Toranada, of Raytown, Mo., suddenly found she was the subject of collections on behalf of BMG Music Club. She says the whole thing came as a surprise as she had never even heard of the company.

“I just did a random credit check on myself and I am in collections with this company and never received anything,” Toranado told I can't find a real number to call for an explanation.”

It sounds like Toranada got signed up in one of BMG's negative option marketing campaigns.  That's a little hard to confirm because BMG Music Service went out of business in 2009.

Toradada should write to the collection agency disuting the debt.

Glad we could be of help

Even though the government grant scam has been around forever, people still fall for it. But at least Adam, of Cincinnati, Ohio, didn't.

“I received a call on my cell phone from a man with a very thick accent saying he was calling on behalf of the U.S. government and that I had been randomly selected to received a $7,000 grant due to my paying taxes on time and my good standing with law enforcement,” Adam said. “As he was talking I was Googling '$7,000 government grant.' I came upon this website and saw the list of complaints. I then politely declined the offer and hung up.

Adam said he was fortunate to find but would like to think he would have eventually caught onto the scheme without our help.

We thought this problem was solved

Several years ago consumers seemed to be having a lot of problems with Whirlpool's FlameLock gas water heater. Tracie, of Chesapeake, Va., still is.

"We've still been having issues keeping the pilot light lit,” Tracie told “We purchased the bottom unit piece that Whirlpool said would fix the problem but we've still been having problems with the pilot light going out. The water heater isn't under warranty anymore so last night was the last straw and we finally decided to get another water heater that wasn't a Whirlpool. I've done a search on the Internet and found out that a lot of consumers are still having this problem to this day.”

In 2008, Whirlpool settled a class-action lawsuit filed by consumers who purchased its Flame Lock or Flame Guard water heaters at Lowes. At the time, more than 1,000 consumers had filed complaints with ConsumerAffairs.Com saying the thermocouple in their Flame Lock or Flame Guard Whirlpool water heaters continuously breaks down leaving them without hot water -- sometimes for days.

And even now, we still get complaints about Whirlpool Water Heaters, with Tracie's being the most recent example.

No TV tonight

Lisa, of Cumberland, Md., won't be watching “must-see TV,” or any other kind for a while. The 46 inch Samsung LCD TV she purchased in April 2008 isn't working.

“I turned the TV on but instead of a picture all I got was no power and a constant clicking sound,” Lisa said. “The only way the clicking stops is if I unplug it. I did some quick research to find out the clicking is caused by 'faulty capacitors on the power supply board.” After hearing that Samsung was paying for some capacitor replacements, she called the company for help, but to no avail.

“I spoke to a couple different people at Samsung and was told repeatedly that they couldn't offer this because it was past warranty,” she said.

Yes, a $2,000 TV should not need repairs after three years but if the problem is limited the capacitor replacement, Lisa should count herself lucky. That's a relatively easy, inexpensive repair. Display problems, which are also common in these sets, are much more expensive to address.

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