PhotoMost likely a lot of big screen TVs will end up under the tree this year. Let's hope Santa shops carefully and does a lot of homework, because these devices, almost regardless of the make and model, seem to be prone to problems.

"Bought a 65-inch 3D Vizio in February 2011, Dave, of San Antonio, Tex., told "It has gone out. Vizio said they would have the repair man call to set up an appointment in about five days, and in 24 hours after that they should come out. Yep.. Over a week without a television that I paid over $3000.00 for. The question becomes how can a company that makes such items that are repeatedly failing costumers be allowed to continue?"

It's your money, but you can't have it yet

Diane, of Fenton, Mo., says she opened an account at US Bank two weeks ago and Friday deposited her paycheck. She said she was told $200 would be available immediately with the balance available on Saturday.

"I tried withdrawing to buy groceries, get gas and pay bills and was rejected. I spoke with the clerk and gave her my deposit slip," Diane said.

Diane didn't get what she considered a satisfactory explanation so she told the branch manager to close her account and give all of her money back. That's when she got another surprise.

"He refused and said I had to wait five days to get my money," Diane said. "He said it was in all the paperwork he had given me. So, for five days, we are without grocery money, 2 bills will be late, and I have no gas to get back and forth to work with. This is not what I was told when I opened the account."

The delays are probably due to the fact that Diane's account is new. But her point is that she thinks this was not adequately explained when she opened the account.

Mistreating Santa?

Patty, of Decauter, Ala., has a rather unusual complaint against Best Buy. She writes to say she doesn't like the company's Christmas-themed commercials.

"The ads are showing the moms being mean to Santa. It is not right," Patty said. "My kids do not like it! There are enough people who are mean in this world. We do not need to show kids it is alright to be mean to Santa."

The commercials in question show moms competing with Santa to give the best gifts by picking up iPads and other gadgets at Best Buy. They're obviously meant to be humorous and not mean-spirited. Patty probably needs to lighten up a bit.

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