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I requested discontinuance of services over a year ago, however, a $2 charge appears on my credit card statement monthly. Unable to reach customer service. Email address provided is no longer working. What next?

I really don't know how I am getting debited from this company every month. I have dealt with this for about two years. I even called them and cancelled what ever it was that I supposedly signed up for. And still they are debiting money from my account. I even changed my debit card number and my bank has refunded the amounts that has been debited and also deputed it for me. I tried to call them again to complain and all I get is circles with the phone. And I also tried online and on the phone it gives you another website I am so tired of these people doing this.

I noticed that there were a lot of complains when you type privacy plus. I need this to stop. At first it was for about 60 something dollars and additional 2.00. They stopped the 60.00 something but they are still taken out the 2.00. And I just don't know how they even are doing it without my consent and when I changed my card because of this issue nor do I know how long it has been going on for.

Since April 2009, they have been deducting $2.00 per month from my debit card. I never authorized this and do not know how they got my debit account number. I am 66 years old and this has stressed me out. I have tried to cancel to no avail. All the accounts online on the complaints all say the same thing as me. This is fraudulent.

This company have continued to debit my Mastercard account after I made them aware that it was unauthorized by me.This had been going on for 6 mos. before I was aware of the charges. The person I spoke with said he couldn't speak to me because my name wasn't on their account file. There is no one but me who is authorized to use my Mastercard. I can get no sane person from this company on the telephone. I would appreciate any help or direction on this. Thank you.

This should be called MVQ Piracy. I have no idea how this scum landed on my Visa. Apparently, they have been bilking me for about a year, $2 at a time. There is not a service I would have ever been interested in. I did not purchase membership into Classmates. I have no idea how this got got into my account. Please do not email me regarding this.

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I did not sign up for this service, I simply inquired about it to see what they offered. I have been receiving automatic withdrawals ever since. I have tried to call and cancel but the phone loops and I don't get any response. I am so sick of this.

Privacy Plus is charging my checking account each month $2.00. I have called them several times and asked them to cancel this subscription because I have never signed up for this service. I keep getting told it is cancelled but the charges are still occurring. I do not have AOL and haven't had this service for several years. I don't know how they got my info to charge my credit card. I don't know their address.

I called today, 6/16/10 and supposedly the account has been cancelled again. I did not speak to a person but got a recording after inputting my telephone number and pressing a number to cancel this account. I would like this charge to stop. I am contacting my bank today to have them stop this automatic withdrawal. This is my money and no one should have access to my account. I did not give anyone permission to withdraw funds. This is creating a hardship on me mentally and physically.

A $2.00 per month charge (payable to PrivacyPlus) has been appearing on my GM Card MasterCard account for several months. The charge started when I subscribed (temporarily) to Free CreditReport. I did not authorize a $2.00 per month charge to my credit card account (payable to PrivacyPlus or anyone else). These people are stealing money from bank accounts and credit card accounts. At the very least, they're committing fraud. Is there nothing we can do to stop them and the fraudulent activity they're performing?

I'm only losing $2.00 per month but there are probably hundreds (if not thousands) of other folks who are also losing the $2.00 per month. And nobody seems to be doing anything about the situation. I want this fraud (and that's what it is, make no mistake about it) to be stopped. Period!

I have a $2 recurring charge on my checking account which I did not authorize and which I can't seem to stop. I found a telephone number once and an individual I reached agreed to stop the charges. This has not succeeded. What recourse do I have?

Privacy Plus has been deducting $2.00 from my checking account for months. I cancelled on 11/4/09 (conf #310482405) and again on 5/13/10. I tried calling to get person on phone, but it is automated and does not prompt for live person, then disconnects you. They are a fraud and need to be stopped.

After checking my bank statements, I found 5 companies have signed us up for memberships that never were authorized. After contacting these company, I was told to contact you. I would only then get any results. These company didn't have any right or authority to charge my bank accountant the total of $220.55. I believe that this is "fraud". As a result of this unauthorized action, our bank account went into minus and we had to pay the bank overdraft charges, what put us way behind on our bills.

