for a specific gift needed a month after I placed the order. It took three weeks for them to ship the product and then it went to the wrong address and returned to the vendor... YES, Brookstone is NOT a vendor, just a drop shipper. The results were disastrous and heartbreaking. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER again. You cannot rely on this site.

My wife paid close to $200 for a 'carry on board' suitcase about 3 years ago. The zipper broke last week and upon calling Brookstone, they said warranty is only 1 year long. 1 year warranty on a suitcase sounds rubbish. And in this day and age when so many companies, thankfully, offer better service we definitely won't be buying anything further from Brookstone.

I placed an order online from Brookstone back on 12/11/15. When I received my order confirmation, Brookstone had removed my 15 percent discount and did not give me free shipping as they advertised. I called one hour later to cancel my order. I was assured my order was cancelled. The next day I received an email that said my order had shipped. After numerous phone calls and being on hold with Brookstone for excessive amounts of time, a customer service rep said they accidentally shipped it. I had to get a return label (which took a week). I brought it to UPS and when it finally arrived at Brookstone, on 12/29/15, I called and was told it would take 5 to 7 business days to get a refund. Today is business day number 9. When I called to ask where my refund was, I was told that Brookstone's warehouse was closed last week so that did not count as any business days! What??? Now I am still waiting for my refund.

Product with bad quality - This is the second time in two months I have to go to the store to change the speaker. I was listening music and stopped working. Tomorrow I going to the store again with my receipt to see what they say. I don't want to lose my money.

They said that on the bottom of the receipt that it said that if the package is opened it is non-returnable. Then they told me they would charge a 20% restocking fee. We were livid and eventually they refunded my money because they did not want a scene. I understand why the stores are closing in different areas.

We purchased an electronic football game online at Brookstone. My kids notices the "bases" were missing and the game did not work properly. I revisited the Brookstone website and saw the stands they mentioned clearly in the picture. We looked all over for the parts and were not included in the package. The game cost $130. It said on the website that they want us to be happy customers, that we can return an online item in the store. Some exceptions applied and I read them.

I thought it was an easy return so we made the hour trip to the mall. The lady at Brookstone had to call 800 Brookstone customer service. They would not take the game back! The lady told us to send it to the third party vendor. I was furious. That would be at our expense. I went back in line, waited thirty minutes, and spoke to the manager who told me he called 1 800 customer service. He told me that he will not take the game back and I can take it back to Brookstone online. This was different information than the "third party vendor."

Side note: please never return to a third party vendor. If you worked through a company that sold an item from another vendor always work with the company you have the order number through or you can lose your money. The third party vendor does not have our order number, account information, nor proof of our order. That would have been a huge mistake.

Anyway, the manager told me new information but I wanted them to take it back at the store. No such luck and he was persistent in his final answer refusing to take back the defective game. I called Brookstone online six times. I waited over thirty minutes each time. The last time I got through and the man emailed me a packaging label. Thank God I still had the original box the game came in but it was at the curb for garbage day. The garbage men didn't come. I repackaged the game and sent it. I hope to get a full refund. What a hassle. I hate when online companies don't work with the stores. Poor service.

I ordered blue headphones online and before I even received them I received an email stating they may have sent the wrong color which was unacceptable to me. I called their customer service line and waited on hold for 45 minutes. When I finally spoke to an employee I told them I needed blue headphones not the white ones that were sent. They told me they would fix the problem. I waited a week and nothing came so I called back, waited another 45 minutes and they told me they were sold out of the blue headphones and I asked "Was anybody going to call me and tell me?" They just said "Sorry tough luck" so I asked for the supervisor. She was even worse. She stated they had received a batch of the wrong colored headphones but shipped them anyway to all the various people hoping the consumers would just say ok these work. The supervisor then said, "Tough luck."

These headphones were a Christmas present to my daughter and by the time I figured out nothing was going to happen it was the week before Christmas. Now I still have the wrong headphones and I'm waiting on the shipping label to send them back. It's been two weeks and they won't refund my money until they get the wrong headphones back. Don't ever shop at Brookstone. They are horrible.

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! After trying to place my order by phone for over 30 minutes I was advised to place the order online – so I did. Much to my disappointment, after I received an order confirmation and the payment was taken out of my account, the order status cannot be verified a week after placing the order! I was on hold a total of over 1.5 hours and given two promises of a supervisor returning my call to resolve the issue/explain why Brookstone cancelled my order and what they plan to do about it. Four calls later and having missed the window of the order being here in time for Christmas, I am forced to head to the mall...

