Starbucks loyalist?

The last few years have proven that Republicans and Democrats really can't agree on much of anything at all. Apparently it even extends to choices in consumer products.

Buyology Inc., a business consulting group, has actually conducted a study to find what Democrats like and what Republicans prefer. Not surprisingly, they disagree on the majority of the 200 brands included in the study of more than 4,000 Americans.

For example, Democrats by and large prefer Starbucks for their morning coffee. Republicans, meanwhile, are partial to Dunkin' Donuts.

BMW driver?

When asked that car they prefer to drive, Democrats choose a Jeep but Republicans selected a BMW. When it comes to consumer electronics, Democrats go with Sony, Republicans with Sharp.

Of all the choices in insurance companies, Democrats, naturally, go with Progressive. Allstate is the favorite of the GOP.

Relaxing in front of the TV, Democrats tend to tune into Animal Planet. Republicans, meanwhile, watch the History Channel.

Favorite sport? Professional football for Democrats, Major League Baseball for Republicans.

When it comes to fast food choices, Democrats favor Wendy's while Republicans like Subway. In an election year, some brands could end up winners or losers.

"Both candidates and brands have never fought harder for our affection and our votes," said Gary Singer, Founding Partner & CEO of Buyology Inc. "It's never been more important to understand why people make the choices that they do. Brands can learn a lot by having a deeper understanding of the deep-seated connections that drive our decision-making."

Despite the differences, the survey did find some bipartisan agreement on certain products. Both Democrats and Republicans pledged their allegiance to Coca-Cola, Visa, Google and Apple.

Here's another thing the parties can agree on: nobody likes them very much. A ConsumerAffairs sentiment analysis of 7.5 million postings to social media over the last year found Democrats trending poorly, at around 0%.


And the Republicans? They're doing even worse ... and taking more heat. We found 16 million social media postings about Republicans, with even worse results, net sentiment below zero for most of the year.


That's just the beginning, of course. We found a lot more, which we'll reveal in a later story. Stay tuned.

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