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In July 2014, I purchased a modem from for $67.95 with their promise that I would get a rebate of $67.95 plus a $20.00 mail-in rebate. After several weeks I did not receive any rebates, I called BroadbandOffers. The representative told me I would get my rebates in a week. It has been six months; I still have not received any rebates. I call their 800 number (877-668-7221). There was a recording, saying that if I was calling about my rebates, I should contact my Internet company, Cox Communications... When I contacted Cox, they said they did not sell me any modem, I should contact BroadbandOffers. Well, here I am being fooled by their false advertisements... Wish there's some agency that can take action to straighten them up.

I ordered Cox service from Broadbandoffers because it claim to give full rebate of the Motorola modem. I mailed them the required documents according to the instruction, but no response. Today I tried to contact them, I found the website is closed and the telephone doesn't work.

So, like many of you here, I ordered my cable internet service through I photocopied all documents and sent the rebate forms in. Now three months later, I decided to contact them. Their 800 number voice service says to contact Cable company for all rebate offers. Then hangs up. So, I called my cable company. Guess what? They say to contact the company I ordered the modem through. Now I'm stuck in "no man's land." So, looks like Cox cable uses/authorizes these bad companies to re-sell their services. It's a win-win partnership for both of them. Cox pays them, Cox benefits from another customer, Broadbandoffers misleads/does not fulfill agreement to customers, and the customers are stuck. Buyer beware.

I ordered a modem through and was promised a rebate for the amount of the modem. After receiving the modem and printing the rebate forms, I sat down to meticulously put together the rebate items. I followed each of the 4 items meticulously, including printing blank pages of my first month’s bill, because it called for including ALL the pages of the bill. So I included them ALL. I also included the original receipt. After triple checking each of the only FOUR items, I sent it off, confident that I had beat them. I mean, I fly 747's for a living. How hard can following four items be.

Unbelievable, I received an email today stating that I had not included the receipt, and to send it along in order to receive the rebate. AAAHHH! How am I supposed to send it now that I have sent you the original? This company has an unbelievable amount of complaints levied against it. I do not expect to get my refund ever after reading all the complaints. This company is fraudulent, cheaters, and pure evil. I can't believe that they can continue to exist, and that companies still advertise on behalf of this so called "company." I hope others see this and know that this fraud is still going on. STAY AWAY FROM BROADBANDOFFERS.COM. gets your email from somewhere, and solicits you to sign up for cable services through a recognized provider (i.e. Comcast/Xfinity, etc). Their offered incentives might be a $100 VISA gift card (mine was actually two VISA gift cards for a total of $250). After following their requirements and signing with the provider (Comcast) I waited (and waited, and waited) for my $250. Never came. I re-filed the rebate forms and this time was notified that my deadline had expired and that I would not be receiving the gift cards. "Ironically" that notification came one day after the deadline (and about 10 days after I had sent in the second request). I have filed a complaint with the New Jersey AG's office citing fraud and misrepresentation. Given the number of complaints against this company online, it's probably long overdue. BOTTOM LINE: Avoid completely. You are wasting your time and relying on false representations.

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I went for the free Motorola model with mail-in rebate. doesn't give the details about the expiry date of the mail-in rebate. Once I placed the order, I got access to the mail-in rebate forms where the offer date is already expired. Broadband offers are totally crap. I have wasted my valuable time. Wish I could file a criminal case against them. and worst rebate experience - When I bought a Cox connection, they have offered a 100% rebate offer for modem when we buy from Broadbandoffers and pointed out saying this is coming from Broadbandoffers. After I bought the modem, I applied for rebate. My request was rejected as "duplicate claim." It's been six months now. I didn't get the rebate yet. I have contacted them more than 10 times. Every time when I file a case, their third party support team closes my case and will say that Broadband rebate team will get back to me, which never happened yet. My ticket is still hanging there. I had very bad experience with for rebates offers.

I had ordered a modem from Broadband Offers that read as a co-promotion with Comcast. It looked like a good deal after rebate, to have my own modem than paying monthly rent for the one from Comcast. Not only was the modem I received not functioning (it kept rebooting) and I had to rent the one from Comcast, the Broadband only partially reimbursed the initial amount I was charged for their damaged good, and kept $13 mailing on me, not to mention the UPS return receipt they mailed me did not cover a driver pick-up, so I had to spend my own time going to the store to drop off the box.

I followed all instructions and submitted the rebate forms completely in Sept 2011. As of Aug 2012, they have sent 14 emails with excuses why I haven't received either rebate check yet. Many phone calls and problem escalations have gone nowhere. These crooks don't even list their address and company name on their own website. Avoid these liars, cheaters and thieves!

Broadband modem offer - One word of warning, beware. This is a misleading offer, at best. There are no contact numbers instead, you are referred back to Comcast. Your best bet is to deal with Comcast directly. Yes, they try and up-sell, but there is nothing misleading.

I called this company that offered a supposedly good deal. It offered a package of internet, phone and cable for a low price so I thought it was a perfect 3 for 1 deal. I was so wrong. I just received a call today from my local phone company telling me I have a balance due. And this other company, Wave, is also charging me for the same services. A representative told me they would take care of all disconnections and that I should be OK. But now I'm stuck with 2 bills from 2 companies. One company is blaming the other and no one can help me out now. I just called Wave and canceled the service since they are a bunch of ** with broken promises. I had to pay double for the service which was supposed to be cheaper and I feel abused by this company.

I sent them all required paperwork for my rebate which were supposed to come in two checks, one for $30 and one for $69.95. They sent me the one for $30 but the other one they kept sending to the wrong address. After it got returned back to them, they sent it again to the wrong address. I've called them several times to provide my correct address and straighten out the situation and still to this date they do not send me the check for $69.95.

