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I ordered a combo pack of ink for my printer model #, and received two black and no photo black. I called and was told that I ordered the wrong one. There was only one combo pack and I thought that a combo pack included all cartridges. I was sent all of the other cartridges but not the photo one. It was like she was reading her answer to me from a manual on how to respond to a complaint.


I've had a 2006 Touareg for 1 year and I've had replaced my headlights 4 times already. They turn off and on until finally just turning off for good. At $60 a piece, these headlights will cost thousands of dollars over the life of the car. $60 per headlight and $480 so far.


I purchased a bedroom set for my little girl on 11/12/2010. We were so excited, since my little girl, who is 3 years old, was going into a big girl bed. We had a delivery date scheduled for 11/21/2010. Well, the first thing that went wrong is that we did not receive a phone call the day before for the delivery time. So, the morning of the delivery day, I waited till 11am and called to see about the time. That was my first interaction with the very sarcastic and non caring, Kyle, the customer service manager.

He told me he didn't know my time and the driver would call me in a few minutes and basically hung up the phone. So, we waited for the few minute phone call, that never happened and then 3 hours later the delivery guys showed up. So, the next disaster happened when they starting setting up the bedroom set.

They first came across the mirror had been damaged. The second thing that happened is when they put the bed together, there was no board to go underneath, so the mattress wouldn't get damaged. The third thing that happened when they were completely done putting it all together, it wasn't the same exact bedroom set that we looked at and ordered with the salesman.

When I called the store to see what happened, I asked for my salesman. He got on the phone and basically told me that he no longer deals with me and I must talk to customer service. The next thing I knew I was on hold for customer service. Kyle picked up the phone and was no help to me. He basically said that I signed for what was delivered and it is my responsibility to know what I ordered.

I had a hard time getting a delivery date again for the mirror and the board for the bed. He then put me on hold and Josh, the store manager got on the phone. He said the same as Kyle, that it basically was my fault. I tried to see what had happened with my order and how it was so messed up. I was trying to see if I could work out some kind of deal with the store manager.

He then said he would look into it and get back to me. That never happened, the only thing that happened was the delivery people showed up to take everything back and that was a total nightmare. I had my little girl screaming and saying, Mommy, Mommy please don't take away my bed. I want to end this complaint with. I will never ever purchase anything from Kane's furniture. I have told all of my family and friends as well. I wish I would have looked at these complaints before I purchased the bedroom set. I have learned a lesson.


I also put a note at bottom on how to protect from these types of purchases. I saw a "deal" on their site for a HDMI cable for $1 "including free shipping" (shipping on such a cable through the post office is at least $1.50, not counting a seller’s cost of packaging to ship in). I was curious, so I thought I would purchase one for the heck of it. I clicked on the button to purchase. The page became a forever "loading page". I reloaded the page. Same thing happened each time.

So I figured, maybe the site was busy. Then, I decided to see if different item could be purchased. A different item purchasing button brought up the purchasing page instantly. I then went back to the original HDMI deals page. Not the purchasing button gave service unavailable when clicked. After clearing my cookies, I got the forever "page loading" thing again. So, my conclusion is that this vendor, in addition to scamming people’s money (based upon others’ reports), also engages in a variance of bait and switch.

Also, I was looking at the complaints filed against this company. This company appears to also be submitting fake positive reviews also. Look at the most blatant one by Matt of Tallahassee, FL November 30, 2009, and you will see what I mean. In defending the vendor, he appears to have very intricate knowledge of how the company operates, way too much. And he likes to tell people to "accept the risks" involved because they are good deals. It does not matter how good a deal it is. If nothing is shipped to you, or a broken product is received, it is not a good deal. These are the steps I use to protect myself when dealing with potentially suspicious companies:

1) I always purchase with a credit card, never a debit card - you have no protection with a debit card. 2) For questionable company's initial purchases, use credit card that is not used often. That makes it easy to show other purchases made (in case the vendor starts making purchases elsewhere with your credit card number). The reason for little used credit card is that it does not disrupt your life when requesting a new credit card number since this one is compromised.

3) Dispute with the credit card company ASAP. Do not delay. If no item is received in 2 -3 weeks, dispute. Keep all packaging. Take pictures of the packaging. Take pictures of the shipping label. Look at the weight. If a label says it was one ounce, remember 5.5 sheets of paper make one ounce without an envelope. I do not expect many items shipping are one ounce. 4) File mail fraud complaint with the post office. This alerts them to watch the vendor disputed about. This may eventually cause a scamming merchant to be shut down. 5) Pay off credit bills each month! Do not pay interest. This makes a good deal a bad deal.


