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Last updated: Jan. 11, 2018

110 Better Business Bureau/ Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 11, 2018

The Better Business Bureau is not really a place to settle disputes. They absolutely do nothing to help the consumer. They just forward your complaint to the company and that's about it. It shouldn't even be an organization. They're really just a farce. I've tried to use them twice now. Without any help from them. I don't know how they get paid, but don't use them, get a lawyer. Go to small claims court. I recently had a complaint with Samsung.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 7, 2018

The following is my opinion of recent dealings with the BBB. I contacted the BBB regarding an expensive vacuum cleaner that lasted less than 2 weeks & was replaced, the second lasted 10 mo, it was replaced and lasted 5-6 mo and it was replaced and lasted 5-6 mo. The company did replace one beyond the warranty but I was still not satisfied because the vacuum cleaners last a median of 5-6 mo and then will not function (and all mine died). I believe the company should provide a vacuum cleaner that lasts a few years for >$300.

The BBB relays your emails to them but when they respond they don't do anything about it, the BBB closes the case... end of story... In my opinion they don't provide any service to the customer. They do not appear to advocate for the consumer. They appear to rate the company A+ in spite of them providing very short lived vacuum cleaners. They are providing cover for companies to provide poor products and still look good to the public.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2017

I contacted BBB for an investigation regarding overcharging and deceptive practices by PEPCO. BBB made no attempt to gather any relevant information pertaining to the complaint, however the complaint was deemed closed. BBB is advertised as a consumer advocate organization but is clear to me that it is a typical INEFFECTIVE agency, and that any submitted complaint is a complete waste of time and effort...

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 18, 2017

I filed a complaint on a law firm that promised a refund if unable to complete an expungement of a criminal matter. I paid in full upfront, and was told by the firm that my case qualified for a refund. This was in September, and I still haven't received my money back. BBB mediated for one message between myself and the firm, after which the complaint was marked as resolved and that I was unsatisfied with the response. The firm stated that the refund would take up to 60 days per the agreement that I signed, I responded with screenshots of the agreement that stated refunds would take up to 30 days, and the claim was still closed. It's as if they didn't even read my response at all. It's clear that they're not willing to truly mediate issues for consumers.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2017

It's been years since I've dealt with the BBB and up till now have found them to be deceptive. Do not trust them as to anyone having a A+ rating via the BBB. First of all, BBB is FUNDED by the businesses they listed on their site. Meaning, they are paid via the business's (mostly) that you are either happy-with or NOT happy-with. Yes you heard me, they are paid by the businesses you might have a complaint with. Dahhh. After your tons of documentation and PROOF of violations against a company you are complaining about, all's the company (that you have a problem with) has to do is simply deny your claim and your complaint will be CLOSED. Yes, the BBB simply closes it and is filed as the consumer complaint is unresolved and THAT'S IT!

Nothing negative happens to the company (it doesn't hurt their rating). LOL. What a waste of time. The only time a company's rating you're complaining about suffers, is when they don't reply back to the BBB via your complaint to the BBB. So all's they have to do is simply not deal with you (deny your claim) and the corrupted company goes on as nothing was wrong. LOL. Oh, one more thing, when your complaint is a minimum of 3 (three) years old, the BBB removes your complaint from the BBB site as if it NEVER HAPPEN. LOL. Unbelievable!

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

I contacted them regarding a shady company that runs an online slot app. The company in question is not only corrupt, but I caught them lying to me as well. I submitted a complaint to the BBB who mediated for one message, and claimed the case was closed, despite, me, the customer being dissatisfied still. It was almost as if they had been paid off by the company not to handle the complaint further. Then I got an email saying they wouldn't post the negative review I had left, because I had filed a complaint. So apparently, when you complain about a company and get ignored by the BBB, you cant write a review.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 25, 2017

How can a business like AT&T Mobility with 95% negative reviews on the site and fewer than 25% of complainants satisfied end up with an "A+" BBB rating?! Can someone answer that one for me? Clearly the BBB thinks people viewing their site can't read or think, which may be true in the aggregate. I switched cell phone carriers from AT&T to Verizon in August because AT&T gives me zero bars on my phone when in either hospital I work at. Unfortunately, the bills kept posting to my credit card. In October, I contacted AT&T and the apologetic customer rep promised to credit September's bill to my account and swore I would not receive another. Neither promise was kept and I was billed again in October. At that point and after a brief further unsuccessful attempt at resolution with AT&T customer service where they refused to honor what the prior rep had promised I filed with the BBB.

