A class action complaint charges Sears Roebuck & Co. and Whirlpool Corp. with promoting and selling defective Calypso washers to consumers throughout the United States.

The class action suit alleges that there are inherent defects in Calypso washers. It charges that despite many complaints from consumers, Whirlpool and Sears have refused to notify consumers of the defect, repair the defect or recall the Calypsos. Instead, they have continued to sell the defective machines nationwide.

According to the lawsuit, the Calypsos suffer from problems including U-joint failure, circuit board malfunction and filtration problems that cause streaking and poor quality washes. The suit seeks repair, replacement or compensation for all purchasers of the affected washers.

The complaints echo those filed with ConsumerAffairs.com. A Morrow, Georgia, consumer complained that after numerous attempts to fix her machine, Whirlpool replaced it with another Calypso, which also failed.

Rudy of Aurora, Colorado, complained of repeated "long drain" problems with his machine, resulting in clothes not being spun properly.

The suit was filed in Cook County Circuit Court on June 29.