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        Rated with 1 star
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        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Oct. 24, 2019

        I’m so glad I found this... I thought I was losing my mind! It helped to see others are experiencing some of the same symptoms. For the past couple of months I have been in an absolute state of turmoil... actual fear of dying. What I have been experiencing for quite some time has been seriously terrifying.

        My experiences: continual headache with pressure (like in a vise), neck pain, back pain, blurred vision, leg pain, sharp stabbing pain in the front part of my brain, chest pain, shortness of breath, my doctor started telling me my blood pressure was high (and that I needed to monitor it), a buzzing in my body (feeling like my body is shaking on the inside), hot flashes that are out of this world crazy, extreme fatigue, unable to sleep, depressed, feeling like I was going to black out at any moment, nauseous at times, anxiety/panic attacks, and a horrible dizzy sort of feeling in the front part of my brain that is such a weird crazy terrifying scary feeling that it’s hard to explain.

        I can’t even begin to tell you how horrible this has been. I’ve basically cut myself off from everyone and have withdrawn into myself, out of absolute fear of what I’ve been going through (and what I’m still experiencing). I could barely drive myself anywhere due to feeling like I could black out, or the panic attack would be so bad that I couldn’t do anything. I was in panic mode, wanting to take myself to the ER constantly, or jump out of a moving vehicle to end this weird crap. It’s been terrifying. I seriously was thinking I had brain cancer or something. But a CT came back negative for any abnormalities. Then it would feel like a heart attack. And I just kept experiencing this craziness. What the heck!?!

        My doctor was thinking that maybe my carbs were too low. She asked me to increase them. I did, and no change. Then I was told that the emphysema was worsening, that I wasn’t getting enough oxygen to my brain. That I would need to monitor my oxygen levels and more than likely have to be put on oxygen. I’m thinking, omg, here it goes. This is the end of my life coming - the emphysema is going to take me out. But after being devastated that whole day, that evening I thought more about it and decided I didn’t agree with that. I didn’t believe that’s what was happening. I kept praying for revelation.

        My head hurts so bad. Every. Single. Day. ALL. Day. Long. The dizzy feeling in my head is ... Every. Single. Day. ALL. Day. Long. After eliminating grains the chronic migraines I used to experience stopped (for about a year). Then suddenly I was experiencing this crap, sort of like migraines, but different. What is going on?!? I’m thinking this is crazy! I’m taking good care of myself, eating healthy, drinking water, herbal tea, exercise. I’m doing good things for myself. So why do I feel so horrible, like I’m dying? What’s wrong with me? Listening to my body, being in tune with my body, eliminating things from my diet and then adding it back, and most of all prayer and talking with God to reveal the source. And I’ve found the culprit.

        A little green and white packet called Splenda Stevia. The only sweeteners I’ve used in the past couple years has been Monk Fruit, Stevia, and Truvia; and then recently not long ago I picked up this box of Splenda Stevia (I should have known better!). I used these sweeteners in my tea every single day. It finally dawned on me that my worst symptoms happened during the times I drank my tea. So I stopped using them. Once I stopped using the sweeteners, some of the symptoms have ceased and others have decreased. But then it’s the detoxing of these poisons from your system... and that takes time. It’s rough... seriously rough.

        I’m just thankful that I’m on this health journey that I’m on... I’m more aware of my body. And I’m thankful that I’m able to discern my symptoms, but look for the root cause. Otherwise I may have been put on medications that were not even necessary... all because the symptoms made it appear to be something else. I no longer use ANY sweetener, because I’m not sure exactly which one(s) are causing the issues. And I don’t care to add any of them back to find out.

        ** as one person on here said.... I feel so sorry for little children and babies that can’t tell anyone what’s going on with themselves. This crap is in EVERYTHING... including baby food, and foods given to children. I can’t imagine a little child or baby experiencing what I’m experiencing. What a nightmare our “food” supply is.

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: June 2, 2019

        Took my young son to the ER due to extreme gut pain. The pain was so intense, couldn't even touch his abdomen. Thought he had appendicitis. Tests showed all was normal and he was sent home. Trying to find a cause for this, I realized he had eaten microwaved kettle corn the evening before (something new we bought). It contained sucralose. I knew to avoid sucralose because I experienced extreme stabbing back and gut pain after consuming a diet soda with it. I did not think microwave popcorn would have it.