I then heard from a "helpful" individual from "the president's office" who promised to stop the billing and take care of the OCTOBER bill. He did that, to his credit, but this was not a complete resolution. The BBB dropped my complaint at that point despite my dissatisfaction. Faced with this situation, enraged, and with no other avenue for retribution, I "cut the cord" with DirecTV (under the AT&T umbrella), though I was quite happy with them. I am now trying to leave a negative review, but the BBB apparently won't accept it because I previously filed a complaint.

So, I am learning to live without TV, save my discovery of the "Breaking Bad" series on Netflix, which has been a liberating experience. Oddly, I don't really miss it and I'm saving $200/month, and satisfied it isn't going into AT&T's grubby little mitts. But I just have to ask... Does AT&T Mobility OWN the BBB? It's a reasonable question given my experience and those of many many others with this company vis-a-vis AT&T & the complaint/review process.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

When my grandmother started having memory issues and needed more and more daily help, my family and I started looking around for Home Care Agencies near Phoenix and we had tried a few to keep her at home. We read a lot about aging in place and were not about to force her into a miserable nursing home, but we were not exactly happy with some of the initial agencies we used. ACA Wellness Institute costed a little more, but was nowhere near as expensive as a nursing home and we absolutely love them! Dave (RN) is awesome and the home care assistants are always very compassionate and professional. I don't normally write reviews much, but I feel like they deserve it and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them! A+++.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

Don't join the BBB. No one trusts it anymore and it adds zero to your reputation. Here's why: The BBB is unethical and just out for profit. They let scammer companies off the hook so they'll RENEW their memberships. Check out a bad company on Yelp, which is unbiased and collects no dues. The reviews will be bad. Then check that company's reviews on The BBB will give that company great ratings and call ALL their complaints resolved, because THOSE COMPANIES PAY DUES TO THE BBB. Basically it's like protection money. Join the BBB and your customer complaints will sleep with the fishes.

They are siding with PODS, who overcharged us thousands of dollars. I would attach receipts, but guess what? PODS doesn't GIVE receipts, ever, and even now won't provide a full accounting. Instead they sent VISA hundreds of pages of paper to overwhelm the VISA reviewers, and it worked. I no longer look to BBB for reference due to this. Get the word out. Put BBB out of business. It no longer means anything.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

How does BBB even write a business profile with no permission to list said business. Business has no interest to be member or non member. Against constitution to judge me without my consent. BBB is a pay to play judge and jury and business wants no parts of them. Without agreeing to be registered with BBB what right do they have to be in the middle of client/business without any business information. BBB listed my personal cell phone, my website and information without my consent. There has to be a law and based on all these reviews they are a Scam and illegally obtaining small business information and posting as such. I Will also be filing legal civil suit against customers so they should have stayed out of this since this is defamation of my character along with other costs. It's time to close the BBB for their scam operation.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

As a "consumer" organization the BBB field offices are basically worthless. Consumer complaints are not addressed against BBB members, and are, in the most part, weighed heavily in favor of a business. Two worthless acronyms: BBB and AARP.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

Back in April my company paid to renew our Accreditation status with the BBB. We have been and maintained an A+ rating with the BBB for 27 years. I called and gave my CC information over the phone and noticed several days later the payment never came out of my account. So I called and was told that my account was being reviewed. I called every week for months, looking for an answer and each week I was told the same story. Finally I was told a letter was going to be mailed to me to explain what issues were found on my company website that needed to be changed before we could move forward. No letter came. I called back and finally got a copy of the letter emailed to me 4 months later.

