PhotoGoogle Plus – the search giant's new social network – is a hot item, so far available only to a limited number of invitation-only testers.

Naturally, as with anything that's hard to get, everybody wants it, even people who aren't quite sure what it is. This leads to, you guessed it, the latest Facebook scam.

Like other Facebook scams, this one presents a post in your newsfeed for a Google Plus "unofficial fan page" that will not only get you invited to join G+ but also let you invite 50 of your friends.

If you fall for it and use the Facebook "suggest a friend" interface, you will have just opened up 50 of your friends to access by whoever's behind this latest bit of bamboozlement. This means your friends will soon be receiving spam, scams and fraudulent flim-flammery of all kinds.

They may not be your friend for much longer if that happens.

How to avoid falling into this trap? It's pretty simple. Don't click on links that you're not positive are what they claim to be. If you're not sure about a particular link, just ignore it.

Quick remedy

Even if you do fall for one (or more) of these everyday scams, it's not too late to clean up your Facebook account. In this short video, Graham Cluley of Sophos Security guides you through the process.