PhotoTrilegiant is one of those companies that handle those promotional “free” offers on the Internet that end up charging your credit card each month for something you didn't ask for and don't want. John, of Wurstboro, Conn., has just realized that Trilegiant has been charging his credit card each month for several years.

“I called my credit card company and they told me the only way to get this fraud to stop was to cancel the card they were charging and they would send me a new one,” John told “I did that. They showed up on my next bill with the new card. I finally contacted the Connecticut Better Business Bureau who assured me that this nonsense would cease. I'm now monitoring my bills much more closely. Shame on me for not doing it sooner.”

John is right to feel sheepish for not noticing the unauthorized charge sooner, but he is mistaken if he thinks the Better Business Bureau can do anything about his problem. It can't. But maybe a call to Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen's office might help. And as for the charge showing up on the new credit card, that probably happened because the credit card company didn't change the number on the account. In a fraud case, they should have.

Smelly food

Kathryn, of Nashville, Tenn., feeds her cats Fancy Feast Tender Beef Classics because one cat is diabetic and it's all he can eat. Lately, Kathryn says the food has a much different smell, but says Purina told her nothing has changed.

“My other cat will not even come near the food,” Kathryn said. “I used to give her a little bit of it every morning - and she won't even come near it now. Thank god my other cat is still eating it and he is fine - but I just want to know why this smells the way it does now. This is the only thing my cat can eat. If they've changed something, I need to know!”

Kathryn needs to take a can of the food, with the label listing the ingredients, to her vet and get a professional opinion. And if any other cat owners have some advice for Kathryn on this topic, let us know.

Strange one

We get lots of complaints about mortgages. This one, about Response Mortgage Services, is a little different.

“Two weeks prior to closing I was instructed to pay for a home inspection,” Charles, of College Place, Ore., told “Several days later I tried to inform the loan officer of the results and found that the loan officer switched employers and cancelled my loan. Never notified anyone, accused her employer of the action and has been unavailable ever since. The two banks she worked for have made it clear that this was her action alone.'

This is indeed odd, but appears to be the action of one individual. Surely Charles is entitled to knowing why his mortgage, which obviously had been approved, was suddenly cancelled. If no good reason is forthcoming, he should be able to complete the process with another loan officer.

Not what he thought it was

We're not big fans of cell phone insurance policies, but as expensive as these devices are, we understand why people buy them. Only some people don't realize what they're actually buying. George, of Bordentown, N.J., says he bought his wife an iPhone 4 back in May at Best Buy, and was talked into buying the Best Buy insurance, with the sale rep telling him theirs was superior to Verizon's because they replace phones with new ones, not refurbished ones.

“Well my wife's ihome button stopped responding,” George said. “So I took it to Best Buy and explained to them what happened. They in turned told me I have to give it to GeekSquad for repair. When I told them about the insurance they said I was misinformed and they don't replace phones, they send them out to be fixed. They said I would also have to pay $150 as a deposit for a loner phone. When I asked to see that phone I was shown a flip phone. Are you kidding me!! A $600 phone, and you give me a four year old flip phone that is free? I spend 16 bucks a month for this insurance policy, and for what?”

That would have been a question to ask before buying the insurance. Keep in mind that $16 a month over a two year contract is $384. That would go a long way toward purchasing a new phone.

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