Pfizer's latest TV ad campaign for Viagra is coming to an abrupt halt after sharp criticism from the Food and Drug Administration. In a letter to the drug company, FDA Regulatory Review Officer Christine Hemler Smith said the ads are misleading.

The advertisement features a man and woman on a shopping trip. As they pass a sexy lingerie shop, the man grows horns as the voice over asks "Remember when you used to be called Wild Thing?"

"The TV ads claim that Viagra will provide a return to a previous level of sexual desire and activity," Smith wrote, adding that claim has not been proved.

"The TV ads make clear that Viagra is intended for sex. The TV ads omit the indication for the drug, (namely erectile dysfunction) and fail to provide information about major side effects."

Those side effects include headache, flushing and abnormal vision, according to the FDA.

A Pfizer spokesman said the ads are being pulled immediately, but didn't say how much it had spent on the ad campaign, which has saturated the airwaves over the past few weeks. The company said it would formally respond to the FDA next week.

Meanwhile, acting FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford said the agency is taking a closer look at all drug advertisements aimed at consumers.