Breuners Home Furnishings Corp. has filed for bankruptcy and is expected to close most of its 47 Breuners, Huffman Koos and Good's stores nationwide. 

Consumers who have already placed deposits or have plans to shop during the bankruptcy should exercise severe caution. The ongoing bankruptcy proceedings could limit customer rights and claims.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said he has serious concerns about an initial court order that sets forth rules for customers and will object to several of the conditions. The chain is closing all six of its stores in Connecticut.

Blumenthal urged customers with outstanding bills or those making new purchases to pay by credit card whenever possible. Customers who pay with cash or a cashier's check should first confirm prompt or immediate delivery. All items now sold at the stores are "as is," and consumers cannot get a refund, exchange or credit, although the stores will attempt to pass on manufacturer's warranties where possible.

Because of these limitations, consumers should closely inspect any product they plan to buy.

"Caution and common sense are the best approach," Blumenthal said. "We are strongly scrutinizing the Huffman Koos bankruptcy proceedings, but the final terms of the liquidation sale remain fluid. The bankruptcy court's initial order is fundamentally flawed allowing only minimal time to notify customers of their rights before they risk losing their deposits."

The Attorney General's office is also monitoring and will strongly oppose or seek to restrict any plans to allow "augmentation" at Huffman Koos stores. Augmentation is a practice where stores sell products not normally sold at their stores, which if unrestricted can deceive customers into believing that the products meet the same quality standard as the stores' usual inventory.

The company had 20 stores operating as Huffman Koos in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, 17 Good's Furniture stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, and 10 Breuners Home Furnishings stores in northern California. Its headquarters was in Lancaster, PA.