PhotoPolitical commercials are bad enough, but you expect them. Plus, the politicians and the groups supporting them spend a lot of money for the privilege of bombarding you with their points of view.

But an election year on Facebook is getting to be insufferable. For starters, I have a lot of "friends" who aren't really friends. For a while there I was responding positively to every friend request, because not to seemed somehow rude. Oh, how innocent we were in those days.

I'm not a big Facebook user but like to keep up with my cousins and a few friends and it seems a pretty good way to do that. Only now I have to wade through political opinions -- both left and right -- from people I barely know to get to the good stuff.

From the right and the left

For example, the top two posts on my timeline at the moment are from Republicans, one urging everyone to see the movie "2016" and the other chortling over the Occupy protests at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

My childhood friend Charlie is a diehard Democrat and, while all his posts are reasoned and civil, almost all of them are a critique of Republicans and a defense of the Obama Administration. He posts about little else.

Another Democrat "friend," who I am sure I have never met in my life, continuously tosses grenades with her posts, delighting lately in ripping into Paul Ryan, or "Lyin' Ryan," as she calls him.

New meaning to political nature

Last week she posted a beautiful photograph of a massive squall line rolling across the horizon and I was sure she had finally taken a break from politics. Alas, I was wrong.

"Scary!" she wrote. "Almost as scary as the idea of a Romney Administration!"

I know I am not alone in getting weary of all the political views on my Facebook page. Two of my cousins posted this graphic on their pages today. I'm sure this thing is going viral by now.


But since there is no button to hide political content I'm doing the next best thing, though perhaps a little extreme. From now to November 6, when a "friend" posts their political views, I'm de-friending them.

It's nothing personal, but my Facebook page isn't talk radio or cable TV. And if you really want to know the truth, everyone has political views -- so they aren't very interested in yours.

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