What's On Your Mind? Office Depot, Marriott, Wired Plastic

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Marcia, of Ormond Beach, Fla., says she encountered two problems when she bought a computer at Office Depot. First, she says, there was a problem with the computer, requiring her to leave it overnight for repair.

“Came back the next day to pick up the computer and was told that the check was declined and was told to write another check, which I stupidly did,” Marcia told ConsumerAffairs.com. “After checking the bank I found out that two checks went through. Spoke with several people at the store and at headquarters and was told the problem would be resolved by October 27.”

But, she says, it wasn't. Instead of putting money back, she says Office Depot took another $997 from her account, meaning she had now paid for the same computer three times.

“They did credit one check of $997.51 but not the first one,” Marcia said. “So as of now I am still waiting for another credit of $997.51.”

Marcia might have avoided some of the aggravation if she had paid for the computer using a credit card. When the extra charges were made, she could have called her credit card company and let them deal with it.

No smoking means no smoking

When Mary Ann, of Chesapeake, Va., checked into a Mariott Hotel, she thought she had a way around the hotel's no smoking policy.

“On August 20th-21st, 2011 I was fined $250 for smoking in my hotel room,” Mary Ann said. “I used an electronic cigarette or e-cig in the room, this is not a tobacco cigarette and does not involve lighting any tobacco, cigarette smoke, or ash. After several emails to Marriott customer care I received a letter from the hotel in Charlotte NC telling me that they consider an electronic cigarette no different from a tobacco cigarette and that they would not refund the fine.”

If it's not specifically stated, smokers should understand that when a hotel -- or anyplace else -- has a policy against smoking, it's not just about smoking tobacco.

Never-ending texts

It's almost like a plot from a horror movie. You keep getting texts from a company you don't do business with, telling you your balance with them is zero. There doesn't seem to be any way to make it stop. For Norma, of Corpus Cristi, Tex., it isn't a movie.

“I got this cell phone number over a year ago and everyday several times a day I get text messages from Alerts@WiredPlastic.com stating that the available balance on this Wired Plastic card is $0.00,” Norma told ConsumerAffairs.com. “I have never had an account with Wired Plastic and I have tried numerous times to stop these messages, I've contacted my cell phone provider and done everything they tell me to do however nothing seems to stop these messages from coming in. I have tried contacting Wired Plastic however every number I have called will not get me anywhere, because it states that I need an account number to reach customer service. I don't have an account number. It is really frustrating and changing my number is not an option.”

Unfortunately for Norma, changing her number may be her only option. It sounds like her number has been entered into a system and until a human being takes the time and effort to remove it, the texts are going to keep coming. WiredPlastic is owned by One Global Finance, Inc. Their published phone number is (801) 365-6060. Norma can try that, but it's a long shot.

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