PhotoThe way beetle-browed old-media types see it, if somebody's reading a newspaper, they're not watching TV and vice versa.  Well, that as anyone can see, is no longer true and The Huffington Post is working to take advantage of our love for multitasking.

HuffPo has launched an iPad app  -- called HuffPost Live -- that offers a mix of entertainment and social interaction. Nothing new about that but the unique feature of this little app is that it can throw itself onto your TV screen by using Apple TV.

So you could be lolling around flipping through The Huffington Post on your iPad with one eye while taking in the video eye candy on your big screen with the other. Even better, as the Huffington Post folks see it, you could be commenting on your iPad on the HuffPost Live platform  while watching the video feed on their TV. It's "social TV at its best," a HuffPost spokesperson told us. 

HuffPo launched its online TV network in August and is streaming 12 hours of live footage a day from New York and Los Angeles. As anyone in the TV biz will tell you, that is a huge investment, even if the production values are not always right up there with 30 Rock or Breaking Bad.

HuffPo is hoping that all this will even further snag its already super-loyal followers, who help keep the site active with their frantic posting on every topic imaginable, but that soon they'll also start posting video clips of their somersaulting cats, cute babies and amazing culinary creations, thus providing tons of viral content for both HuffPo and its parent, AOL.

You may or may not be a big HuffPo fan but you must admit, this is one audacious strategy. Starched-shirt journalists have dissed HuffPo founder Ariana Huffington, claiming her site is more plagiarism than journalism but if traditional media companies had taken the kinds of chances HuffPo and AOL are taking, maybe they wouldn't be sniveling about how puny their coin stash is looking these days. 

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