I was contacted on 11/16/2010 by a man with an Indian accent. He claimed to be calling from the FBI department of fraud and he informed me that I had not paid a payday loan. A warrant would be issued out for my arrest and the charges were fraudulent intent not to pay the loan and intent to commit fraud. I informed him that I had not taken out a loan and I asked him where did he get my information. He said that the company turned it over to them for non-payment.

The moment I went to ask questions, he said, "Be quiet. I have to read this legal affidavit to you. Do not interrupt me or ask any questions until I'm done." I then told him again that I did not have a loan. He said, "Apparently, you don't remember. How convenient for you." I said, "I don't understand this," and he kept saying to me, "You're going to be arrested if you don't comply." He said, "You can either go to court, lose and end up paying $3,219.00, or you can settle out of court and pay $513.00." I did not know what he was talking about. I asked for a phone number for the company and he said that he didn't have one. When I asked for a Web address, at first, he said that he didn't have one. But then, he placed me on hold and came with one: www.usafastcash.com.

He said, "I will call back in a few minutes. Decide what you're going to do." I googled the name and I saw a section for complaints written. I went there and saw pages upon pages of complaints on these people and they all start with an Indian accent speaking man who called me. I called the state attorney general's office and they pointed me to the U.S. Dept. of Corporation and stated that in 2006, they ordered a cease and desist order on this same company. I went to the consumer affairs site and now, I am sending you this letter.

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I have something to say about this story. One of my friends, Becky ** of Montrose, MI had posted on her facebook of a man who stopped cleaning and started dancing on the firemen's pole. The man was rubbing himself, touching between the legs and touching his butt. The fireman came down on top of the guy when the fire alarm went off. She is a Montrose fireman and a produce manager at Riverside Spartan food store in Montrose, MI. I think this video is degrading and disgusting. She currently lives at **. I would like this video to be taken off from facebook. When I tried to forewarn Becky ** of the dangers, she had called the cops on saying that I sent her the video. Now, I am thinking about maybe filing a lawsuit against Becky ** for slander.

I did not send videos to her or anyone else. On Friday night, I had seen a light that passed my house after I had gone to bed. This happened around 11PM. It had startled me, thinking someone was messing around my house. So the next morning, I had gone outside to see if someone was messing outside. There was nothing out of the ordinary. My mom and I had gone to get her van fixed. When we came back and went to bed for the night, all at once my dog had started barking when someone was banging on the front door. I looked out the front door and seen the cop outside. It had startled both my mom and I. My mom is not in the best of health. The cop was saying something about me emailing Becky ** the video.

I said I didn't email any video. He said he had seen the video on facebook. I haven't contacted an attorney yet. The cop could have someone to have a heart attack. Please feel free to contact me at **. I am currently being harassed by Becky at Riverside Market in Montrose, MI. She is saying that I have been calling her names. I have not called her any names. I have been applying for a job at Riverside food market for five years, no one has called me in for an interview. I feel that they take it on me and decide that they are not going to hire me.


My husband called collect because he forgot his cell phone. The charges to my phone bill was $28.65 for a 3-minute call. This is outrageous!


For past 3 months, I have been trying to retrieve a USB cord for Vivitar camcorder DVR 850 W and nobody, even the managers cannot figure out how to replace one little cord. I have been calling about 15 times and no one seems to care a bit. Please help !


I ordered inside door with a side light. The stains don't match. The door is one color and the sidelight is another. I can't get any satisfaction. The installer noted this on his work sheet. I also noticed the difference in stain color.


I bought a prepaid debit card. I told the salesman it had to be an international card to be used for internet gaming. He assured me it was and I could use this card for lots of other transactions. Not only would the internet not take the card but the cardholder has a monthly fee of $10 and transaction fees for every transaction from the amount of $0.50 to $5.00. I called was told they did not realize all the other charges and did not know internet would not take it. They said I was out of luck. I have owned my own business for 20 years and have never told a customer false info or did not even have the slightest bit of product knowledge. The best was their don't care attitude. They may be a big company and it's not very much money but I hope it catches up with them.


I bought ink for my Dell printer and they were completely dried up. I called the company and they said there is a disclaimer notice for the dry ink cartridges. They would not replace the bad cartridges.

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