Consumers rate TruGreen

Consumers don't just complain about a company's product or service. Lately they've taken great offense at their television commercials. Seems those Mad Men are making a lot of consumers mad lately.

During the holidays ConsumerAffars received complaints about Best Buy's campaign featuring moms competing with Santa Claus to give the best gifts. Mothers of small children especially didn't like it.

In January JC Penney customers absolutely hated the commercial featuring screaming women. Now, the commercial that has some viewers up in arms is for TruGreen lawn service.

“I will not be using your product any longer,” wrote Marty, of Calhoun, Ga. “I am furious with your commercial (the f--- word). This is not acceptable for children to see this. I thought you were a family oriented company--apparently not. Who is responsible for this? Did you actually think this was cute? This is just juvenile.”

A TV commercial that contains the “F” word? No, not really. Debby, of Smithville, Mo., who also objects to the ad, gave a more detailed description in her ConsumerAffairs post.

“TruGreen's newest 'Weed Slayer' commercial includes, 'What the Fffffff---front yard?' Debby wrote. “The actor begins to say the F-word and then switches to 'front yard.' This is not enough to cover up what he meant to say. We all know he meant to use the “F” word, As a parent and woman I find this type of advertising inappropriate and unnecessary. TruGreen is providing the fodder for our children to have dirty mouths. TruGreen is not a company I care to do business with!”


Companies seem to draw complaints when they give their ad agencies the freedom to inject a little humor into their advertising. Not everyone seems to find it funny.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? The commercial is below.

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