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My husband ordered a "Free Trial" bottle of Avesil and upon receiving it decided he didn't want to try it. We then went out of town and I forgot to mail the bottle back until the 21st day. They charged my card $89.95 and refused to give me a refund even though I did mail the full bottle back on the 21st day. This company sucks and I highly recommend staying far away from them!!!

I ordered the product. Tried it for a few days then decided I didn't want to continue. I called and canceled before the trial period was over. Then via email (which went to my junk folder) I was told I needed to return the bottle by a certain date. My bottle was received the day after the day they said it needed to be returned and I was charged the $90. I called and said that they either needed to return the product (since I only used 3 pills) or refund the money. After 3 weeks they did not do either. I called again and threatened to report the charge to my bank as fraudulent since they kept my return product and charged me a fee. They said they would send out a complimentary bottle. I just received the bottle and it is a different product... I AM LIVID.

I received the 30 day supply of one trial bottle and the enclosed paperwork informed me that I would be sent a bottle monthly and my credit card would be billed of $89.95 each month. If I wanted to cancel, to call or go online, and I would be given a number to send the product or bottle back within 21 days or I would be billed $89.95 for the bottle that I received as the trial! I read one reviewer saying they followed the instructions and were still charged the $90.00 on their credit card!

When I ordered the free trial offer nothing was stated as to the subscription I was automatically enrolled in or any other terms I have already mentioned! I received a email after going online to cancel informing me I would be charged the $89.95 or if I wanted to keep it I would get a one-time charge of $79.95! I am angry and I hope they don't try to charge me after I send the bottle back unopened tomorrow which will be 2 days from receiving it! I did reply to the email that I was sent telling them I would return unopened immediately and that I felt I had been scammed! I will never deal with a company like this no matter how good the product is!

14-day trial begins when you place your order. By the time we received the package I had just over a week to try it. No results in one week. Missed my deadline and had to pay $89.95. WAY overpriced! I had just over a week to decide whether it works or not.

When I read the directions, I was surprised! It states that you have to take one capsule twice daily, but not to exceed two in a 24-hour period. Well, if you do the math, that's 4 pills (twice for breakfast and dinner or whenever for two days). Plus I was jittery after the first one. Couldn't sleep even though it stated not to take within 4 hours of bedtime. Sorry Avesil, but you lost a customer.

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I never received my free trial version. I ended up 30 days later with a $90.00 charge on my account. I called to find out why and where my sample was. She said I received it which I did not but since I did not call back within 14 days she would cancel my account but they would not refund my money. So no product or no trial version received and you won't refund anything. I asked to speak with a supervisor and she put me in a voice mail. You also cannot use the email link on their site as it does not exist.

Company advertised for a free trial subscription. I called to cancel before the 14-day trial ended but I was still charged 89.95 and this amount was automatically deducted from my checking account even though I followed the company's instructions on sending back the empty bottle of Avesil within 21 days of the cancellation receiving the cancellation notice. This company is one big RIPOFF! I do plan to report them. Avesil does not work.

The website said nothing about $89.95, it only stated the $3.95 shipping/processing fee, which I paid with no problem. I would have never entered my card# if it was going to be charged $89.95. By the time the package arrived at my home, the trial period was over. Very angry and upset. Someone needs to do something about this company.

On 8-21 I requested a TRIAL bottle of Avesil weight control tablets for S & H of $3.95 deducted from my acct 2days later. I saw NO difference using the product AS DIRECTED. I DID NOT order more product, however, the company stole $89.95 from my account 9-7-14 then $95.90 on 9-27-14:(

I ordered this product online and received my trial offer. I received the pills and started taking them the next day. Couldn't tell any difference and decided to go to the website and found the complaints about this product and started reading. I tried to return the pills and ran into the same problems I had read about. Couldn't get into the website and they wouldn't answer my calls either. I called my bank and told them about my problem so they canceled my card number and gave me a new one. They are checking my account so the company can't take out any of my money. Thanks for the people that write these complaints.

This product does not work! Buyer beware. I wish I would have done my homework and read reviews before starting my trial. But I didn't. Sometimes we are so desperate to lose weight we are willing to try anything and believe any marketing material. That's what the makers of Avesil know and believe too about consumers like me. So they offer a 2-week trial but send you a 30 supply bottle. You pay $3.95 s/h but if you don't cancel within 14 days, they take $89.95 out of your account! I work out every day.

I took Avesil and didn't see any change in my appetite, energy or scale than exercise alone. It's placebo. I emailed to cancel and was told I just purchased the trial bottle because I canceled according to their records on day 15. My recommendation is stay clear of Avesil unless you have money to burn. This is a scam. But if you're hardheaded make sure you cancel the day after you order. If you wait to do it when the product arrives, it's too late and you're out $90!

