Allergy Myths

There are lots of myths out there. Here are a few of the most common

Here are some common allergy myths:

Allergies are no big deal. No way. Nearly half of us have some kind of allergy. Twenty percent have hay fever, which costs us $3 billion per year in lost time from work and school. Add in asthma and the bill's about $11 billion.

I'm too old to have allergies. Sorry, you can get them at any age. Hey fever, drug and food allergies can occur in kids and adults.

I'll grow out of them. Maybe yes, maybe no. Food and drug allergies can go away with time but insect allergies and hay fever don't.

If I move they'll go away. Sorry. Food allergies and medication allergies go with you, as does hay fever. The problem is inside you and you take it with you wherever yhou go.

There's not much I can do about allergies. Again, not so. See your doctor and get on an individualized allergy program.

You know, there's almost any many myths about allergies as there are allergies themselves.

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