PhotoThe U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has served notice that, to save money, it's going to start slowing down delivery service in the future. Roxanne, of Rotondo West, Fla., thinks they've already started.

"I put a package out, Priority Mail, on Saturday," Roxanne told "My estimated delivery date was December 12. I got my confirmation that it just left the main postal facility on December 13! I could have sent it parcel post for the same price!"

Granted, this is the Postal Service's busy time of the year, but it seems there's no excuse for it to take two days for a Priority Mail package to get underway. It could be why USPS isn't getting a whole lot of sympathy over its money problems.

Not worth the bother

Michael, of Monte Sereno, Calif., is unhappy with the level of service he's receiving from his credit card company, Capital One.

"The problem is that over many years time the majority of my purchases, all quite normal, are simply denied and I'm forced to call their hotline," Michael said. "The number on the back of the card is out of order, and according to Capital One there is no replacement or 'the out of order number sometimes works.' Their service is so terrible I've stopped using the card for all but emergency purchases. I'm considering closing the account."

A better option for Michael would be to pay off any balance on his Capital One card and allow it to remain dormant, and apply for a new card for everyday purchases. Cancelling a credit card will usually take your credit score down a notch. As long as there isn't a balance on it, it doesn't hurt to keep the account active.

Another scam target

Marilyn, of Kansas City, Kan., got a call this week from a fake payday loan debt collector. Only, he said he was from McKenzie Legal Associates. And according to Marilyn, he's just like all the rest of the people trying to pull off this scam.

"I was called and threaten to be arrested by this company for an accused outstanding debt," Marilyn told "I was not able to receive information from McKenzie Legal Associates (apparently a made-up name) about the company that was issuing me a lawsuit, other than this being a debt incurred by me from a pay day loan I received on the internet. I was informed if I did not pay the $500.00 I received from the payday loan today, tomorrow I would be escorted to jail by process server and taken to court to face the judge and if not able to prove my innocence would be placed in jail. But, If I agreed to pay the $500.00 today nothing would go any further and all would be forgiven and dropped."

Fortunately, Marilyn didn't agree to the payment, which is bogus. Instead, she should report the scam attempt to her state attorney general.

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