I thought I was paying for a FREE 30 day trial which they were advertising as a special deal for just $1 shipping. In the package I just received it states that I've agreed to received monthly shipments at $89.95 + $5.95 shipping - total of $95.90. I have the receipt that I printed from placing the 30 day free trial and nowhere does it say I'm signing up for monthly shipments. This is the worst kind of deception. I tried calling and was on hold for ages until their offices closed. I tried using the website as it stated on the shipping instructions but it does not work. I clicked on the "email us" link and it comes up as an invalid link. Stay away from this company unless you have money to burn.

Ordered 2 free bottles. One for my daughter and myself. Paid for shipping. Then WHAM. I'm charged 95.90 x 2 for pills I didn't order!! BBB is my next step. And they don't work.

I ordered Avesil with 14-day trial period on Sunday, 9/9/12, which could not have possibly shipped until the 10th, the earliest. I received the end of the week, cancelled on the 25th, and email confirmed that it was received. However, I was charged the $89.95. I disputed the charge only to find out the 14-day period starts from order date, not trial period. According to Avesil, my 14 days began on a Sunday, four days prior to my receipt of product. This is a complete scam! Unfortunately, we as consumers can do nothing and they made $89.95 off of each of us who fell for the 14 days.

Same story as the others - I applied for the free trial and cancelled during that free trial of 14 days. Later, I was charged and they refused to credit back the charges of $89 and $95 because there was no record of it in their system. It seems they conveniently miss processing cancellation orders for people.

I asked only for the trial bottle - nothing more. I paid the Shipping & Handling. My account was debited $95.90 on the 15th. I didn't notice until the 16th. They said I didn't cancel my membership. I didn't sign up for a membership. I called them again on 11/19/12 and they said I'm not getting my money back and they hung up the phone on me. I want my money back and I also filed a claim with my bank (Chase).

They (Avesil) charged my account $90 for a bottle of pills that don't do anything! They advertise $3.95 and then charged me $90 to my checking account without my authorization!

Avesil's website is misleading, even reviewers think that you can purchase a free sample bottle by just paying for shipping which is $3.95. In reality, they will later charge you $90 for these pills that don't even work. Don't fall for this! The diet industry is a terrible thing preying on the weak and vulnerable of this world. They should be ashamed of themselves.

It's totally ineffective, overpriced, and no comparison to Metab-O-FX. I could not get my money back! It's a total scam!

Avesil has bad service. They are liars and bill for no reason. This is horrible customer service. By mistake, I didn't cancel within my trial period. Okay, my fault. I called and I told them I didn't want the product anymore and the lady said it was fine. Well, 2 weeks later, they charged me the $95.90 again! When I just called them, the guy said that there is no record of me calling, therefore, they can't refund my money. What! Besides all that, they are rude, expensive and the product doesn't even work! I guess that's why they offer no refunds! Stay away!

I'm disabled and on SSDI and on medication. My girlfriend is on medications too, and I did not know she could not take other over-the-counter drugs. Plus, I cannot afford a $89.95 charge to my account for a product neither of us will ever use. I was under the impression that I would only be charged $3.95, but they charged me $89.95 even after I called them and told them I did not want or even use their product and could easily return the unopened bottle. They never called me back and lied to me about their records, saying that I never left a message. They said even if I left the message, I was 1 day late and that meant they were going to charge me anyway.

I did not understand this at the time of the free trial offer, I explained to them that I was getting the free trial for my girlfriend and it was never even opened and I would gladly return it. They would not work with me at all and were extremely rude about the whole thing. I was disconnected at least 6 times during the call and had to talk to 4 different people, none of them would listen to my situation or offer to help in any way. They just kept saying that I was going to be charged whether I liked it or not. I still have the unopened bottle that they refused to take back. I don't know what to do at this point. I was deceived by their website and lied to by their customer service, how is this legal? I am even willing to return their product. I tried calling them repeatedly and they hung up on me every time. They would not even listen to my concerns.

On 10/26/11, I went to their website (http://www.avesil.com/) late at night pacific time, technically the 27th in FL, and placed a free trial order. This order shows up in my banking records on the 27th. They claimed it was the 26th, anyway. This makes my free trial end on 11/10/11, but my free trial period actually ended on the 11th per my records. I called on the 11th and have phone records of a 1min 39sec call where I placed a detailed message turning down their product and stating that I wanted to return it and get a refund. They claim I never called and they have no record of this. I saw a banking transaction that my records show I was charged $89.95 on 11/14/11.