Back in December, I ordered a free credit report and was charged, then credited the standard $1.00 fee. I cancelled the 7 day free trial within 3 days. Since then, Privacy Plus continues to charge my card $2.00. I have not authorized these charges and continue to be charged. I have tried to speak to a "live" individual and have also cancelled through their automated system only to be charged again this month!

I never signed up for their free credit monitoring or whatever it is they do. But then I began seeing a monthly charge on my bank statement for $2.00. I may have signed up for a free 7-day enrollment, but I always cancel anything like that well within the 7-day period. Anyway, after 5 months of $2.00 charges on my bank account, I got to the bottom of it. I never, never signed up for their program, and they screwed me. There's a very surly unpleasant girl on the phone--she's hostile, mean, and nasty. Do not deal with these creepy people!

A debit of $2.00 showed up on my account. I called the number, and spoke to a representative Iva, about the charge. She started asking me for personal information, which I was not willing to give out, in order to look up the charge. She wanted my debit card number, as she could not find anything under my name. Another representative, Christina, who sounded like the same person, told me they could not find me in the system, yet this showed up as a debit on my checking account, with their name and phone number on it. I never signed up for any protection plan program.

All of a sudden, we started seeing $2.00 charges on our bank account for MVQ-Privacy Plus. I called the number the bank gave me, and was not able to speak to a live person. These people need to be shut down. I then had to dispute the charges at the bank, cancel my debit card, and could only get refunded 2 months. I experienced economic damages. How do these people stay in business, cheating people this way, and why don't you do something about it? It's been going on long enough.

Our son was seen on 2/6/09 for the flu. We were never billed for the lab fee for that visit. We were turned over to collections and a bill for $4.28 appeared on my husband's credit report by Fredericksburg Credit Bureau, Inc.

After some research and letters, it was determined that bills were sent to our old address and this mistake was made by Primecare, as they had our current address. After paying the bill and being assured that it was taken care of, we are still receiving collection letters from Fredericksburg Credit Bureau, Inc., demanding payment.

Both parties have refused to give us something in writing showing or explaining that they made the error and that we have paid the bill. They also refuse to refill my ongoing prescriptions that I just got 3 months ago because they are being hard-headed about it.

I ordered free credit report from just to be (slammed) enrolled into another deal without my knowledge. I cancelled everything and the privacy plus portion will not stop stealing my money. These are bad people and need to be uncovered for their crooked ways. They (privacy plus) will not stop taking money from my bank account. Every month, I have contacted the bank to resolve the issue, but I have been robbed of around $20 plus at $2 a month.

I requested my free credit report on their website. They charged $1.00 to my debit card that was refundable when I called to cancel, after getting my credit report. I called immediately after receiving my credit report to cancel and the message after inputting all of the information said that it had been canceled. The next month, another $1.00 was taken out by them. When I called the number again, I'm now being told that I have to email them to have this canceled. It looks like they will continue to take $1.00 a month until who knows when.

Unauthorized charges of $2.00 a mo. - I have requested that no charges ever be placed against my credit card without my approval. I want all things pertaining to Privacy Matters and anyone connected with them cancelled and my account credited for all such.

I was charged for a service that I didn't ask for or know I was getting. They did refund me for 2 months but not for the previous four (or so they said, I have to wait 3 more days to find out from my bank). I spoke to my bank and they informed me that they have dealt with this several times in the past with the same company, PRIVACY PLUS.

As a result, I am out almost $200.00 for a service that I did not want or get!

This charge of $1.00 appeared two times on my Credit Card. I don't know who they are nor did I authorize the charge. The charge wason my Marriott Card (Visa) I suppose I will call Marriott (Visa) and complain about this charge.

I got charged for an account I never opened by a company I never heard of. Thankfully, due to Internet Banking service through my bank--Susquehanna Bank, I caught it,and called their provided phone number only to get an automated menu, which would not lead me to a live operator. I tried to access their website, only to get an error message stating that their web page couldn't be displayed.

The damage that resulted is the UNAUTHORIZED charge to my checking account of $1, which I deserve to have credited back to the same account.

