PhotoHere's another consumer who reports a delivery problem when using an online florist.

“I placed an order on September 11 for flowers to be delivered for a birthday on September 19, Olga, of Baton Rouge, La., told “There was more than enough time for the order to be filled. However, the florist did not receive the order until the afternoon of September 19, after deliveries were made. The owner is dropping the flowers off on her way home. When Just Flowers was contacted,they only had excuses and justifications for their incompetence. No apologies!They are in the same time zone as the delivery!”

While many online florists do a good job of filling orders, it's not uncommon for orders to fall through the cracks, and if it's your order, it's a big deal. It may take a little extra effort to locate a local florist in the area you want to make a delivery, but your chances of having a smooth, trouble free delivery might be better. In Olga's case, the local florist went above and beyond the call of duty to help a customer. She would have been better off dealing with her in the first place.

Not happy with the response

The commercials for Progressive Insurance feature the always helpful Faye, but Otto, of Miami, Fla., says Faye is nowhere to be found when he needs her.

“My wife's car was hit by another vehicle and she called the police,” Otto said. “The other person was guilty and it was written in the police report. They don't care. Tomorrow is going to be a week since we called a Progressive representative and "there is nothing they can do at the moment". We left the car at the body shop because there is a noise in the front wheel but they can't even send the adjuster. They can't pay for the car rental either.”

It might be time for Otto to have a chat with an attorney, in case this turns ugly.

Scary experience

Chantix, a drug to help people quit smoking, has a number of potential side effects, including severe depression. Justice, of Charlotte, N.C., has the following scary experience to report:

“I started taking Chantix following a bout with pneumonia in April 2008,” Justice told “I was warned about increased depression and told to notify my doctor if depression worsened as I am bipolar. After 21 day of taking Chantix I went 92 consecutive days with zero sleep - literally none! On night four at 1:10 AM I had a very violent seizure. I quit breathing completely and my husband had to do rescue breathing to get me back. I was taken to the ER where at 5 AM I had another violent seizure and then another at 7AM. I was put on Dilantin and luckily I have had no further seizures. I have been left with a permanently fogged brain. I was an adult A student headed to graduate school when this occurred. Now, I lost four years of education. I can no longer access the information. My Name Compartment is fried, as I refer to it. I have panic attacks everyday all day. My neurologist did tests and I have no underlying seizure disorder. I am unable to leave my home and basically barricaded myself indoors. I lost all desire to communicate with anyone outside of my trusted circle of family and friends. I have also developed multiple allergic reactions to medications I could once take to control my bipolar and to control pain following surgery. Now, the only pain medication I can take is hydrocodone for surgery! Oh boy try that people! I used to only have one bout of depression a year at best and now I have them monthly.

Justice claims Chantix has ruined her life. And to top it off, she says, she still smokes.

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