I purchased 2 IConverter scanners from Brookstone less than 2 years ago. They both stopped functioning following an IOS update and did exactly the same thing... scanned one image, won't save it and locks up. After researching online I found that everyone else with this scanner was having the same problem since the IOS update. I contacted Brookstone and was told to call Apple. How ridiculous is that?? I told the customer service rep that hardware companies have to update their software to continue working right with any Apple or Windows updates. I was told they couldn't help me and since I purchased in a store, they couldn't refund. This is the absolute last time I will ever purchase anything at this ripoff store.

Being completely honest with Brookstone, I called and spoke to 3 different customer service supervisors who all denied my claim. My situation is while my new house was under construction I purchased a Boogie Board Writing Tablet from Brookstone and had it gift wrapped to give to my Sister for Hanukkah. Unfortunately, it got packed with all my things and went into storage for 5 years. I was finally able to give it to my Sister this year for Hanukkah and it does not work because the battery is dead. The instructions say you can not replace the battery, it is a disposable item. The tablet is good for the length of the battery or 50,000 erasable message times. My Sister did not get to erase anything even one time. What she wrote still remains on tablet board as the battery died during notation.

After speaking to three different supervisors, as a consolation, the last person offered me free shipping on my next item purchased and that there was nothing else they can do for me. I brought to her attention that the customer is always right, the fact that the word disposable was never listed anywhere on their website makes it fraudulent, the fact that the manufacturer claims you get at least 50,000 erasable usages and not one was available is also fraudulent, and the fact that I claimed my disinterest in continuing business with them, the supervisor had no interest in trying to satisfy me or rectifying the situation.

As a resolution, I suggested Brookstone to calculate the cost of half the item and offer me a store credit for future use. My suggestion was denied and once again they offered me free shipping for the next item purchased. I told them I can receive such an offer from any store especially this time of the year and will be taking my business elsewhere. The supervisor said "okay, have a nice day" and we hung up.

I ordered four outdoor wreaths with cordless LED lights on December 5th. I will not receive the items until December 17th. I called numerous times and was placed on hold for an average of 35 minutes each time. The company can't seem to process and ship orders in a timely manner. I ordered four items and I will be receiving them in three different shipments on different days. Not acceptable. I will stick with Amazon and LL Bean in the future.

I attempted to purchase items from because of their advertised Cyber Sale, 25% off a total purchase of $149.00 or more. When I attempted to apply the promo code to get the 25% off it would not accept the code. I called customer service and after holding and being passed around I was told by a very sassy women that the 25% off only applied to "select items" in the catalog. The items are not marked and are few and far between. They suck you in and use up your time in hopes that you will just buy the item once you get to check out even though you don't get the 25% off.

The supervisor said "it says on the front page of the site "Exclusions Apply." When I went back and looked I saw it in such tiny writing that I could not read it without magnifiers!!! What a joke. She was rude and the company practices false advertising. I can see why they do it. Even after that experience I still really want those items as Christmas gifts. The customer gets invested in their purchase and I suspect often times just goes ahead and purchases even though they don't get the promised discount. SHAME Brookstone. You should be better than that.

I will NEVER EVER buy from this company again. I had a horrible experience after buying a 300$ crate that broke two and a half months after purchasing it. They wouldn't provide me with a refund because "Brookstone doesn't refund for products that are not manufactured by Brookstone." I asked to speak to a manager and the woman said she didn't have his extension... Umm ok?? ** this ** - I'm out 300$ and stuck with a broken crate. Buy from, once ordered vases from there that came broken and sent me a replacement no questions asked.

I placed an order on Thursday 8/13/15 - a b-day gift for a 7 yr old. Paid for 2 day shipping, delivery promised by Saturday. Well Saturday 6pm, no delivery. Was told they had "inventory issues" and that it would go out on Monday! I said that "No, I needed this for today." She said, "Okay then I'll cancel and credit your shipping." Just like a robot! No sensitivity to the fact of what had happened, no ownership for the mistake. Long story short. They cancelled and I went on my (angry) way...

