Consumers rate Terminix

As we have previously reported, consumers take growing offense at commercials they find annoying or that “scare the children.” The latest to draw consumers' ire are TV spots for Terminix pest control that some find just too graphic.

“Your commercials are atrocious and cause my grandkids to run and scream in horror,” Barbara, of Charlotte, N.C., wrote in a recent ConsumerAffairs post. “How could you put something that gross on the TV all times of the day for kids to see? My granddaughter is having serious nightmares about that ugly monstrous thing coming out of the sink and breaking up into roaches. She refuses to brush her teeth without my standing there with her. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Previous Terminix campaigns have been known more for humor than a horror movie approach. A long-running staple is the giant ant ringing the doorbell of a suburban home asking to use the telephone, glancing at the floor and stopping mid-sentence to ask “is that oak?”

But among the new commercials is one featuring a slimy slug that morphs into roaches pouring out of a cookie jar. Russell, of Evans, Ga., calls it a “middle of the day horror show” and admits to being unsettled by it.

“Watching a DIY show and glad my grandkids were not in the room,” he wrote to ConsumerAffairs. “I might have nightmares of ugly slugs coming out of the sink and turning into a mass infestation!! Like something from The Mummy returns! Have no interest in doing business with any company who thinks this is a good add campaign.”

If you aren't overly squeamish, check out the commercial below.

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