Beta blockers help women with heart failure, according to an article published in the journal Circulation.

If you have heart failure, your heart doesnt contract hard enough to pump blood to your body. Beta blockers help by calming the heart down and lowering blood pressure so the heart does not have to work so hard.

Studies show beta blockers work in men but we didn't have many studies about them in women until now.

Doctors studied a group of 900 women and 300 men with heart failure. Some of the patients received a beta blocker called Metoprolor, brand named Lopressor.

The beta blocker reduced the death rate in women by 21 percent and in men a bit more.

When researchers combined the result with the results of two other studies on two other beta blockers, Corguard and Zebeta, the results were about the same in both men and women.

While Lopressors maker paid for this study and it did not include a lot of minority women, both men and women with heart failure should ask their doctors about beta blockers.