So, you need to carry a medical needle with you on an airplane?

Good luck! Since September 11, the FAA and Homeland Security have tight new rules about needles on planes. For example, if you carry a needle you must have a corresponding medication to be used in the needle.

The medicine must have professional labels with the name of the medication and your doctor's name, as well as the date. Some of the airlines also require a picture ID to match the name on the label or a letter on your doctor's letterhead to explain the prescription.

An illegible prescription on a prescription pad just won't do, although you may also need a copy of your original written prescription.

Enforcement varies ... a lot. Some folks get on the plane easily while others don't.

There are no clear guidelines on adrenaline, the pre-measured allergy injection that patients use to save lives in emergencies, like bee stings.

If you need to carry a needle on a plane, even a diabetic needle, call the airlines ahead of time.