PhotoBest Buy is expanding its Best Buy Mobile venture, buying out its European partner and shelving plans to open more big-box stores outside the U.S.

Best Buy Mobile is built around an "impartial advice" concept, promoting its blue-shirted store personnel as experts who can help you find just the right cell phone and wireless plan.

It's been one of the few bright spots for Best Buy, which has outlasted Circuit City and other electonics retailers only to face a steady erosion of its core business to discounters and Amazon.

Best Buy may indeed be onto something. analyzed about 20,000 consumer comments posted on Twitter, Facebook and other social media over the last year and found net sentiment for Best Buy Mobile as high as 96% positive.

Photo readers have submitted 21 negative reviews in the same time period compared to more than 172 for AT&T Wireless, more than 300 for Verizon Wireless and more than 200 for Sprint.

$1.3 billion 

Best Buy will be paying  $1.3 billion to buy out Carphone Warehouse Group Plc, enabling it to keep all future revenue from the fast-growing mobile business.

The Best Buy Mobile business has grown from a standing start to include mobile stores in 1,100 Big Box stores and almost 250 standalone Best Buy Mobile outlets in the U.S.

That contrasts with a 30% drop in Best Buy's quarterly sales of consumer electronics.


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