Basically the letter said the BBB logo on my website is unauthorized. I was never informed it was unauthorized. This logo was provided by the BBB. Turns out the logo we have, is an old version of their logo. If the BBB changed their logo they should've sent me a letter or an email with the new correct information, especially in their welcome package last year after they got my $500. I was also told I was misusing the BBB logo on my other websites. I have 37 websites all of which are subsidiaries of my main company. They are not LLCs they are simply websites. I should be able to promote the mothership on my other websites since they all point back to the mothership. I was also told I was using the term accredited to advertise what I sell is accredited. Mind you that is EXACTLY what I sell. I sell accredited Investors. The woman who was auditing my site didn't know what an accredited investor was or what we sold.

The BBB stated that I have had 2 complaints with them one in 2004, and one in 2012. I have no record of this and on my business page there was no showing of a complaint. I have just recently had a woman write a review on my BBB page because she is trying to extort me for money and I am not going to give her, her money back. Basically she started a chargeback on PayPal and I provided the correct information that I indeed provided the service she paid for and her CC company ruled in my favor. Her CC company has not released the funds back to my PayPal account yet but verbally told her on the phone the account had been refunded. I am not going to refund her money when she clearly received what she paid for.

I have been patient with the BBB. I have never had to jump through so many hoops just to renew my accreditation. I would like a written apology from them for the misunderstanding. I have written them several emails and have not heard back from them yet, these people have some kind of agenda, I have 0 complaints, they can't produce the alleged complaints and even if they are real, 2 complaints in 27 years is a miracle, especially since the LEADS WE SELL ARE AS GOOD AS THE PEOPLE THAT CALL THEM. We replace all disconnects and wrong numbers 2 for 1. I think they have some kind of agenda, maybe politically motivated, NOT SURE. They have been paid $500 a month for 20 years??? $10,000 in fees and this is how they treat us. Whatever you do DO NOT PAY FOR THE ACCREDITATION STATUS. I didn't want to give a star. In my book this should be a 0 star rating.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 20, 2017

This place I believe are friends with certain businesses and side with them even when they know you're in the right. I think business pays them a sum to make a case go in their favor. I know this is true. I had a complaint here and 99% knew I had a case but they sided with the crooks. Don't go here unless you want to lose.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 23, 2017

I can not get the BBB to stop soliciting me. My first year into business I had an encounter with the BBB. I had gifted a superior package of services for a person with terminal cancer. All services were at zero cost and our company covered the COG. The item was auctioned off and the package was fulfilled a personable service, which required much interaction with the client. After services were rendered and the voucher was redeemed. We were approached by the BBB with a complaint from this person. They made demands which were presented by the BBB and included repayment of the amount they spent on the auction package (which was donated to terminal patient), additional product and printing rights to copyrighted materials which were created by our company.

The approach was much like blackmail. We were told that by becoming a member our score would be returned to and A+. And without becoming a member they had no other option than to give us a degraded score and post personally identifiable information about the company and the owner online for public display. We are good hearted people who are honest and outgoing. We felt our true reputation would not be damaged by this type of manipulation. In fact we tried to file a complaint about the BBB on the BBB website and were not able to do so.

We feel our personal experience was very enlightening. We will not participate in BBB. Or 'Pay for Grade' types of endorsement. We have professional affiliations that guard the reputation and true integrity of our industry. The experience we had with the BBB was one that valued the income of new business over the true circumstances of the situation. Don't be Bullied!

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Original review: July 19, 2017

I started a business and registered on the BBB website for the MN ND region. I was then called about accreditation. I expressed interest but didn't qualify at the time for length of operation. Later, I got another call and while I didn't see the value in getting accreditation, I tried to just get the rep to send me info. He gave me his rebuttals and asked for a credit card. I said I didn't have it and the rep proceeded to get rude and nosey asking questions like, "Are you driving without a license?", "Where exactly are you right now?" In a really snobby tone. My business does not require me to drive first off, and second off, it's none of this guy's business (I do have my wallet. I just wanted him to get the hint).

