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June, 2023

Can you really take years off your biological age? A recent study says you can

May, 2023

Despite 2023’s big COLA, Social Security recipients still struggle to keep up

If there’s no agreement on the debt ceiling, what happens to Social Security?

November, 2022

Here’s how families can help aging parents stay independent and in their homes

October, 2022

FTC wants to overhaul the Funeral Rule to include an online pricing requirement

August, 2022

Seniors could receive a 9.6% increase in Social Security benefits next year

July, 2022

Seniors could soon see more money in their Social Security checks

June, 2022

Older adults with vision problems may be at a higher risk of dementia, study finds

Older adults may be more likely than previous generations to have multiple health concerns, study finds

May, 2022

Bigger families may negatively affect consumers' cognitive function in later life, study finds

Social Security benefits predicted to rise by 8.6% in 2023, but it may not be enough

April, 2022

FTC sues funeral provider for allegedly failing to provide accurate price and service information

Most older adults want to grow old in their current homes, study finds

Consumers' personalities may affect their cognitive function in later life, study finds

March, 2022

Regular exercise helps keep our brains sharp as we age, study finds

January, 2022

Exercise in later life may slow the effects of aging, study finds

October, 2021

Social Security recipients to get 5.9% more money in 2022

September, 2021

Social Security recipients projected to receive 6% increase next year

August, 2021

Detecting illnesses early in nursing homes helps prevent hospitalizations, study finds

July, 2021

Keeping your brain active may delay the onset of Alzheimer's, study finds

Social Security benefits may rise 6.1% next year

June, 2021

Following healthy habits later in life can improve cognition, study finds

March, 2021

Exercise helps reduce cognitive decline in older consumers, study finds

Nearly 95 percent of older adults take prescriptions that increase their risk of falling, study finds

New report offers advice for baby boomers aging in place

January, 2021

Experts name their top U.S. retirement destinations for 2021

Older women benefit just as much from resistance training as older men, study finds

December, 2020

Older consumers have major concerns when it comes to seeking emergency medical care

Abandoned mall sites are starting to be flipped for affordable senior housing

November, 2020

Age doesn't affect consumers' ability to lose weight, study finds

Exercise classes can help older consumers beat loneliness, study finds

October, 2020

Exercise intensity doesn't affect mortality risk for older adults, study finds

August, 2020

Taking certain supplements can help seniors reduce risk of severe illnesses, study finds

May, 2020

Medical alert systems to become more popular due to aging U.S. population

March, 2020

Cognitive decline in old age could be a warning sign for issues with motor skills

December, 2019

AARP report claims age discrimination still widespread in the workplace

November, 2019

Older consumers can stay mentally sharp by playing board games

High-intensity workouts could boost memory for older consumers

August, 2019

Playing online brain games can boost seniors' cognitive skills

Senior financial abuse is more common from family members than scammers

March, 2019

Older adults with health complications can often feel isolated

January, 2018

Homeowners taking a holistic approach to ‘aging in place’

October, 2017

Why advance care planning is important for you and your loved ones

August, 2017

Two studies present conflicting views of aging

July, 2017

For seniors, a fall can be really bad news

June, 2017

More people plan to grow old at home

May, 2017

For increasing number of elderly, there's no place like home

February, 2017

Opioids and alcohol can be a deadly combination for seniors

October, 2016

Should seniors delay getting a flu shot?

Hasbro's robotic pets may provide needed companionship for the elderly

August, 2016

Good attitudes towards aging help seniors cope with stress

March, 2016

Granny Pod: the high-tech, backyard 'nursing home for one'

February, 2016

Seniors taking prescription sleeping aids may be highway risk

July, 2015

Experiencing nature is shown to improve quality of life for the elderly

May, 2015

Free-living Baby Boomers at risk of becoming "elderly orphans"

Use of walking aids jumps 50% in 10 years

In a technology age, are older adults at a disadvantage?

January, 2015

Far out! The boomers have turned conservative in their senior years

A reverse mortgage should always be in both spouses' names

December, 2013

Portable adult bed rails can be a good idea, but they can also be dangerous

Lawsuit: AARP medigap plans defraud seniors

August, 2013

Military retirees sue retirement home chain

June, 2013

Seniors bombarded with direct mail often write many checks

Home safety tips for seniors

Senior advocates promoting more ways to prevent financial abuse

April, 2013

How social media can benefit seniors

'Chained CPI,' and what it means to you

Keep in touch with your parents. It's great for their health

Making bathrooms safe for seniors

March, 2013

10 things seniors should consider when investing

How to exercise and stay fit when you're a senior

February, 2013

Grab bars are only as safe as their mounting

AARP life insurance not always a great deal for seniors

October, 2010

Indiana May Seek Background Checks For Nursing Home Workers

July, 2010

How to Avoid Ponzi Schemes

May, 2010

Cleaning Up the Clutter

Boomers Face Challenges Relating to Other Generations

March, 2010

Boomer Love: How is the 'Free Love' Generation Doing Now?

November, 2009

'High-Return' Investment Schemes Target Affluent Seniors

June, 2009

Harvard Study: 60% of Bankruptcies Caused by Health Problems

February, 2009

Drinker's Nose Not Just for Tipplers

Can Pacemakers Hinder Your Sex Life?

December, 2008

Elevated CRP Can be a Sign of Infection, Or Worse

Got The Shakes? Botox Can Help!

November, 2008

Keeping Your Health Insurance When You're Unemployed

May, 2008

Bursitis Common But Treatable

April, 2008

Chewing Gum Can Contribute to Gas Pains

December, 2007

California Shuts Down Annuity Sales Scam

November, 2007

Social Security Errors Common

July, 2004

Drugmaker Admits Claritin Kickback Scheme

January, 2004

National Health Plan Could Save Billions in Paperwork: Study