        I drank a Skinny Girl cocktail (not realizing that it is made with sucralose) and within in an hour I was in pain. Now I read all ingredients carefully! Anything that says low calorie or calorie free, usually has it. But it is hidden in other processed foods. My husband likes to make protein shakes - hard to find a powder without sucralose.

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        14 people found this review helpful

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          Rated with 1 star
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          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: April 4, 2019

          I thought Splenda was good in 2006. After adding it to everything, I made a gallon of iced tea a day with a cup of Splenda. A year later I had rectal bleeding but no pain. I finally went to the doctor, was diagnosed with Severe Ulcerative Colitis. I never had minor problems! Drugs didn’t work. A colonoscopy had the doctor saying I had the worst colon he’d ever seen. Splenda is poison. It altered my gut flora and I had no clue until it was too late. I now have no colon and have had chronic diarrhea as a result. There’s a $50k shot treatment where more water gets absorbed by your body to stop the diarrhea. Shouldn’t Splenda pay for this? Why is it still being sold?

          31 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: March 21, 2019

          My blood pressure started rising and my meds basically stopped working because sucralose intake had affected my gut absorption of my meds. So if you take ARBs I would avoid Splenda and sucralose at all costs.

          17 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 2 stars
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Feb. 25, 2019

          I have just switched from Truvia to Splenda and have only USED 70 to 100 packets of the 120 Packet and so far 10 were empty and a number were only half full. I looked in the box and there was a number of granules in the box and also a number of them on the shelf where I keep the box. I am not saving any money or getting any satisfaction so far from using this product. Please advise if this is the exception or you need to improve your quality control.

          7 people found this review helpful
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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Feb. 5, 2019

          I have horrific reactions to Splenda/sucralose in the slightest amounts. Here is a list of the reactions I experience: Heart palpitations, anxious, flushing, nausea, diarrhea, tightness in my throat, bad taste in my mouth, ears ringing and can hear my heartbeat, scalp feels tight. About 5 years ago, through the process of elimination, I figured out that artificial sweeteners of any kind adversely affect me and I eliminated them from my diet. Today a friend made tea sweetened with Great Value Peach Belinni Cocktail mixer which contains sugar AND 2% sucralose. It almost did me in...all of the symptoms/side effects listed above. This was 4 hours ago and I still feel awful! This stuff is POISON!

          I am 63 and can hardly imagine how a baby or young baby might react to this. And think of this...Sucralose is in infant **, **, cold medicines and more! CHILDREN CANNOT USE THE POWER OF DEDUCTION TO FIGURE OUT WHAT IS AFFECTING THEIR HEALTH AND/OR THEIR BEHAVIOR. They cannot tell you what they are experiencing! How many of our children are being treated for conditions that cannot be diagnosed or are the result of an ingredient that has been “researched and approved” and is considered “safe” for consumption? Please PLEASE PLEASE educate yourself and watch the ingredients in what you and/or your family is consuming.

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          42 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
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          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Jan. 17, 2019

          I started drinking Fairlife milk since it was lactose-free. I thought I was drinking something that was organic and healthy. I drank at least a glass or two per day to get my calcium intake instead of taking calcium pills. I began to have horrible headaches, neck pain, joint pain and a chest pain that I thought was a heart attack. My entire torso felt like I had been hit by a door. My legs hurt and were swollen, and I'm an active person! I couldn't sleep and was afraid to sleep because I was in so much pain. I had just had a regular physical and knew that I was healthy, but I couldn't figure out why I ached so badly. I stopped drinking milk for two days just because I felt so bad, and I started to feel better. Thinking that I had a virus, I went back to the milk and felt worse every time I drank it.