He called again and I explained Ed I wasn't interested at this time but to check back later in a few months or at the end of the year. In the middle of my sentence he said he had another call and had to call me back. I emailed the BBB not to call me anymore on my dedicated business line as I'd gotten 3 or 4 calls already that day. My employees reported at least 3 more calls from the BBB sales dept which they were told to ignore. After this experience and the reviews and articles I've read about how the BBB tries to ruin your business if you don't get accredited, I will never ever seek accreditation with the BBB. Even if it did increase revenue (which it doesn't) I would decline as I've worked telesales jobs before and if a supervisor heard me talk to a potential client like I was talked to I would have been fired on the spot. Most shameful experience ever.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2017

I filed a complaint against the BBB office in Atlanta, GA which never got resolved despite my attempts to escalate it, which I will attach. Just to give you a quick background, it was regarding an unresolved complaint I originally filed against an accredited business, holding an A+ rating. After that complaint closed, I emailed the Trade Practice Specialist working on this case, asking whether or not they will at least change the rating considering that the business refused to refund my money on an incorrect order I paid for and failed to respond on three different occasions. She conveniently overlooked the points I brought up and stated that they will not be changing the rating because they cannot change the business's decision (which had nothing to do with what I mentioned).

When I responded and reiterated my points once again, she ignored my email completely. She has also "mistakenly" closed this complaint on two different occasions. It wasn't until I called her both times that she figured it was a "mistake" and reopened it. I also noticed that my complaint was posted publicly but then later removed for some strange reason. I have attached the email with Ms. **.

Then when I filed my complaint against this BBB, the manager of that office also overlooked the points I mentioned above and in a clever way, only referenced ONE of the factors that impact the rating of a business which is the business's complaint history with the BBB. She made sure to leave out the other factors impacting the rating, including a business failing to respond (which it did three times) and conducting illegal activity (refusing to refund my money). She further stated that therefore they cannot do anything further nor will they change the rating. What was worse was how the lady who handled this complaint from the CBBB (Council of the BBB) considered this complaint to be addressed and stated that they closed the file and that if I have any rebuttals, to send them directly to that office.

I certainly did not expect this from someone at the CBBB, but went ahead and emailed the manager of that BBB office, again asking her to address my unanswered questions, which were why the rating did not change due to the business failing to respond three times and refusing to refund my money. I also asked her why my complaint, which was posted publicly, was all of a sudden removed.

I also expressed my concern with her support of this business having connection with the business's accredited status and financial support of her office. She ignored my email. I then called the CBBB office and escalated this to a supervisor. I left a voicemail and did not hear back from her either. I then emailed the COO and General Council, both of the CBBB, explaining the same thing. They both did not respond. It is very disheartening to see this organization mislead consumers and embolden companies which are accredited and which financially support the BBB, to treat consumers however they please and rip them off.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2017

Less than a day ago I submitted a complaint on New York Community Bank aka aka My Banking Direct. However, only a short hour later (an hour later!) the BBB rejected my complaint, falsely alleging it didn't fall within its scope of complaints. What a crock of dog excrement! Furthermore, the same New York Community Bank had a FALSE A+ rating, DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT HAS ONLY 2 REVIEWS AND BOTH REVIEWS ARE NEGATIVE! I see a lot of rightfully angry people with the very same complaints about the BBB. Here's what you do: Very Simple: Go to whoscammedyou dot com. Post your review about the business AND ABOUT THE BBB right there. Your reviews and complaints will never be deleted and they will be visible for the world to see.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 7, 2017

How does a Company (A rated), up till the day their entire inventory (cars) was seized, by banks, after numerous complaints to, State of Tennessee DMV, numerous complaints by banks and consumers, both in and out of state. Gets better, after over two years, and all over the press, and business closed June 2015, still has an A rating. Owner plead guilty to interstate wire fraud, tax evasion, etc, plead guilty and is being sentenced to up to 30 years and 1 million fine in Sep 2017. Still nothing on BBB. BBB is worthless. It caters to the business and not the customer. Look for independent sources, a lot more of them and check as many as you can find. BBB accreditation is an I paid the dues club!

profile pic of the author
Original review: May 13, 2017

The BBB has built a reputation on being the go to source to find a reputable co. THEY are the crooks!! If the co. pays enough they get the A+ torch award rating. If they don't the BBB airs their dirty laundry!! That simple!! Something should be done about this. Where is an attorney when truly needed. The BBB need a lawsuit more than half the poor businesses they give an A+ rating to.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 12, 2017

