Starbucks is raising its prices by about 11 cents per cup, effective Oct. 6. The company blames the increase on the higher cost of milk, rent and health insurance. It's the first systemwide increase in the U.S. since August 2000, when the chain raised prices by seven cents.

The company sells about 30 million cups of coffee and related beverages per day worldwide.

Starbucks says the average price of a drink at its U.S. stores is in the $2 to $2.50 range. Most customers spent $3.50 to $4 on each visit.

Thus, caffeine addicts with a $2.50 per day habit are about to have a $2.66 per day habit. Assuming 260 working and coffee-drinking days per year, that's an extra $28.60 out of the annual budget, for a total of $691 per year, not counting tips.

Of course, if the average working stiff saved that money over 30 years of trudging into the office, she or he would have $20,748 put away for retirement, not counting interest or other growth which could easily push the total figure close to five figures.

Is that for here or to go?