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They do not advertise or tell you anywhere in the small print that it is almost $90 a month and that they subscribe you to at least two other products that cost almost $10 a month - they are scam artists!! DO NOT PURCHASE!!!

Satisfaction Rating

Be careful! I responded to an offer on Natural Relief's website. The offer: 1) states the price of $5.95 for all of the products; 2) lists all of the products included for the cost of $5.95; 3) states 90-day risk free (not 30 days); 4) does not mention anywhere about any additional charges; 5) does not mention anywhere about this being an automatic ship program that has to be cancelled. Late I discovered, that Natural Relief had charged an additional $89.85 to my card without my permission 30 days after I paid the $5.95. I called their customer service rep and was told that they charge at 30 days. I pointed out that there is no mention anywhere on their website or materials of charging $89.85 after 30 days.

The rep agreed that there isn't and said that a sentence comes up about it when the card is processed. I did not see any sentence about charging me at any time during the processing of the card. When I asked her why it isn’t mentioned anywhere in any of their materials or on their website, she said that that is "just how they do it.” Natural Relief's rep also said that they ship and charge the monthly fee automatically unless it is cancelled. There is nothing anywhere on their website or other materials about being charged any additional sum at any time, no mention of the 30 days and no mention of further shipments.

I disputed the charge with my credit card company and Natural Relief gave them a different story. After admitting to me that there is no indication of additional charges or of this being an auto-ship program anywhere except when the card is processed, they told my credit card company that they had disclosed those facts. They lied and said the paperwork disclosing the details of the program was included in the shipment of product. It wasn’t. I know it wasn't just me missing the paperwork in the shipment because my sister fell for this scam, too. We double-checked the paperwork that arrived with both shipments and there was nothing about any charges or auto-hip program in either package. In fact, the only document in the package states that, "All prices are clearly stated on the Site." The only price stated on the entire website is $5.95.

Fortunately, we discovered the scam with just enough time to cancel and return product on my sister's order. Based on the false documentation sent by Natural Relief, my credit card company decided to believe their lies and I'm stuck paying $89.85. According to my credit card company, the fact that I gave them my credit card # for the $5.95 means they can legally charge additional amounts even if they didn't tell me because it is a trial offer. It doesn't make sense to me but that is the verbatim response from the credit card company. It appears that this company has found a loophole in the laws governing credit card transactions and is using it to their advantage. At the very least, this company is highly unethical in its advertising. In my opinion, they are running a scam and getting away with credit card fraud.

Satisfaction Rating

I sent for the single trial bottle of the product advertised on TV (I have severe menopausal problems) and was told I would be charged the $5.95 shipping charge and I could call before the 30-day period and not be charged for anything. I called in to cancel the monthly charge of $89.95 before the end of the trial date and was told it had been done. The debit still occurred, and I am now disputing these actions from the company, after the customer service rep (who was very insulting) said it was a misunderstanding from my end and they would reimburse me (reverse the debit) when I returned the unused product.

This is now a matter of principle, since I was told when I called to cancel, that I did not have to return the other bottles of product and could accept them as a gift. They claim the calls are being recorded. Well, then someone should be able to listen to the conversation to hear I was right - unless it is what I think it is, a fraud/scam! I want this money to be returned to my account, and I do not think I should have to now pay to return what I was told I could keep as a gift. I cancelled the order. I was told that had been done with no additional cost to me, and I am holding them to this!

Satisfaction Rating

As horrible as this company is, I listen to my health care practitioner when she tells me that I need to resume the product to pull down dominant estrogen. I was filled with dread when she told me that after a break in taking it, I would need to resume. That meant that I would need to order more and deal with this company again. I had the same experience as so many others on here. Whether you order by phone or online, they enroll you in an auto-ship program of three bottles, monthly, without notifying you. Then you have to cancel, they tell you that they have canceled, but they continue to send and charge you for the product along with vitamins.

Furthermore, many times over the past several years, I called a number that I was given, through which I was told that I could order just one bottle of Natural Relief at a time. I did so, specifically stating that I did not want the extra supplements. They assured me that I would receive only the Natural Relief, but I was sent and charged for the additional supplements. Then, I had to send them back and watch them like a hawk for a refund. In addition, I recently tried doing just the online order for $5.95 so that I did not have to go through the above scenario again.

There is no path of least resistance with these people. It has continued to be a nightmare dealing with them. They signed me up for the auto-delivery, so I called to stop the process. They told me that they would issue a UPS return label via email, which takes ten days. Today is day 12. (Btw, I ordered the product on 9/24/12 and still don't have it as of 10/15/12.) They never issued the UPS return label but tell me that they sent it out via UPS and that it was refused. I did not receive any label!

