PhotoMike, of Fayetteville, Ga., is in the doghouse, and he blames Just Flowers.

“Placed an order to be delivered to my wife on our anniversary,” Mike told “Placed the order the day prior, and was assured that it would deliver the next day.”

But the next day came and there was no deliver.

“I even called Just Flowers at about 4 PM to let them know the delivery had not arrived yet --- the CSR didn't do any checking, just said that they have until 6 PM to deliver and he was sure it would arrive by then.”

But 6 PM came and went and Mike said there was no delivery. He says he's still fighting with Just Flowers for a refund, but now has a slightly bigger problem.

“My wife assumes that I forgot our anniversary,” Mike said. “'Nuff said, yes?”

The answer is the same as an hour ago

Kathleen, of Schuyler Falls, N.Y., says she is on a payment plan with Capital One, trying to pay down their credit cards. It's hard, she says, because her husband has been cut back to part-time because of the economy.

“They call daily, not once but almost every hour to hour and a half everyday,” Kathleen said. “I can time them, whether or not we tell them to check their records. Then we're told 'oh yes, we see that, thank you.' The emotional stress this causes daily is now too much. The constant harassment is now out of control.”

There are no legal limits on the number of times a day a debt collector can call, but if Kathleen believes it to be harassment, she should start keeping a log of the calls and report it to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office.

Temperature's rising

Denise, of Richmond, Va., recently learned some of the limitations of having a home warranty, that is supposed to pay when things like air conditioners break.

“I lost my air conditioning on May 20 and notified Old Republic,” Denise told “They started a file on me and contacted an HVAC company in Richmond, who sent a mechanic over the next day. He told me I needed a new compressor, and that he would notify Old Republic of this. So far so good.”

When she hadn’t heard anything in a couple of days – with temperatures 90 degrees and higher in Richmond – Denise said she called. The mechanic had not even turned in the paperwork yet, she was told.

“The next day I called again,” Denise said. “He had turned in the paperwork but I was told he had “forgotten to specify the model of compressor.”

After repeatedly spending more than a half-hour on hold with each call, and sending her children to a neighbor's house to spend the night because of the heat, Denise took matters into her own hands.

“Finally I told one of the customer service operators that I had been in touch with an HVAC company I have used in the past in Richmond, who would fix my compressor the next day, and her response was 'sure you can call them, we just won’t reimburse you for the charges,'” Denise said.

That, in a nutshell, is pretty much the limitation of a home service warranty. The homeowner has no control over who does the repair and when they do it.  

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