My mother is a senior citizen. I went in to transfer some money to her account and found it overdrawn. I called her and told her. Later that evening after work I went down there and went to her online banking. There we found a "debit" in the amount of $199.95 for Privacy Plus. This was a totally unauthorized transaction. I called the number and got pretty hot with them. They said they would refund and when I informed them that there were overdraft charges that they had caused, they then asked that we fax her bank statement to their Consumer Affairs Dept. I wrote it all down, printed her statement and told her to go to the bank the next morning. The bank was great. They told her that they would handle it, that this was total fraud. She talked with someone on the phone at the bank that handles this sort of thing. The bank put her money back in the account, reversed the overdraft charges and told her they would send her a form to fill out. They will handle the rest.

How does this happen? They even had an incorrect address. One that she had not lived at for years!! If a person could only go through phone lines!! Thankfully we caught this, but how do you prevent it in the future? Oh, one other word, they told her that she had clicked on a banner on the internet. We know that's not true. She rarely gets on the internet and there are NO banners that pop up. Plus, if she had clicked on something, she would have had to enter her information.... she would not do that. My mother is a very smart senior and keeps up with ways that people try to take advantage of them. Overdrawn account, plus $99.00 of overdraft fees. PLUS the $199.95 that they deducted.

I cancelled AOL Music now and they still billed me until I found out today (05-18-06). About 4 more month after cancellation.... My second complaint is AOL privacy plus. They started billing me twice a month and I can't get any to tell me why... What can I do..... Please help.... They made me overdraw my checking account!!!!!!!!!!! Once again what can I do? You can't get anyone to help you at AOL.............

I noticed on my bank statement a charge that I had not submitted. It was for $14.95 for Privacy Plus. I called the company, cancelled my subscription and then asked how I had gotten a subscription in the first place. They said it was from clicking a pop up through AOL. It turns out I've been charged a total of 9 times for a service I never wanted or signed up for. All of my info was obtained from AOL and that's how I was charged. I told them I wanted a refund and they gave me a month's refund. Then a supervisor told me I should have read all of the fine print in front of me before I signed up if I wanted to get a full refund, I said, "I never signed up," and I intend to report this company to the BBB. They then gave me another month's refund, but said they would do no more. I am a single mom, currently unemployed, and I need every penny I have. These charges have caused overdrafts in my account and additional payments to the bank and other businesses as a result. I am furious that I could not get a full refund. This company is a real scam. I am also furious with AOL for giving out my info. I feel like someone needs to be held accountable for this fraud. How can I get my money back and how can they be stopped?

Today I checked my Credit Card statement and found that some transaction with description "MWI*PRIVACY PLUS 877-500-5774" of amount $16.95 has taken place. I got suspicious. I traced back and I found that since Oct 2003, every month they have charged $14.95 regularly on my Credit Card and since last two months, they are charging $16.95. This way I have lost $153.50 till date. Please help me to refund the money charged on my Credit Card. I had never given any Permission to any body through AOL to charge my account. These transactions have been made without my permission.

I have been automatically billed since May and don't have record of this being set up. I don't have a member #. Please check your records. Thank you.

Be advised, your company Privacy Plus has been deducting monies from my Chase bank account fraudulently since June 2003. I have not given your company or AOL permission to deduct monies from my bank account. Following are the debits made: June 30, 2003 $14.95; August 12, 2003 $14.95; September 12, 2003 $14.95; September 26, 2003 $14.95; November 12, 2003 $14.95; December 3, 2003 $14.9; January 9, 2004 $14.95; January 28, 2004 $14.95; March 24, 2004 $14.95; June 01, 2004 $16.95; July 01, 2004 $16.95; August 02, 2004 $16.95. TOTAL: $185.40. AOL gave information on my checking account to Privacy Plus, which is Fraud.

I was new to a comp. & I think I wrote in my bank debit card number for a free 1 month membership subs. Do not do this anymore though! Anyway, I did not get any services for my $14.95, I canceled to them & SUPPOSED to get a refund on $14.95, so far $1.00! Canceled out my debit card & now have a new card! So far I dealt w/ Conn. & Neb. I'll fight for my $13.95 but I learned no more bank #s on the Internet!

Wrongly charged $9.95/month since May 2003 for service I did not authorize, accept or approve. Apparently, one of my children, who has a separate screen name, was made an offer for "Privacy Plus" and accepted it. Without my approval, AOL provided "Membership Services/Privacy Plus" my credit card information. They have refused to refund anything except the current month.

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