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Artisan flavored tres leches ice cream tastes exactly like soft serve hot fudge sundae at Arctic Circle or McDonald's, if even that good and way more expensive. What ever happened to my favorite flavor tres leches that you guys used to make??? It tasted like pure cream with a hint of coconut just like tres leches should. What is this disgusting chocolate brigadiers sauce you put in this ice cream? It seriously tastes just like Hershey's yucky chocolate milk syrup!! If I am going to eat 1000 calories in one sitting then it better taste way artisan good!!! At least like pure cream flavor, but sadly it does not!! I was seriously so disappointed when I tried it I didn't even finish it because why should I eat something with that many calories when it's not even worth it?

Your second ingredient is skim milk!!! Are you kidding me??? I can make homemade ice cream that would put this artisan crap to shame. This doesn't even taste like real cream and even if it did, which it doesn't, that disgusting chocolate sauce ruined it! Please I am challenging you guys to make one pint of your old recipe tres leches and taste test it next to this and then try to tell me why you changed it or actually discontinued it. Do you guys try your own product before you market it? If it doesn't make me crave it and want to buy more and crave the taste then it's not good enough ice cream to pay 4 dollars a pint for. It should taste like pure cream at least! It tastes like nothing except for nasty, cheap chocolate syrup. Please I beg you to make the old recipe and then taste test the two together. I promise I am doing you a favor.

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We ordered 3 ice cream cones and a smoothie. The menu clearly states that the cones were $4.89 plus $0.99 extra for the waffle cone for a total of $5.88 per cone. The cashier charged $6.38 per cone. When we questioned the cashier of the extra charge, she stated that Chicago tax is extensive and that's what it was. I approached another employee upon receiving the cones and asked the same question, and that person started to say it was $4.99 plus $0.99 for the waffle cone. I explained that it should be $5.88 and not $6.38 as printed on the receipt. She just said it was extra for the cone and seemed satisfied with the price on the receipt.

I then asked for the manager and explained that we were overcharged and we wanted a refund. He stated that this has never been brought to his attention before. He never knew that the registers were overcharging customers for cones. He also stated that he did not know how to fix it. How can a manager not know how to fix an overcharge? I'm sure it would have been handled immediately if it was an undercharge. He did give us the difference back. Being overcharged for a $6 ice cream cone is unacceptable. We were not the first customers of the day, as this occurred at 2:04 in the afternoon. These employees knew we were being overcharged and were not going to fix it until we demanded the difference. These people are taking advantage of mostly out of town visitors and need to be investigated and held accountable. $0.50 X ?? = $$.

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I was at the Haagen-Dazs store today at the International Mall in Tampa, Florida. I ordered an iced tea but the worker told me they only had hot tea. I was also told that they couldn't take a debit/credit card payment for less than $2 anymore.

I didn't have cash on me, so that means if I want a fountain soda or anything under $2, I can't have it? I won't go there anymore and the workers aren't friendly and they seem "put out" when I asked them a question or asked about the tea.


My son, age 19, has a sulfa allergy. On Friday, Feb 2, 2001, he ate approx 1/5 of a pint of Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Ice Cream, and promptly had an anaphylactic reaction. This is the second time in nine months he has reacted in such a way to a dairy product, although he drinks milk daily and generally has no problems.

My son broke out in hives, his mouth, lips and eyelids swelled up, the palms of his hands and soles of his feet became red, swollen and itchy, and he had the typical sense of impending doom that can accompany such an allergic reaction. I was at work at the time this happened and my son phoned in distress. I advised him to get to an emergency room immediately (which he did not do, unfortunately) but he did take benadryl, and after several hours of misery, the swelling began to resolve.

He phoned Nabisco, which owns Haagen-Dazs the following morning. He saved the unused ice cream in case it needed to be tested for drug contamination, but Nabisco was not interested in doing this; they offered 25 dollars in coupons.

No permanent damage has been done to my son, other than the fact that each exposure to sulfa can result in a more intense reaction than the last. We are going to take him to an allergist so that he can have an emergency epinepherine kit should such an event occur in the future.

What really bothers us is that there seemed to be no concern for other consumers who may be put at risk if there is drug contamination of the milk used to make the Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Scarier yet is that the Salem, Oregon branch of the FDA seemed just as ho-hum about the whole incident. Therefore it seems that the food we eat must be done so at our own risk, and my son feels that he may want to park in front of an emergency room before he consumes any more dairy products. How difficult can it be to investigate something like this? My son still has the uneaten ice cream, the plant and lot numbers, in case anyone should decide the product should be tested.

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