MONDAY 8/17 I get a call that my delivery will be sent out and should be received Tuesday - I'm like what??? They said they didn't get to it in time and that it is being shipped but I can just "refuse" the package. Thing is, I live in a building that you don't have to sign for all your packages and my bell isn't always rung to alert me. So package comes, without me having to sign. I call to tell them to just come pick it up and they have a policy where they cannot send a UPS driver to pick up if it is under $50!!! So NOW I am told I have to print a label AND personally GO TO A UPS store!! Are they out of their mind??? I am being totally inconvenienced due to their errors!!! AND never once did they come across as sympathetic/apologetic. It was just like, it is what it is... I am LIVID!!! This is the VERY first complaint I have EVER EVER submitted to Consumer Affairs - just cannot believe the audacity of this store!!

I ordered bunk beds from When ordering, the representative advised me that the beds would come with everything pictured. I proceeded with my order. By the time I received the beds it was during the week, my husband works night so the beds were put together that Saturday. When building it we noticed there were no steps/stairs to get to the top bunk. It was about 11 pm or so, they were closed also closed on Sunday so I had to wait until Monday to call. That night my daughter who is visually impaired tried to get out of bed, this is where she fell off and her glasses broke. I had to order new glasses that Monday morning. After that I called Brookstone to speak with a representative.

I explained what happened and had proof of how much I paid for the glasses that had broke and the new ones I had to purchase which are around the same price, 370. The representative advised me they will put in a claim and someone from corporate will contact me. I called to follow up and was told that despite not fall under property damages. They can give me a refund only for the beds which came with no stairs, only 3 boards to hold the mattress, my daughter's broken glasses, and we have to dismantle ourselves. I will never order from them again.

My wife bought 5 Brookstone Flash Sport Band Digital watches as gifts during the Thanksgiving week of 2014. The watches were on sale 25% to 50% off from its original price of about $20/piece. She paid cash for it. Due to snow storms in our area we were not able to give away the gifts. In early 2015 I tried to use the watches. None of the watches worked. All of the watches had one year warranty. I called customer services 800 on the boxes and talked to customer services representative. Initially I was told they were going to send me replacement batteries. I made several phone calls to Brookstone customer services. My wife was out of country.

Since March of 2015, I was under the impression that Brookstone either was going to replace the watches with similar product or give me credit. In June 2015, the customer service representative told me to send the 5 watches back at my own expenses without telling me the type of credit I will receive. I told the customer service representative to send me a prepaid shipping label and I would return the products without knowing the type of credit I will get. I tried to escalate the issue but I was unable to do that. Under these circumstances I cannot believe Brookstone expects me to return the watches at my own expenses.

Ordered a couch set as part of end of year purchases. Was supposed to get free frt but was charged frt 12.99 plus a 150.00 oversized charge. Was supposed to get additional Upromise discount (80.00) but didn't... We have been fighting over it for 4 months now. Received the couch quickly from some broken down delivery truck, one driver no lift gate. It was a fiasco. He demanded a "tip" (40.00) and wouldn't wait for us to uncrate them as see what damage occurred.

I was called the next day by the Brookstone trucking company asking why I refused the shipment. I explained I didn't refuse and explained what happened. They sent me a 20.00 gift card. So they gave me 20.00 to forgive $282.99 promised/advertised and not received discounts and a coerced tip. (He knows where I live.) The couch set is very low quality but is the dimensions they advertised. The item I purchased with the gift card was very low quality as well. (Not as advertised.) In this instance you do not get what you pay for you get low quality for high prices.

I ordered an item online just 2 days ago. The item already shipped as of yesterday. Received an online promo today that the exact item I ordered was now $10 less than 2 days ago. I called online customer service hoping to receive an adjustment especially since the price change just happened. They said they could not do any adjustment as the item was ordered outside of the time frame of the promotion. Other online purchases from other companies have posted changes without any trouble, price matched and more. I even spoke with a "supervisor" to no avail. I am so disappointed as this was a gift, and to keep me as a customer, you'd think it would be worth their $10. Be aware!

Ordered a $1000+ gift at Brookstone through their online service on April 22. It said item was in stock. After 3 weeks have not received it despite 3 calls to their customer service. The agents on the phone say "we will send you an email to confirm the status" and nothing is sent. Really a bad service altogether.

I am hard of hearing and bought the set to help me to listen to the TV without disturbing others due to the loudness of the sound. The rechargeable station stopped working within 3 months of the purchase. I purchased this set at Radio Shack with a warranty. They have completely gone out of business in my area. I cannot find my receipt, but I feel cheated. I believed Brookstones to be a worthy product. I am 78 yrs of age. Company Profile

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