PhotoAmong the features available on some credit cards is a "payment protection plan," which makes payments in case you lose your income. Teresa, an auto worker in Portage, Mich., said she was glad she had the plan on her Capital One Card when she was laid off from her job.

"When I returned to work I called Capitol One to get the balance owed and was surprised that there was a huge amount that was left," Teresa told "I was at a zero percent when I was laid off, had not used the card and the payment protection was in place. I called and spoke with Capitol One as to why the amount was so high but they did not know why."

Teresa said she spent nearly two weeks working with Capital One tracking down what the payment protection plan had paid on her account and what her balance actually should be. Given the total, she wrote a check and thought the matter was settled.

"Four months after the payment I received a bill by email with triple the amount that was ever owed, and after calling and talking with the reps, I was told they are not allowed to go back to see what happened, not allowed to take ownership of their actions on accounts and the amount that was paid in full is not accepted."

As a result, Teresa said she is being sued for collection with a balance 10 times what it should be. A feature like payment protection is an expensive add on to your monthly bill. Make sure you completely understand how it works because it's clear in Teresa's case it didn't give her the "protection" she thought it did.

Teresa should also consult an attorney.  If she shops around, she can find an experienced litigator who will give her an initial consultation at a reduced rate.

Bad timing

If there's anytime you need your oven to be in tip-top shape, it's the day before Thanksgiving. Alice, of Fairfax, Calif., had a nasty surprise Wednesday evening.

"It's the night before Thanksgiving and my Thermador oven has decided once again not to work," Alice said. "I cannot read an error code for it because that has not worked in over a year. When I tried to have that fixed the technician said Thermador no longer makes that part. This product is 15 years old. The oven my mother used when I was growing up is still working and she has been dead for more than 15 years."

Needless to say, there aren't many repairmen available the night before Thanksgiving.  

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