If you need this product, just persist and don't let them get away with a thing. I called back just now to make certain that I was receiving three bottles and that I would be charged only the $5.95 and that there would be no future deliveries. I also got the UPS tracking number, by phone, so that if I don't receive the label, I can just return it myself with that number. I finally spoke to a competent customer service rep who assured me that there will be no future charges and that they had actually offered me a 25% discount on any future orders (which I hope that I won't need to utilize). Unfortunately, if you need this product, you will have to deal with this company. In addition, it will always be a stressful experience because they are not only dishonest but also incompetent. Just persist and you will get what you want. I do agree that the company should be shut down, however. Plus, I am about to start a natural hormone regimen and hope that I will no longer need this stuff. Small blessings.

Satisfaction Rating

I saw a commercial for this product on TV and decided to try it out. I sent off for the $5.95 so-called risk free trial, and I was moderately satisfied. The product works fairly well but no better than what you can buy in any Wal-Mart pharmacy. The problem is trying to cancel my shipments. They just keep on sending them. There is no way on the website to cancel, and every time I try to call the customer service number, I get an answering machine.

In the mean time, they keep on charging me $99.95 per month for this product I no longer want plus two additional charges of $9.95 each month, for a total of approximately $120 per month. At this point, I feel the only way to stop them charging me is to report my credit card as stolen and have it canceled. The product is OK but not worth the enormous price tag, and the customer service is horrible.

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Satisfaction Rating

Ordered Natural Relief (1-800-985-5113) for Women on 9-22-11 and received a 3-month supply for agreed price of S/H of $5.95 on my credit card. I called 1-888-607-3505 on 10-3-11 and discontinued all future shipments due to product not working. Customer service rep was rude and kept trying to sell more products. I refused any further shipments and verified I would only be charged the $5.95 and this was confirmed.

I received October 2011 credit card statement charging $5.95 on 9-25-11 as agreed. Then the November 2011 statement came with a charge posted on 10-25-11 for $59.85 HPD Natural Relief, CA, and another charge posted on 11-22-11 for KAVI Relief, CA for $9.95, and yet another charge posted on 11-23-11 for HPD Natural Relief for $59.85. I called 1-866-447-6050 on 12-2-11 when my statement was received and spoke with "Amber".

I told her the charges were not authorized and she tried to sell more products. I told her I wanted these charges reversed now and she gave me yet another sales pitch. I became angry and told her I would report this to the Better Business Bureau if she did not refund my credit card now. After much conversation she told me I had to return the two months of unopened product and they would refund my money. I told her the first sales rep never mentioned this return requirement and their policy stated $5.95 S/H for 90 days (3 months) product free.

There was never a mention of a return of two months or I would be charged. She insisted on the return or I would not receive the refund. I told her I would send the product back with a delivery confirmation of which I did. She gave me a return authorization number to place on the package of which I did and it cost me $9.30 with delivery confirmed on 12-12-11 to Tempe, AZ. Second bogus charge was $9.95 of which customer service rep could not help with. I had to call yet another number on 12-2-11 at 11:24 am and received customer service rep Jamie.

She said this was an internet video subscription thru the internet. I said, "I did not authorize this and I need this credited back now." Jamie said, "I will cancel all future video subscription charges, but I cannot guarantee that this $9.95 charge will be credited." I said, "This is ** and I will file with BBB as this is not something I authorized!" Jamie said, "I put in the request to the billing department." I said, "This credit better be reflected on my next statement as I am absolutely disgusted with their business tactics and dishonest behaviors." Jamie then tried to sell me more products and I became absolutely furious.

I called on 12-27-11 to verify the $9.95 erroneous charge was refunded and they said it was on 12-3-11 (this was reflected on my Jan 2012 statement as KAVI Relief). I also called on 12-27-11 to verify the $119.70 was credited to my card and they said it was on 12-14-11. I am thinking we are done here, but then my January statement was received reflecting Dec. charges and here we go again. On 12-7-11 a charge from LE Healthy Living, CA came thru for $9.95 again and again on 1-17-12. I called and the customer service rep "Kevin" said it was for cigarettes.

I firmly stated I do not smoke and that this charge is unauthorized. He said it was for some product I ordered and again I said I have not ordered any product. He had my name and phone number and called me by name. He then said it was for "Natural Relief". I became furious and said this has been a long battle with this company of bogus charges and that this charge has not been authorized. Kevin tried to sell me more products.

