PhotoIt's easy to end up with a car or truck with little market value. Consumers who have traded in older vehicles on a new car understand completely. Often you get little or nothing for it from the dealer.

The same can be true when selling the vehicle through an ad in the paper or on craigslist. If the car has body damage or engine issues you might find few, if any takers.

But with rising prices for scrap metal, someone with a car that otherwise seems worthless might actually get a few bucks out of it from a scrap dealer. Just don't expect to get a lot.

Kind of a hassle

Yes, there's plenty of metal in a vehicle but parts have to be separated for environmental reasons, and not all metal in the vehicles may be usable. Some scrap dealers don't take vehicles, considering them more trouble than they're worth.

A better bet might be to sell it to a business that will "part it out," salvaging the engine, or parts of the engine, for example. Some junk dealers also buy vehicles for this purpose, stripping them of marketable parts before crushing the bodies into hunks of metal.

Look online

How do you find these places? Most will have an Internet presence and might even post prices. You should probably talk to a few businesses to get the best deal, because prices are likely to vary widely.

In addition to local parts/scrap dealers, there are some companies that say they will buy unwanted vehicles regardless of their current condition. For example, Auto Selling Solutions says it will buy any vehicle damaged by a collision for the value of the undamaged parts.

Some people just want to get rid of the vehicle and don't care how much they receive for it. For those consumers especially, selling it for parts and scrap might be the easiest option.

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