PhotoSamsung has set what sounds like a pretty modest goal.  It would like for its smartphones to be able to go all day on a single battery charge. That's fine but we hear from a lot of consumers who would be happy if their phones would just stop freezing up.

But back to battery life for a moment.  Simple as it sounds, getting through the day on a single charge is a rarity in today's smartphones. Many of them can't make it even if they do nothing but loll around in their owner's pocket or purse. 

Samsung vice president of product innovation Kevin Packingham would like to change that, he said in an interview with CNET at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Smartphones pack a lot of features these days and a result, they also suck up an awful lot of energy, resulting in battery life that's much worse than we enjoyed just a few years ago.

Sure, it's nice to have those big screens, fast processors and 4G LTE transceivers but all those things take energy, and lots of it, as a Samsung smartphone owner named Syriac told us recently.

"Battery life is very very poor. Every day morning I go out with 100% charge. The battery will be empty by noon," Syriac said. "I will not even sell this phone to someone because I don't want to take his curse. I will definitely dig this phone in to garbage."

Motorola recently attacked the problem by offering the Droid Razr Maxx, which has a bigger battery than its standard Droid Razr.  This trick has been around for years among laptop users who don't mind totaing a few extra pounds but isn't generally an option for smartphones.

Packingham says Samsung will be using bigger batteries too but will also be working to find ways to make the phones operate more efficiently.

Consumers' concerns

No doubt Packingham is onto something but he might also want to take a look at the problems we hear about most often from Samsung smartphone users, like Steven of Clinton, Iowa, who says his phone "constantly freezes up on me while texting."

"I can promise you I will never buy another Samsung phone ever! This is the second Samsung phone I have and I am very disappointed with the quality. My newer phone is only a few months old and it has some major malfunctions. I shouldn't have to take it in and have it fixed already," Steven fumed.

Willie of Oakland, Calif., has the same problem.

"My phone constantly freezes causing me distress because I have children who rely on my communication by phone on a daily basis," he said. "I have taken the phone back to Metro several times because of this reason and the phone dropping from 4G which does not allow me to use the phone in certain areas, and I am not allowed internet access when the phone is not in the proper 4G status."

Yes, but ...

We decided to run a quick check to see how consumers were feeling about all this.  We found more than 6 million comments on Facebook, Twitter and other virtual water coolers and, although there is some grumbling, consumers seem to be feeling pretty good about Samsung.


So, if Packingham can pack more battery power into the phones and Samsung's engineers can cure the screen-freeze problem, the company just might be on the road to having a pretty enviable rating.

We'll take a look at how consumers view other Samsung products next week.

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