I was so angry I told him he better refund this as this time I will file reports with the BBB and that he is working for a rip off company and he better get an honest job as this one is filled with deceit and scams. He tried to sell me even more products. I was simply angry beyond words and said, "Refund this now and I mean now." He simply gave me a refund authorization number. This was on 1-17-12 at 9:35 am Pacific Time.

This company needs to be shut down. They need to stop their scams and unauthorized credit card usage. This is a violation of my rights and I am disgusted with their approach. How can anyone trust their product when their ethics are so non-existent in the business aspect? No one can trust that their product contains even what they claim. This company needs to be shut down. They prey upon customers. I will state again that for them to require me to return their two months of unused product when they said three months free is a scam. They used my credit card as a type of bribe. They will hold my credit card hostage until I do what they say. They are wrong, wrong, wrong. They need to be shut down.

Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a 90-day risk free for $5.95. I received the Daily Essentials for Women, Natural Relief for Women, a sleep aid with Melatonin, and a book called All About Changes. Before the 1st month was over, my debit card was charged $89.85 for the 2nd month. I called in to talk about the charges. I was told that only the first 30 days were free and the second and 3rd month I would be billed $29.95 per bottle per month. I asked her where to find this because I was unaware of it. After talking around and around in circles, she finally told me to go to where you hit the submit button. After putting in the credit card info, there it was, in tiny little letters. Then, I got to reading it and it said that I would be charged $19.95 per bottle per month after the first month. But I was charged $29.95 per bottle.

The girl didn't believe me until I had her to bring up the website herself. All she could say was that she was going to have to send this to advertising. I was also confused because all I received were 3 bottles with a 90-day supply in them. They were charging by quantity and not by bottle. Then the next month, I found a charge on my account for $9.95. I called again to find out what this was for. The girl said that it was for a counseling line that I had no idea was offered to me little lone for a fee! She did reimburse me for it and discontinued everything to where I would have to call in and order my next shipment.

All in all, the product really works. It’s just the company you have to watch out for, because they will charge you for anything they can. When you order, be very specific in what you want and how much you will be charged. Read all of the tiny little lettering. Ask if there are other things that are offered and that you will be billed for in months to follow. Also, be aware of free trials like the Natural Energizer and the Natural Sleep aid. Everything is sent to you in a bottle of 90 caplets, but only 30 of them is free trial. You will be charged for the other 60 caplets.


I found their product, vitamins for the discomforts of menopause, online and agreed to their "try it for $1 plus $6.95 for shipping." I also agreed to try the energy vitamins for an additional dollar. I ordered this on Monday, March the 1st. I made the decision to pay the additional $14.95 for the "three" day delivery so it would arrive before I went out of town on Thursday. On Wednesday, my order did not arrive and when I checked my bank statement there were two charges. One for a dollar and the other for $41.85. When I called to inquire about the charge for $41.85, I spoke to a Melissa. She put me on hold several times, and each time she came back, she gave me a different answer.

She finally concluded that I had purchased the energy vitamins at full price, but could not give me a price. When I asked why my order had not arrived in the three-day period that I had paid extra for, she said, "Its three days plus 24 hours after you order." But it doesn't say that anywhere on the order form. When I paid extra on other sites, etc., I have not had this experience so I do not believe it to be standard. I asked to speak to a supervisor and Melissa told me, "Every single one in the entire department was helping other customers.” I said I would hold. She said that she could not allow that. I asked to speak to her manager and she said, "My manager does not speak on the phone to clients.” She said a supervisor would contact me the next day and hung up on me.

I called back after awhile and spoke to another women .This time she would not even attempt to explain why the charges were there, but told me a supervisor would be in contact with me tomorrow. I informed her I would not be available for the next several days. I’m a flight attendant and I will be on a trip. She said "Well, we will try more than once.” I asked for a phone number so I could speak to someone in the "complaint" department. She said they did not have one. She also told me that their corporate offices do not have telephones. I made sure I asked this question more than once to make sure she understood what I asked.

So far I have no product so I don't have an invoice to see what I’ve been charged for, no one there will tell me after calling twice and being hung up on once. I was told someone will "get back to me" and to end it with, "Our headquarter offices have no telephones.” And this is for a "try for $1 plus shipping and handling" product. So far I have paid $41.85 for something I not only do not have, but do not know what I paid for and no one will tell me after repeated attempts. I paid with a debit card so I only have the amount of purchase and to whom. I just want to be reimbursed, but most importantly, I want other people to be very skeptical of these people like I should have. I honestly feel I can’t be the first person that something like this has happened to and probably won’t be the last with them.

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