Beware of the misleading-advertising and unbelievably bad service from I tried to sign up for TimeWarner cable internet and the page loaded on which suggested that as a special offer? I could order from them a modem to use with the timewarner cable worth $89 for free after coupons returns and minus shipping costs.

The advert stated that I would receive the modem within 3 days. 7 days later I still had no modem. I called timewarner who told me that I DIDN'T NEED this EXTRA modem since they already provide the modem box as part of their monthly cost!! In the meantime, I checked online and the modem hadn't been posted. I tried to find a phone number but there is no direct contact number for BroadbandOffers. There is only an online form.

I emailed the form explaining that I hadn't received it after more than a week despite what they promised, that their website showed it hadn't even been posted and that I wanted to cancel the order. I received a proforma response from Pam apologizing about the delay and stating they would post as soon as possible! I replied that wasnt what I wanted and then got a proforma response explaining that I could refuse delivery and would be charged for postage and handling anyway.

They haven't even posted it yet, and are misinforming consumers by suggesting that it is a useful thing to get this modem when it clearly isnt since Timewarner already provides the modem box!!! Beware of!

I ordered comcast service and a comcast modem and was given the ability to send in for both a $30 rebate and a $49 rebate. This happened in July and I promptly sent it off. In Novemeber I realized that I had never received my rebate so I called the number that was very hard to find on the website and was told that the check was undeliverable but that they would reissue the check. I gave them my address again and waiting, in February I went on the website and it stated that yet another check was undeliverable to my address so when I called I was told that they wouldn't reissue another check because that is their policy.

I get mail at my address daily and offered to even provide them with an alternate address to send the check but they said they would not. Seems like a scam to me, very convenient that they can send me the a bill each month and a modem but they can't send me the checks that are due to me.

I purchased a cable modem through Cox cable in Las Vegas. I had to buy the modem, and do a rebate through

I had to wait over a month and a half to get my cable bill showing I had purchased high speed internet because I had to include a copy of this bill with my rebate.

They said the rebate was late and I do not qualify. The only information I had was an email they send with instructions on how to complete the transaction. It did not say anything about a time frame, which they now say is 60 days after purchase. I think the time frame is way too small because of needing to wait to get your bill. I think this is a boarderline scam to try to trick you so you can't get your money. I am sure they get bonuses for denying people.

Bought a cable modem through their order high speed internet get a modem for $9.99. Received the internet and modem. Filled out and photocopied the required forms etc for the rebate, sent it in and received a letter stating i was ineligible because of missing forms of whic as stated i have photcopied proof that i sent. They didn't send the proof of purchase back so now i have no way of getting my rebate. This seems like fraud or at least extreme deception.

I purchsed the broadband connection from them with the free modem (after rebate)offer, I have spent time and made sure that all (three diferent rebates 69.95, 50 and 20 $)are properly filled with all the required (UPC lable etc) with it and send before the expiry time.

Later when I checked out of three (even though they have sent on the same day) they have rejected (20$) rebate saying it did not make it in time, if the rest of two can come in time and then why can't 3'rd

Now as far as other twos are considered, they did satisfy all the criteria and when I checked on the web site, it showed that these are been send. (but in reality they never send) since I did not get any rebate check, even though I waited long enough).

Later in this month (after waiting for few days) when I called and spend time with these broadband offers and comcast and expressgroup people, they have raised their hands saying they can not reissue the rebate check since its more than 90 days (which is agains their policy).

Looks like their policy is to misguide people and tell them to wait untill the 90 days, and after 90 days inform them that you have crossed 90 days which is against their policy of reissuing checks. This policy they never (wrote/published) anywhere on their website/rebate form) and is available to them only.

We placed an order for a Motorola cable modem (Model #: Motorola SD5120) at on August 9th, 2005. A system error occurred on the website of, so that a duplicate order was placed without our authorization. When the duplicate order occurred, the webpage showed it as Error: Duplicate Order! Your order cannot be submitted because our records show that you have already placed an order 15 minutes ago.

So we thought it was a system error at and the duplicate order would not be processed. A couple days later, we received the first cable modem. Two days later, we found a second cable modem of the same model shipped to us, which was dropped off in front of our house while we were at work during the day. We found out that our credit card charged another $98.95 for the duplicate order on August 12th, 2005.

We called customer service and talked with a representative (we did not take her name and rep # back then). She told us to return the second modem for a full refund of $98.95. She did not advise us to get a tracking number for the return package. On August 19th, we received a USPS First Class mailing label from, for us to put on the return package. On August 20th, I dropped off the return package with the second cable modem in there, at the USPS office located at 2500 Eastern Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36123-9998. I did not get a tracking number for the package, partly because I trusted the merchant and we were not advised to get one.

Since the mailing label was for USPS First Class, I assumed it would take 5 to 7 business days for them to receive the modem. About one month later, on September 16th, 2005, I called for the third time to check on the return status of the second modem. I talked with Customer Service Representative Tanya (rep #: 3592), and she said they never received the modem. I asked if the modem got lost in the mail, could we still get our refund since their system error started all this, and we were not supposed to be charged for the duplicate order in the first place. She said NO. I requested to talk with a supervisor and Tanya transferred me to the head of the Customer Care Advocacy Department of their company, whose name is Brandy (rep #: 3523). Brandy gave me the same answer, saying that without receiving the modem, they would not issue a refund. After I stressed to him that it was the system error on their side and we never authorized the duplicate order, Brandy still insisted on the no-refund statement.

We believe it is unfair that we got charged for something that the merchant made a mistake on, and something that we never authorized to order. We believe it is unfair that we are not entitled to a full refund if the returned modem was lost in mail and the merchant never received it. Therefore, we are filing this complaint, hoping that could help us as consumers, and protect our rights. Thank you very much for your help. Company Profile

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