PhotoFacebook has become notorious for making very basic changes to its system without bothering to tell anyone. The latest involves something many users consider pretty personal -- their email address.

Without the slightest notice to anyone, Facebook issued its users a new email address, one that combines their user id with a "" suffix, as in ""

The change isn't really all that significant since Facebook didn't cancel or change anyone's existing email address. It simply added the new one to users' profiles. But it has infuriated privacy advocates and more than a few bloggers who have gotten onto it.

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But not to worry, it's quite easy to change your email address back to whatever you want it to be. Just go to your Facebook profile, click on "About" or "Update Info" and edit your contact information. 

“This is Facebook’s sneaky way of trying to get people to use the Facebook email more often,” said Dave Awl, an Illinois resident who wrote “Facebook Me! A Guide to Socializing, Sharing, and Promoting on Facebook.”

“If Facebook is your main email, that increases the amount of time you spend on Facebook,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times. “The more time and the more page views spent, the more ads Facebook can sell.”

Awl suggested a link on Lifehacker that will walk you through the process.

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