PhotoFacebook is all about sharing, but things may be getting out of hand.

Facebook has developed an Open Graph platform for apps, to facilitate "frictionless sharing." That means we can share whatever has captured our attention on the web with our friends.

Social media apps take the multimedia content we access online and publish the information to our Facebook profiles without the need to click on anything, such as the "Like" button.

But many users aren’t even aware what these new social apps are posting to their profiles. These apps are busy broadcasting your content without your ever being aware of it.

The folks at Facebook claim to think they are doing their members a favor. As they claim to see it, they are making it easier to share information, assuming the things you access online were going to be shared anyway. They've just saved you a step.


Privacy advocates look at it a little differently. If you are researching "How to find a new job in three weeks or less" or "Five steps to an amicable divorce," you might not want your network of friends to know.

If this sort of things gives you pause, you need to know how to avoid "frictionless sharing." A number of sites now have a social reader function. All you have to do is enable it once. From then on, anything you access on that site gets shared with your network.

But if you aren't keen on the idea of sharing everything in your life, just don't enable the apps.

"Frictionless sharing" has its advocates, however, who suggest it's the wave of the future. If you want to guard your privacy, they say, just be selective about the apps you enable. After all, they say, you are still in control of what gets shared and what stays private.

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