PhotoIt turns out the new iPhone 4S was a very popular item on Black Friday. There are reports of Apple stores selling out. Even consumers who successfully ordered the devices from Verizon Wireless are now not so sure when they'll receive them.

“I ordered two iPhone 4s on November 25 and was told due to the holiday, the first one would arrive November 28 and the second would ship December 9,” Donna, of Washington, DC, told “I called November 28 to verify shipment, and now have been told that they have no idea when they will ship. They knew when to charge for them!! Right away! They just said I will get a email when shipped--no idea when that might be, due to the holiday.”

Our most recent check of the Verizon Wireless website shows some iPhone models are still slated to ship by December 9.

It's automatic

Jean, of Bennington, Neb., was confused when, after reviewing two years of credit card statements found regular charges for, now known as Memory Lane.

“I made a one time, three-month renewal two years ago, Jean said. “After several years of not using Classmates, when I went on line several questions were asked in order to get to the information I wanted. Apparently within these questions there was a loophole which made it possible for them to obtain permission to withdraw the membership every three months without my being fully aware that this was their intention. A phone call to them ended my membership with a refund of only one three-month payment.”

For anyone who doesn't understand by now, memberships to Memory Lane – and many other subscription services – auto renew. You have to proactively cancel the membership by doing what Jean finally did. We just hope she got a confirmation number.

Missing gift

Mary Ann, of Burlingame, Calif., had an unhappy Cyber Monday shopping experience when she tried to buy the Baby Einstein Deluxe Read and Play Gift Set that she found on Kohl's website for $39.99.

“I tried to order it for about half an hour, thinking it was Cyber Monday, things may have been slow, but still no progress,” Jean told “I then called the Kohl's Customer Service, after 15 minutes, including the customer service person calling the store in Millbrae, they said they don't have it and never had it. She suggested I call the store manager. I did. She stated they don't have it and she would try to locate it. I asked her does that mean your store never had it, she said without the sku number she could not tell me.”

Mary Ann believes it was deceptive to advertise a product the store doesn't have, but she should keep in mind, many big chains sell merchandise on their websites they don't stock in stores.   

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