          By that time, I knew that there was something wrong with the milk, and when I researched the ingredients, I was shocked that Fairlife uses sucralose as an ingredient. I knew that I couldn't tolerate sucralose/Splenda because it gave me such terrible headaches and caused bloating. I would feel fine until I drank the milk, and it's the only thing I consume that has Splenda in it. I've poured the milk down the drain and am trying to flush this toxin out of my body with lots of water and exercise. It's horrible that the FDA allows Splenda in food. No wonder people are so sick! I am furious that it's in MILK. There isn't anything organic about milk or anything else toted as being organic when Splenda is an ingredient!

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          27 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 27, 2018

          I know from previous experience that Splenda gives me headaches, so I know I can attribute the following experience to Splenda's disruptive effect on human biology. I bought a Whitman's chocolate sampler on sale not noticing the very subtle "Sugar-Free" label and the even more inconspicuous "Made with Splenda" logo. I ate a few pieces and I got a headache. A week later I binged on 3 pieces. The next day I was in such a state that I was under severe distress. I experienced sharp pains and numbness in my head and even felt my face begin to numb. The symptoms made me worry, as they were an unfamiliar experience. After calming down I recalled that I had eaten the Splenda-laced sweets. My best explanation is that these symptoms were caused by the intense dose of Splenda (three chocolate pieces), a level which I have never subjected myself to before.

          I had previously established Splenda's adverse effects on me when I tried Splenda solution for my coffee and tea. Note that I would only consume the recommended dose for a cup of beverage once per day. After a week or two of suffering headaches I realized it was the Splenda. They are a very particular headache, too. If it were my field of study, I would certainly commit some resources into investigating this curious result so many experience from an allegedly harmless molecule.

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          23 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: March 12, 2018

          March 3rd, 2018 is a date that I will never forget. It was the first time in my life that I dialed 911. It was the first time in my life that I was sure that I was going to die. I had been feeling very weak all day. When I'm feeling sick I drink as much water as I can. I went to the kitchen and for water and it hit me. I started breathing heavy. I could not get enough air. I became terrified. I had extreme anxiety. I knew that I was going to die. I called 911, went to the living room, got down on the floor and tried to talk to the 911 operator. I was almost to the point of not being able to talk but she wanted to keep me on the line. I ended up in an ambulance on my way to the E.R. begging for the EMTs to not let me die. When I got to the E.R. no doctor came to see me. At that point my vitals were normal and they told me that I had had a panic attack. Well, I have had many panic attacks in the past but they were NOTHING like this.

          I went home without being seen. Three days later I went to a doctor and had blood work done as well as a urine sample. Today is March 12th and I'm supposed to get the results. I am still sick. Last night, for some reason, I watched a very long video about health. The bottom line, though, was that Splenda was poison. The doctor said that it destroyed all the good bacteria in the gut like antibiotics do and that it was slowly killing people off everywhere. And then it hit me like a truck. My father had accidentally purchased some sugar free chocolate pudding. We stay away from anything sugar free. My mother had to go to the doctor years ago after making a pie with Splenda. She was sure that she had cancer of the mouth. Her entire mouth started blistering after eating some of the pie. So, as I said, we don't buy anything sugar free.

          Anyway, I had a late night binge before I got sick. I ate a whole package of the pudding. Before that I had been eating them on and off. I had forgotten about my mother's experience with Splenda. So last night, after watching the video, I started doing research. I could not find anyone who said they had such an adverse effect on them as I did. But I felt dead sure that what had happened to me was the result of consuming the Splenda. And today I found this site and was so relieved that two people had mentioned panic attacks and anxiety.

          Well, it's been nine days now and I'm still sick. I have ordered some prebiotics to undo the damage that was done to my gut. I'm so angry though. I'm angry with Splenda and I'm angry with the FDA! Splenda is poison. Why is it still available? Why are they putting it in everything? And why isn't there a warning? I am going to tell everyone I know about this. And please research this stuff and tell your friends who may be using it. Splenda not only affects a person physically, it affects the brain as well.

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          61 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
          Original review: Aug. 11, 2017

          I used Splenda daily in multiple cups of coffee for several years. Over time, I noticed that my legs would hurt so badly that I practically had to crawl up the stairs. Someone told a friend of mine that her doctor had told her that if she wanted her legs to stop hurting she should stop using Splenda. That message was meant for me! I stopped using Splenda and within a week my legs stopped hurting.

          94 people found this review helpful

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