I called back today to dispute this charge, and the customer service proceeded to be very rude, hanging up on me and interrupting me numerous times. I finally talked to a person who said (which I have recorded) "I will give you a refund if I am wrong about why you called." I said okay. This person went on for a few minutes and was completely wrong about why I called and when I said that the person hung up on me. I called back to explain that I had recorded the phone call and that the previous person said they would refund my money and then again they lied and told me that they weren't actually going to give me a refund. This whole time, every time I called, they would put me on speaker phone and laugh and badger me in the background all while the customer service was going on for almost 10 min. not letting me speak at all and telling me that I was being rude for not letting the person finish.

I never acted rude, I was using up minutes on my phone and I was trying to state why I called and they would not even allow me a moment to speak before they hung up on me again, simply for holding the previous rep responsible for offering a refund and then denying it. I have some phone conversations recorded and they do state they will give me a refund and now they won't. Besides all this, my Doctor recommended I not take these pills because I have a severe disease called Tarlov Cycts. I explained to the reps this and told them that the money they took was to pay for my vitamins and medication, they were still very rude.

These personnel are named: Sara, Hoolio, Maria, and even the supervisor Jessica. The company that distributes it is Green Bracket LLC, Avesil is the product name. It is located at 4135 Laguna St., Coral Gables, FL 33146

I ordered trial offer and didn't like them. They charged my credit card and when I called to cancel and return, she refused to refund my money, $95.90, for bottles of pills that do nothing! These people are crooks! I don't know how they sleep at night. Stealing from people on the Internet is a crime. Hope you go to jail for this!

It seems that no one read on this website. Every company has terms and conditions. Read them before ordering anything, like Avesil!

I had the same problems with Avesil. I ordered the 14-day trial and I received it in 7 days. I only had 7 days to try the pills, which made me sick. I tried calling Avesil but couldn't get through so I tried the online cancellation. So I thought I was okay, until I was deducted $95.50 from my checking account for the 2nd order, which I didn't get until a week later. I tried calling to no avail and I did the online cancellation a few more times, and it still didn't take. I returned their product back to them, the first bottle which I only used 10 pills and the 2nd bottle which I didn't even open. I sent them copies of the letters telling them of my cancellation. The only way I was able to stop them from charging me again was to cancel my debit card, which was a total inconvenience to me because I had to wait for a new card and then I had to wait for a new pin. This took 10 days, but I would rather be inconvenienced this way than have them continue to charge me for a product that I canceled in time. Since no one at Avesil reached out to me, I decided to contact the Better Business Bureau.

The company refuses to refund my CC. I did not order the product and have never received it. It was fraud. They refused to do anything and claimed that they don't store credit card numbers, yet they have no problem taking money out every month. I'm telling you, this company is stealing! I don't even want to give one star.

Ordered the trial bottle and tried to cancel the automatic delivery. Was I was not on time and that I had signed up for monthly delivery which is not correct. It is not possible to meet the terms for cancellation and my experience is like many many others where you are scammed into being charged for additional orders you do not want and have to fight to terminate.

I could not use the online customer care to cancel my subscription to this product, but I was able to call by phone and after holding for approx 5 mins, I spoke to "Kimberly" who immediately sent me an email confirming my cancellation.

This is a scam. The number on their website is 866-730-3300, which recognizes if you are calling from a cell phone and instructs you to dial * for more information. A recording comes on that states that you will be sent a text and to respond with 'Y'. The text states that you will be charged $9.99 per month. The number that they give you to cancel your membership is disconnected.

This is a scam. All they want to do is to charge your account the $89.95. They start your 'free' trial the day that you order the merchandise. You don't receive your merchandise until six to seven days later, or in my case, nearly 10 days because of the holiday. There is no physical time to try the product and return it in accordance with their terms and conditions. I think that this constitutes mail fraud.

I ordered Avesil just recently. I wanted to try the 14 day trial but have noticed no changes in my weight as the product promised. Before my trial offer was over, I tried calling the 1-800# so that I could get the RMA# to return the product back but have not be able to reach any one there. I called between the hours of 8am and 4pm and the answering machine keeps telling me that the office is closed and the regular business hours are from 8am to 6pm. This is all a "fraud," and this company will be reported to the Better Business Bureau. I hope no one else gets suckered into this crap!

I ordered a free trial on 11//6/2010. I tried the product and doesn't work for me because I can't sleep and having chest pain. I called on 11/10/2010 and talk to a guy for rma # and he told me he will email it to me right away but until now I never received one. I keep calling and nobody answer the phone, so I believed that they are doing this in purpose so they could take your money in your account. We need to aware a lot of consumer about this company.

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