Every time I have looked at a business on BBB to find a reliable company, I have ended up with unreliable data. Today I searched a business called MultiView. The profile showed that there were 7 reviews in which 2 were 1 star. There were 62 complaints! This business was rated A+ from the BBB. Upon looking deeper into the complaints and the dialog between the business and its disgruntled clients, it is clear that the majority of them were dissatisfied with the result of the complaint process. Still this company maintains an A+ rating. This is exactly what I wanted. Now I know for sure that I cannot trust anything that I see written here. I can stop wasting my time on this site (after this, of course). Unfortunately, this review will likely never see the light of day.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2017

I have a big complaint with the BBB. I was looking for an Auto Warranty Company and decided to look at the BBB ratings of companies that I am interested in. Upon looking at companies such as CNA, and many others, I noticed something odd. Some of these companies have up to 96% of their reviews as negative, and yet the BBB still rates them as A+. How can that be? Just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Am I missing something here?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 11, 2017

Not a valid or reliable source. Incredibly long story short, I once left a review for a company on the BBB website. It was a negative review. I looked the next day and my review was gone. The company called and had the BBB remove it, claiming it was a false review. I proceeded to contact the BBB and clarify that it was indeed a truthful review and they informed me to write a new one, so I did. Later in the week me and the company I worked for began receiving threats from the company I posted a review about. The BBB handed out my personal information and I was retaliated against. Also, how can you trust a review system where you can freely have negative reviews deleted?

Original review: March 9, 2017

This involves the Bonita Point Auto Care Inc. on E. H. St. in Chula Vista. This happened back in Feb. of 2013. Yes, I know it was awhile ago, and I don't have any recourse. But I felt this was such a dangerous repair work I should let people know. I had to get my 1981 Datsun truck smogged. I found a coupon (should have been my first clue), and took it out to them. The truck shows over 150k on the odometer, but the engine was replaced and only has about 60k on this engine. It did not pass smog, and they told me that they would have to repair the carb. Gave me an original estimate of $200.00. Well, a couple days later they called and said they would have to send the truck out to get it fixed. A week went by and finally they called to pick it up. The bill had gone up to $869.74!! I had no choice but to pay the bill. $536.00 for parts, and $343.00 for labor.

So the truck ran fine for about a year then I started having problem with it starting and idling. It is not my primary car, and I just use it for a "run around town" car. I finally got enough money to take it to another recommended mechanic. He found out the OLD carb was fixed with JB Weld, and it had finally give way and was leaking gas onto the manifold, a potential very dangerous situation. So, I had paid all that money for a tube of JB Weld. I ended up getting a new carb and labor for $309.00! So beware if you have an old car and you take it to these people!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2017

Like to leave a review for lack of help from the BBB for Southern Alberta and East Kootenay, they would not help me out as a business owner to remove a review when it was solely based on a person whom I never met got all bent out of shape cause I did not want to do business with them, and continued to be harassing me via email. The BBB is lacking big time in their policies on how they are run. Basically anyone with a heartbeat can leave a negative review on a company even though it may not be completely true. As long as someone verifies it somehow. They will post it...

I will never in my life pay one cent towards the BBB as it is a complete scam for what they are trying to do. No way no how do they have any protection for the company whatsoever. And give no support for any company. All they want is your money and then you never hear from them again... biggest waste of time. Hence a reason why I would never check the BBB for reviews because they cannot be fully believable.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 15, 2017

BBB is a total Scam. The government needs to get involved with the fraudulent actions of the BBB. I started a business in July of 2015. I did not qualify for a membership but the BBB gave me one anyway as I had a similar business 22 years ago and quit it 6 years prior. So they stated I had been in business for 22 years. After paying my membership of $330 per year I had a dispute with a person who works for a business that is also a BBB member of 30,000 employees and pays over $25,000 a year for their membership. The BBB demanded I go into binding arbitration using their arbiter. I refused. They removed my A+ rating.

To test them I was contacted a month or 2 later by an advertiser they receive a kickback from, Yellow Book. I agreed to spend $17,000 in advertising on the BBB website that would place me on the first page of any inquiry for my products on the BBB site. Then I cancelled it a week later. The day I cancelled it I received a call from Terry ** of the West Michigan BBB stating that they would reinstate my A+ rating if I didn't cancel the $17,000 in advertising.

