The debate rages on: Should you wear high-top or low-cut sneakers?

Now, we're not talking about the old-fashioned floppy canvas high-tops. We're talking about today's high-tops.

Firm yet flexible, their high-tech padding supports your ankles without limiting your range of motion or performance. Shaquille O'Neal and Koby Bryant wear them, so why not you?

A recent study of 2,500 college intramural basketball players concluded that high tops really work.

Athletes who wore low-cut sneakers sprained their ankles more often than those who wore high-tops. Athletes with a history of recurrent sprains were less likely to sprain their ankles again in high-tops.

Conclusions: You may not like how high-top sneakers look, especially walking around town, but they do work. Wearing high-tops and taping your ankles properly can help basketball stars, soccer players, tennis buffs and even you do better.