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I took Metabolife with Ephedra for two years and never had a problem. The day it went off, the market was a sad day for me personally. I never exceeded 4 a day and took none or one on the weekends to give my body a rest and to make sure my tolerance didn't increase. I probably lost 50 pounds but that was with the increased exercise I was able to do with my new found energy.

My opinion based off nothing but my own common sense is that all medications are a potential heath risk given each individual's preexisting health conditions. I had none. I was and am a healthy adult. Moderation is the key in using anything over the counter. Checking with your doctor to make sure you don't have any preexisting conditions is also key.

I've tried other Ephedra-based supplements but they just aren't the same as that original Metabolife formula. I wish it was back on the market. I used it moderately and responsibly, and educated myself about the potential side effects. As an adult, I made an informed decision about my health. I'd like to think if I did have a problem, I would discontinue use and see my doctor. Also that any health issue that did arise was probably already there and undetected.


metabolife 356 was a great product and i lost 130lbs from it and I took it like it said to do on the bottle i had no proublem with it, i personally feel the people who had proublems were taking it the wrong way, like too much or knew they had a health proublem and still took it So really I feel the drug should be aloud back on the market. if you take something and you know you can not or take to much of a good thing its your fault not the company that made it. it states how to take it on the back but there is proof people did not take it right.I really hope the drug comes back fully like it was. thank you. it help alot of people who was over weight and took it right.


My fiancee and I were at Walmart looking at weight loss products and saw under Metabolife that the Green Teas is listed as caffeine free on the side panel. Now me being observant decided to check the ingredients, and it said that this particular product DID CONTAIN caffeine specifically that is contained 75 mg of it now. How can a product be considered caffeine free when it contains as much as 75 mg of caffeine in it??


I am appalled at the Metabofile/Rite Aid advertisment in the October issue of Fitness Magazine. They know perfectly well that the US does not use metric, yet the ad has a woman standing on a scale with the number 58 showing. Shame on them.

Possible eating disorder distress.


I took Metabolife 356 and later suffered a stroke.

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I am 27 year old mother of one who is seven. I started taking Metabolife In the Winter of 1999. In June I went to my primary care provided. I couldn't breath and I had fluid in my lungs. She stated I had an Infection in my lungs. So I was given Sulfate to dry it up. On July 26th I ended up in Skyline hospital with congestive heart failure. I have since been diagnosed with having an enlarged heart. I was a full time employee at Bank of America until I got sick. Now I can't work but only 22.50 a week. I also take four different medications in which I'll have to take for the rest of my life.

Because of this I went through a state of depression where all I did was cry and sleep. I shut my family and friends out.


I took Metabolife two times a day only. I took two once in the am when I awoke and two around 3 or 4 p.m. I only took it two times daily because it I took it more than that I wouldn't be able to sleep and my heart would feel like it was going to explode. I did lose weight while on Metabolife, I thought it was the best thing that came into my life for weight loss. I lost 35 pounds in three months while on the product without any exercise, but I didn't realize that while losing weight I would also lose my mind as well.

I awoke one morning hearing a voice, which was evil and I was tormented greatly. My husband has to admit me into the Mental Hospital nearby. I has dillusions as well because I was up for two days without sleep after I started hearing voices. I stopped eating as well. It was the very worst experience I ever had and I'm still recovering. Please help me.

I ended up in a Mental Hospital for 10 days hearing voices in my head and even for months after I got out of the hospital. I was put on several different drugs which included Prozac which is a anti-depressant to help me function with the terror and horror of what I went through.


After taking metabolife for several months then switching to one that WalMart sells called Metabolite , I went became very weak and shaky ,couldn't work . Finally I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and mitral valve prolapse.

I was off work on medical leave of abscence for 4 months,mounted high medical bills,during this time my husband was laid off from his job . We ended up seperating and filing for bankruptcy.

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