Now my first year membership has expired and I am not renewing. The first thing that has happened is I have complaints that are not mine posted on my site. And a complaint from the State of Michigan that is contrived posted as "pending action". My response is not posted nor is the state of the complaint. It should be disclosed to the public how they work. And the fact that they are a franchise and that the franchise owners receive HUGE BONUSES based on membership fees. I attempted to sue the BBB and they provided my attorney a contract that you sign stating that you will not and can not litigate against them if you are an accredited member. Well guess what now I am not!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 3, 2017

My wife is the owner of business. She was recently contacted by BBB to respond to a customer complaint. The complaint wasn't even warranted and it was still posted on their website. She still took the time to respond to the complaint through the BBB office after already explaining to the customer what had happened (not her fault). The BBB didn't even get a final response from the customer and still posted this bogus complaint online and posted a BBB rating for her business.

I feel like the BBB is a sham and should be stopped. The honest small businesses that don't "Pay to Play" with the membership dues are assigned false ratings and have unwarranted and baseless complaints posted online. Both of which could impact financials of a small local business. They are crooks and provide nothing of value to society.

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Original review: Dec. 19, 2016

The BBB is worthless these day. They have gotten into bed with the same corrupt business they are suppose to be evaluating. The BBB has so called special representative that handle any and all complaints that have to do with certain companies. Like Etsy or Ebay. These people are in favor of the company and deter and reject any complaints they are bias against. Not truly being honest and reporting the bad dealing practices that are going on with these companies. If the BBB was willing to tell the truth these companies would have a F rating. That's how many complaints the BBB gets on these companies, but instead they shield these companies and falsely report their standing grade as A or satisfactory. Which is a lie.

It is a waste of time to write a complaint with the BBB on big business. Now as for mom and pop businesses the BBB are willing to tear these kind of business apart and give F grades all day long. The last several complaints I have written against Ebay and Etsy have gone nowhere. The BBB reports they don't meet their requirements. It does not matter what the topic is. Loss of money, bad customer service, fraud, it does not matter. The complaint will go nowhere. The BBB is worthless and if evaluated would deserve a F- standing. Don't waste your time with them.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2016

I was told that the BBB is there to protect consumers from unethical businesses. Well they "handled" a case for me where the manager of that business division promised the BBB in writing that they would refund me the money they over-charged me. The company lied to me about how the refund was given and waited until the one week time slot was up and the case closed. When I called the company back asking when the refund would be issued they said it wasn't their problem anymore.

I called the BBB to notify them that I never received the refund and was lied to and had to leave 3 messages and call numerous times over the span of a few weeks before someone finally called me back. (And it wasn't even my case manager!) The lady assured me that she would take care of it and call me back. (She never did.) It has been months since then and I am still forced to leave messages because the case worker NEVER ONCE ANSWERED HER PHONE or CALLED BACK. And I was always 100% courteous and patient with them. The BBB is a joke...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 18, 2016

On October 18, my mom and I sent a complaint to BBB about Leaders Merchant Services about their shady business affairs and to provide her a refund. On the morning of November 18, I checked to see why we haven't heard anything not only from Leaders, but from BBB and our complaint was closed with no communication with us. We didn't and still haven't heard from BBB or Leaders Merchant Services. Also, our complaint wasn't posted on BBB's website. We believe BBB is worthless!!! DO NOT SEND ANY COMPLAINTS TO THEM!!! Also, BBB gave Leaders Merchant Services an A+ rating, but Leaders Merchant Services is NOT ACCREDITED WITH BBB!!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? Poor satisfaction!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2016

I was paying over $400 to the BBB and I had a slow period so I ask to cancel my subscription. When I did they said that it would result in a down rating on the site. Then a week later they ask me to remove any BBB logos that I had at my facility which I did immediately after receiving the letter. A few weeks later someone called me and said, "Your rating went from A to F". Honestly I do not really care about that rating because all it takes to get a good rating is $400+ a year. I think I will stick to word of mouth, you have to earn that with honesty and good work ethics.

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