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Vital Basics - Demand Letter

Below is a sample letter you can use to demand that Vital Basics (or similar companies) stop placing unauthorized charges against your account. Be sure to send the letter via certified mail, return receipt requested. Don't email or call. It is a waste of time and does not constitute legal notification.


Vital Basics, Inc.
100 Commercial Street, Suite 200
Portland, Maine 04101

Dear Sirs:

You recently charged my (credit card/debit card/bank account) $xx for services which I did not order and do not wish to receive. I did not authorize this charge against my account. I have not entered into any agreement with you for any products or services. There is no agreement between us and you have not performed any contracted services or delivered any products for which I have contracted.

Demand is hereby made for an immediate refund of all charges levied against my account. Payment in full must be made to me at the address given below within 30 days or further actions may be initiated.

Additionally, you are hereby notified that you are not authorized to levy any charges of any kind whatsoever against any credit card, debit card or bank account controlled by me at any time unless such charge is specifically authorized by me in writing.

Very truly yours,

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State and Zip

cc: Federal Trade Commission
    Your Credit Card Issuer (include your account number only on the copy sent to the bank.